Annual Report 2010    Сontent:      1.   Keynote speech.           Victoria Fedotova, CEO of CSO «MARTIN-club” ___________...
Annual Report 2010                                                                     Dear friends, colleges, partners!  ...
Annual Report 2010    History of CSO «MARTIN-club»    In the year 1996, in the center for social services for youth, an   ...
Annual Report 2010                                                                            Vision. Mission. Target grou...
Annual Report 2010    Strategic goals for 2013                                                      Development of local d...
Annual Report 2010                                          Donors.             International establishments and individua...
Annual Report 2010    Donors.          Ukrainian establishments and individuals    We express our gratitude and    appreci...
Annual Report 2010                                                                                                 Partner...
Annual Report 2010    Our projects.                  Children rights protection network                          Financing...
Annual Report 2010                                                                        Our internet tools            Ch...
Annual Report 2010     Our internet tools                                                                            Site ...
Annual Report 2010     Our projects.                   “Together towards childhood. Active society, open authority”Finance...
Annual Report 2010      Our projects.                  Little mother – practical advocacy     Financed: Joint project of M...
Annual Report 2010                                                                   Social house «Children’s village”    ...
Annual Report 2010     Social house “Little mom”     In November 2009 we bought a house not far from the Social     house ...
Annual Report 2010                                                             Incomes and costs 2010                     ...
Annual Report 201017
Civil society organization "MARTIN-club"      86108 Ukraine, Donetsk region     Makeyevka, Sverdlova Street, 38       Tel/...
Annual report 2010
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Annual report 2010


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Annual report 2010

  1. 1. Annual Report 2010 Сontent: 1. Keynote speech. Victoria Fedotova, CEO of CSO «MARTIN-club” ___________________________2 2. History of CSO “MARTIN-club” _______________________________________ 3 3. Vision. Mission. Target groups________________________________________ 4 4. Strategic goals 2013 _______________________________________________ 5 5. Donors. International establishments and individuals______________________61 6. Donors. Organizations and individuals from Ukraine _______________________7 7. Partners _________________________________________________________8 8. Our projects. “Children rights protection network of Donbass” ______________ 9 9. Our internet tools_______________________________________________ 10-11 10. Our projects. “Together towards childhood”_____________________________10 11. Our projects. “Little mom – practical advocacy”__________________________ 11 12. Social house “Children’s village” _____________________________________ 12 13. Social house. “Little mom”___________________________________________16 14. Incomes and costs_________________________________________________13 15. Contacts_________________________________________________________14
  2. 2. Annual Report 2010 Dear friends, colleges, partners! Entering into 2011, we wish you: «MARTIN-club» has special history. It • do not leave your calling, be permanent in it, is intensive, interesting and staunch and passionate emotional. Every year it is same and • be careful with material values and childrens souls, increasing different, and it is both sad and treasures, cleaning them from garbage, happy. To our history went to keep from burglars, acquire new 2010. There were different kids with • remember about your families as the basis of your earth the same typical past, in which they existence, take into your families new children have nothing good. But due to this as sons, daughters, friends will be more joyful their various and • be engaged in sports, to have a full rest 2 wonderful future. This year had • have time for fun and goodies traditionally saturated with holidays, • dream about what is not implemented yet,V ICTORIA F EDOTOVA , CEO work and discoveries “today” of our support held on dreams children, which we shared with them, • infect others with kindness and optimism; making it our “Today” too. share all that you have to free space for future acquisitions • have confidence in your eternal life with God who created us, loves, and protects. I express my deep gratitude to everyone who supported our organization this year Team of «MARTIN-club» 2010: and everyone who worked with us. Victoria Fedotova, Svetlana Petrenko, Aljona Gorgadze, With best wishes, Sergej Fedotov, Denis Vasiluk, Andrej Shulga, Larisa CEO of “MARTIN-club” Sivekina, Irina Korolec, Ilona Belodedova, Olga Victoria Fedotova Vnukova,Valerija Karasenko And All The Children from our social houses!
