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  1. 1. QUESTION 11 Can you find magazine cover for one of the 3 films, if so who does itinclude, what are the tag lines used and does is follow a consistent theme?
  2. 2. This is a double page spread about the film, “The Cabin In The Woods.”
  3. 3. WHO DOES IT INCLUDE?In the double page spread, they are using the two selling points other than the genre, whichare the producer “Joss Whedon.” He is a big selling point as he produced the series “BuffyThe Vampire Slayer” therefore, he is used to the horror genre and its conventions. His otherprojects consist of: comic book writing, the sci-fi drama “Dollhouse” and the screenplay formarvel blockbuster “Avengers Assemble” (2012).They have also included a picture of the most known star, “Chris Hemsworth.” He has recentlystared in “Avengers Assemble” and “Snow White and The huntsman.” This would attract anaudience through his fan base. Chris Hemsworth. Joss Whedon↵↵↵↵ ↵ ↵
  4. 4. WHAT ARE THE SUBHEADINGS USED?The sub-headings used throughout the double page spread follow the same font as the title.This keeps the page together as it would look a bit too much if there was a different font forevery sub-heading.
  5. 5. DOES IT FOLLOW A CONSISTENT THEME?The double page spread follows the colour theme of brown, black and white. This keeps thehorror theme running throughout the page. The brown colours used are to represent thewoods e.g the bark and the wood of the cabin.The font used for the film title follows the same theme as the trailer does. The gritty white textforms “The Cabin In The Woods.”The articles are presented onto a white background that is representing crumpled up. This is to give a uneasy feel and to give the page an interesting look.