  3. 3. Annual Report 2010 History of CSO «MARTIN-club» In the year 1996, in the center for social services for youth, an Accordingly, a conference of the organization took place and the initiative group of people was created: decision was made to create a rehabilitation-training-center (RTC) for children in the state of crisis: the “Children’s Village”. The “Indi-Club” – a club for creative and social active youth. As a result, the rehabilitation center is working, now, and has One of the founders of the club is the current manager Victoria become a primary focus of the organization. Fedotova. In the year 2000, the organization began to acquire In the year 1999, the necessity appeared to resources for the realization of the prescribed register the social youth organization. On activities: Written proposals for grants in order to October 6th in 1999, the creation of the fulfill several projects, fundraising activities, actions, organization “MARTIN-Club” took place, and the and partnerships with other organizations. organization was registered as an association of Nowadays, the social youth organization “MARTIN - unified citizens.3 Club” serves as one of the leading organizations in Makeyevka that work on the problems of children and The abbreviation initially stood for the youth. It’s a stable organization, which has eight following: years of experiences in accomplishing socially useful M – Music, ART – art, IN – independence. But in work and different kinds of projects. It the present stage of its development, the has an office and the technical basis for the fulfillment organization sees itself as: of the prescribed activities. M – maintenance, A – activity, R – Professionals are working in the organization: rehabilitation, T – teaching, IN –initiative. 10 YEARS OF MARTIN- CLUB pedagogues, psychologists and journalists. Also, it has serious support of young people, who see the The improvement of the position for children sense of life in helping children and who decide to and youth began with dinners for street kids become pedagogues. Organizations of the regions of and musical actions of the organization that Donetsk and Lugansk appear to be stable partners, attracted attention to the problems of homelessness and to and also the service on business for minors in the city of youth problems. Makeyevka, the department on business for family and youth, In the year 2000, the organization felt the necessity of creating the department for health care, and other organizations in a center for the rehabilitation of children, who are going through Makeyevka. difficult situations.
  4. 4. Annual Report 2010 Vision. Mission. Target groupsVision Our clientsMARTIN club helps children and youth in times of crisis,  Children in a womb, which has no reasonable means tocontributes to their social competence, changing their lives for protect thembetter, thus promotes improvement of society.  Children under the age of 18, lacking the capacity toThey have a roof over their heads, adequate survive, secure family life, housing, adequate food,food, get education, development, do not use leading a risky lifestyle, exposed to violence in anyalcohol, drugs, and do not act destructively on form, suffering from loneliness, not having asociety, acquire positive values. We find ways, positive emotional experiencetechnologies, opportunities for providing variedsupport to clients, who is realizing the need tochange their own lives and do not realize this,  Youth, leading a risky lifestyle, not having shelter, family support 4as well as clients who do not have theintellectual capacity for this awareness.  Adults representing the interests of children from the target groupMission  Organizations representing the interests of children from the target groupAs a result of our work, children and youngpeople from disadvantaged groups haveacquired the capacity to overcome difficulties in O UR CLIENTS L UBA AND GOSHAtheir lives and got the necessary support to dothis.
  5. 5. Annual Report 2010 Strategic goals for 2013 Development of local donorship Development of 5 foster families, who bring up Build a orphans network of 3 social houses (with minimum conditions for living, the maximum for the acquisition of social competence and the formation of human values based on Christian) Logistic in a single stable system (combines various5 material and financial flows, various activities) Implement grant programs (includes children and youth at risk) 1.Children Rights - Childrens Advocacy Network Hotel - volunteer programs - Cross-cultural program 2. Farm - house for Implementation of socially weak youth electronical reporting and accounting 3. Social house of mother and child «Little mom» Development Development of local NGOs, of competent team that is networking with 3rd sector and able to support diverse sup state services port of client with acception of cultural features
  6. 6. Annual Report 2010 Donors. International establishments and individuals We express our gratitude and appreciation to the establishments and individuals who made this year contribution for the future.1. NGO «Kids in trouble», Austria, gratitude for financial and moral support2. Delegation of European Union to Ukraine, we are grateful for confidence and support in realization of children rights and for development of civil society.3. “Hameco Agro”, Netherland, personally Hugo 6 Meulenberg and family. We are grateful for regular financial support and investment, as well as for friendship and personal involvement in the upbringing of young clients.4. Ministry of foreign affairs of Denmark and United Nations Development Program. We are grateful for investments into development of civil society activities and human rights.5. Hypermarket «Praktiker» and personally Sven Rath. We are grateful for financial support of repair and construction of social houses «Children’s village” and “Little mom” and also for friendship and personal part in upbringing of young clients. Special gratitude we are giving to our friends, donors and supporters: Hagen Kriesing (Germany, Berlin), Matthias Uhlemann (Germany), Magdalena Bautista (Mexico - Poland:), Hanna Ruehs (Germany), Beate Kopitzsch (Germany), Olya and Robert Czerwinski (Austria). All our friends abroad.
  7. 7. Annual Report 2010 Donors. Ukrainian establishments and individuals We express our gratitude and appreciation to the establishments and individuals who made this year contribution for the future. 1. Donetsk city charity fund “DOBROTA” and personally Jacob Rogalin 2. Counterpart Creative center 3. ISAR “Ednannia” 4. Fund of Rinat Ahmetov «Development of Ukraine»7 5. Donetsk press-club 6. Project «Rights of women and children in Ukraine» and personally Victor Dvornikov 7. ”Charity fund “Health of nation” 8. Café “Aljans” and personally Elena Prohorova 9. Podvigina Nadegda Anatol’evna 10. Sidorenko Taras Vasil’evich (Kirova mine) 11. CVU (Donetsk) and personally Olga Martinovska 12. Pavel Obod (SVIT-Ukraine) We also express our appreciation and thanks for everyone who helped us this year and gave a piece of heart for children.
  8. 8. Annual Report 2010 Partners Friendly establishmentsCivil Society organizations 1. School 80 1. CDHH “VOSTOK”, Makeyevka 2. School 41 2. HRC «POSTUP», Lugansk 3. Hospital on infections 3. DCCF «DOBROTA», Donetsk 4. Hospital on cardiology 4. CVU, Severodonetsk 5. Children department of city hospital #6 5. Theatre «Class», Alchevsk 6. Women departments and maternity houses of hospitals 6. Charity fund “Pilgrim”, Mariupol # 2, 3, 6 7. DCYO “Alternative youth center”, Donetsk 7. Department of newborn pathology 8. Donetsk press-club 9. Helsinki foundation on human rights, Warszawa 10. Delegation of «Every child» in Ukraine, Kiev Churches 11. CULE «POTOK», Makeyevka 12. Charity fund “Health of nation”, Makeyevka 1. Christian church “Rema” 2. Orthodox church of Saint Olga 13. 14. Charity fund “Lion’s club”, Makeyevka Donetsk Debate center 3. Donetsk Christian university 8 15. Charity fund «Donbass against children AIDS», 4. Church “Word of life” Makeyevka 5. Christian family center 6. Church “Light of the Gospel”State 1. Service on Children matters 2. Department of Youth matters 3. Center of Social Services for Youth 4. Department of Health Protection 5. Criminal Police for Children 6. Department of Internal Policy 7. Education Department 8. Educational institutions of the Makeyevka city 9. City Administration of Justice 10. Inspection of Corrections
  9. 9. Annual Report 2010 Our projects. Children rights protection network Financing - Delegation of European Union Among Children rights protection centers Makeyevka this year to Ukraine. ranked by number of served clients. In March 2009, started the first and the The number of clients served by all Children rights centers only for today in Ukraine network of (CRC): 1,281 persons (November 2010) Children rights protection centers, uniting the six NGO’s in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Its mission is to provide qualified social support and legal assistance to social orphans in the region, to those who have actually stayed without care of the family, however, does not have the status of orphans. 1. Alchevsk CRC [232] Participants of Children Rights Protection Network are civil 2. Donetsk CRC [174]9 society organizations that long time work with child protection, 3. Lugansk CRC (3) [162] social rehabilitation of children: 4. Makeyevka CRC [281] - NGO "Martin-Club” - Makeyevka 5. Mariupol CRC [214] - Charity Foundation "Pilgrim" - Mariupol 6. Severodonetsk CRC [218] - Donetsk city youth organization “Alternative Youth Centre” - Help for children provided in partnership and in contact with 562 Donetsk establishments in different cities of Donetsk and Lugansk - Human Rights Center "POSTUP” - Lugansk regions. Database of network contains 501 document of human - DPP "Class" - Alchevsk rights nature, which may be used by lawyers or social workers - Regional Branch of Ukrainian social organization "Committee of of any center. That makes job easier and possible to use same Voters of Ukraine Severodonetsk. documents for same cases. Established data base on clients, The most common problem - lack of documentation, denial of benefiting from the services of a children rights network. The property rights, perpetrated against them illegal acts of base combines the experience gained throughout the project. In violence. 2010, implemented couple of trainings on human rights, started For 2010 “MARTIN-club” provided 41 services 770 times for 281 to work e-learning course on childrens rights, which tends to children in difficult life situations. Most often services; legal develop, is publicly available, constantly updated with new services, consultation of social worker, rations for poor families material. This course is created in partnership with the Helsinki in emergency situations, assistance in development, Foundation on Human Rights; it has a reputation as the most rehabilitation tourism and provision of clothing, footwear, active human rights organization in Europe. medicines. More information available on
  10. 10. Annual Report 2010 Our internet tools Children rights protection site. This site is informational and educational resource, which contains various information about children. 10 Database on clients This resource implies on our efficiency. This tool allows us to maintain and supervise the work remotely, via the Internet. Create reports of different content automatically.
  11. 11. Annual Report 2010 Our internet tools Site of our organization. This tool contains information about our organization and its activities. www.martin-club.org11 E-learning course: «Legal protection for disadvantaged children» This resource is designed to increase legal knowledge of social workers, teachers, doctors and employees of public social services, representatives of NGOs, students of humanities and active citizens - all those to whom appeal socially vulnerable children and adults who are ready to support them.
  12. 12. Annual Report 2010 Our projects. “Together towards childhood. Active society, open authority”Financed: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and UNDPthrough the Counterpart Creative CenterDeadline: December 2009 - September 2010 Budget: 107260.10 USD.Purpose: Strengthening influence of local community on policyformation towards children and youth through public debates,conferences, open space, seminar on the formation of youth andchildrens policy, and other activities that affect on the formationpublic movement in Makeyevka. 12 Results: The activists and professionals of the field of childhood were involved in decision-making process regarding children in the city, increased the viability of childrens and youth organizations, state establishments became more open, authorities received information about the vision of community work aimed at improving the situation of children and youth in the city. Shortened the distance between government and society through the conference «Open Space», citizens had successful experience in communication with government officials; they saw a human behind the bureaucratic system. It is simplified further contacts of society and authorities. Due to the accumulated impact on the problems of the city has improved the overall situation of children in Makeyevka.
  13. 13. Annual Report 2010 Our projects. Little mother – practical advocacy Financed: Joint project of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 3. 12 mothers who are at risk of child rejection, and 12 children Denmark and the UN Development Programme, with ІSAR will receive a comprehensive service, "Human Rights hotel", "Ednannia" which includes accommodation for Deadline: November 2010- June the child, help in providing 2011 with worthy nutrition, development, Budget: 117 640, 00 UAH child care, creating the conditions for Investments: Hugo Muhlenberg getting education and work for (Hameco Agro), Sven Rath mother, recovery of documents, etc. (Praktiker) 4. 180 people (involved in the work Partnership: Services of Children of legal prevention group) will have matters, social centers of services the skills and knowledge that for youth contribute to the restoration of social Purpose: Defending childrens ties and continued warning orphan13 right on upbringing in the biological tradition family, right to be born, a worthy 5. The service "Human Rights hotel" standard of living by providing will be given by three partner legal assistance to mothers, organizations of the project and by 3 promoting the provision of services another organizations, which will of temporary residence with the pass master-class within the project child, "Children Rights Hotel”, an 6. Information campaign will cover information campaign among the 1000 people from the nearest target groups, NGOs and workers environment of the target groups: of public institutions of the professionals from orphanages and importance to keep families of schools, maternity homes, pediatric women who find themselves in departments, and the general public difficult circumstances. in 3 cities of Donetsk Region 7. 10 representatives of mass media Short-term results: and authorities, on which depends 1. 20 people receive the skills and the solution of this problem will be 9 Advocacy for mothers at risk of months included in the monitoring child abandonment problem and development of 2. 150 people receive legal aid in recommendations to solve it. the stations of legal aid
  14. 14. Annual Report 2010 Social house «Children’s village” Moms of our children learnt how to love them and hug, swaddle On the basis of existing and feed, to check their lessons, leave bad habits, go through rehabilitation-training rehabilitation from alcoholism and drugs. In 2010 we had a lot center "Childrens of help from volunteers of organizations – AISEC and Svit- Village, which has 10 Ukraine from Mexico, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Indonesia, years of experience in South Korea, Taiwan, and Colombia. They gave to children the Makeyevka, we provide real lessons of development, they traveled with them, taught service called “Children them foreign languages, swam, played, taught them the wisdom rights hotel”. Its goal - of their people, ethnic kitchen, taught lessons of geography and to become a non-stop culture in a relaxed form, so it is remembered for a lifetime. haven for clients of During 2010, for the implementation of the service "Children children rights centers rights hotel" has been invested 75,826 31 uah. who in need of accommodation and Category Costs % meals during the time of 14 registration documents. Wages of pedagogues 21229.50 28.00%During 2010 this service was provided to 64 clients, 14 of them- children under 5 years old. Compared with previous years of Unexpected costs 11254.91 14.84%work number of customers increased twice. This year theChildrens Village has been enriched by childrens playground, Food 10909.77 14.39%classrooms, computers, new beds, heating system, it wasredecorated. During the year on every Sunday with children Accommodation 9143.63 12.06%worked music therapist on technologies of Waldorf educationalsystem. Guys-inhabitants were engaged in weaving of beads, Teaching 7430.00 9.80%sports training, yoga, swimming, coach of the school curriculum,learned English and went to church every Sunday. Two of our Transportations 5030.00 6.63%inhabitants were invited to sing in a church group. Threeinmates were transferred out of boarding schools for mentally Leisure 2933.75 3.87%handicapped children to the normal school. Some of childrenreceived services of psychotherapy based on Rogers Technology(play therapy). Miscellaneous 7894,75 10,42%
  15. 15. Annual Report 2010 Social house “Little mom” In November 2009 we bought a house not far from the Social house “Childrens Village". A year later renovated building opened its doors to the first inhabitants and became the first institution in the Donetsk region, which acts as a social house for mother and child. New social hotel can take three mothers and three babies. Length of stay of women within its walls is not limited. Educational work carried out all the time - with women in a hotel will live foster family. - Our house is the first social house in the Donetsk region, which is focused on helping young mothers with babies, but I know that soon similar centers are preparing for the opening by our15 partners, civil society organizations in Donetsk and Mariupol. Working in network format, we create a single standard of such social centers. The study of the situation showed that most part of young women who seek help has same difficulties, so the algorithm of its decision should be worked-out. Very often difficulties – are the gaps connected with the absence of family education of the young mothers - told head of CSO "MARTIN- club" Victoria Fedotova.
  16. 16. Annual Report 2010 Incomes and costs 2010 Project "Little mom - practical advocacy"; 19952,83; 1% Project "Training for trainers" 56 457. 3% Project "Children rights protection network". Purchase of minivan. 160 000. 16 1136045,36. 72% 10% House "Little mom"; 89429; 6% Purchase of 3rd house for farm. 14700. 1% Project "Together towards childhood". 105609,36. 7% Total sum of costs – 1 668 020, 58 uah Grants – 1 318 064,19 uah Donations – 349 955,81 uah
  17. 17. Annual Report 201017
  18. 18. Civil society organization "MARTIN-club" 86108 Ukraine, Donetsk region Makeyevka, Sverdlova Street, 38 Tel/fax: +38 0623 222-913 Cell: +38 050 620 29 15 E-mail: Our resources: Social networks: