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The Investment News is the Newsletter of Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors based in Kansas City Metro. Devoted to Real Estate Professionals

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the RE Investment News March 2013

  1. 1. M I D - A M E R I C A A S S O C I A T I O N O F R E A L E S T A T E I N V E S T O R S March 2013 Watch out for Appraisal Fraud, see Article on Page 20! NETWORKING : EDUCATION : COMMUNITY : GOVERNMENT Investment News M A R E I’S M E M B E R B E N E FIT S P R O G R A M Y O U R M E M B E R B E N E F IT S A T -A -G L A N C E P a ge 10
  2. 2. Page 2 In This Issue Real Estate Cycles 6 What Goes Around Comes Around Social Media Marketing 8 Why are you Failing? Real Estate Contracts 12 Essentiaal Clauses Auctions 16 Absolute Auction in April—How they Work! 18 Collection Getting Your Rents 20 THE FBI My New Client 18 Collection Getting Your Rents Every Issue 10 Benefits at a Glance 14 Membership 14 Membership 24 Investment Opportunities 26 March Workshop: Rehab 23 March Monthly Meetings 24 Monthly Calendar FREE Gift for MARCH Meeting Attendees Personal Real E state Investor Magazine March / April 2013 Special Feature Section NoteWorthy Guide to Profitable Investing in Real Estate Notes @ Check out our Website Contact us by Phone 913-815-0111 Email US Join The Conversation Join Association
  3. 3. Investment News Page 3 SERVICES THAT PUT PROS AND INVESTORS FIRST With our FIRST for Pro initiative, The Home Depot is taking Even better care of our best customers. FAST IN AND OUT Time is money — we’ll get you back to work quickly.  Dedicated Pro Desk Associates.  Two hour advance order pulling. In Store Hands On—How To Workshops Want to learn How a project is completed. Check out our workshops.  In store workshops each month, check out our website and your local store.  Access step by step video 24-7 on our website—look for our Project Guide Library 10% Price Guarantee If you find a lower price on identical in-stock item  We will match the price & beat it by 10%.  Excludes special orders & bid pricing and others—see website for complete details. GREAT PRICES JUST FOR PROS We Offer everyday low prices, plus more ways to save on larger orders.  You can count on competitive pricing on everything in every department  Volume pricing discounts available on purchases as low as $2,500.  Instant bulk price savings available 1000s of items. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR MAREI MAREI members receive special discounts at The Home Depot nationwide.  Two percent rebate paid twice a year on all purchases made through all registered accounts.  Twenty percent discount on selected paint brands.  Exclusive to members of National REIA. EXCLUSIVE PROJECT ESTIMATOR APP Coming in 2013, the Home Depot Project Estimator App for iPad, a business changing tool for National REIA Chapter members nationwide. Watch your local REIA Chapter for more information.
  4. 4. Page 4 Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors The only National REIA Chapter in the Tri State Region Serving KS, MO & NE Honor’s of Merritt Winner National REIA Awards of Excellence 2011 & 2012 Read Newsletter Online Anytime Connect with us Online LinkedIn Group: Kansas City Real Estate Investors Facebook Page: Kansas City Real Estate Investing Kansas City Real Estate: /kcrei/ Mid-Missouri Real Estate: /MidMo/ Omaha Real Estate: /OmahaRE/ Topeka Real Estate: /TopekaRE/ Wichita Real Estate: /WichitaRE/ Special Groups Facebook KCMO Water Dept Issues: /badbilling/ MO Creative Finance Legislation Find us on Twitter @MAREInet Tweet #KCREI Contact Information PO Box 8685, Prairie Village KS, 66208 Phone: 913-815-0111 Email: Our Mission Statement Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is dedicated to promoting ethical real estate investing and to protect and promote the best interest of our membership through educational and networking opportunities as well as community, legislative and public relations. Legal Disclaimer MAREI does not exist to render and does not give legal, tax, economic or investment advice and disclaims all liability for the action or inaction taken or not as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, directors, employees and contractors. Each individual should consult his/her own counsel, accountant and other advisors as to legal, tax, economic, investment and related matters concerning real estate and other investments. Content Disclaimer The views and opinions expressed by authors of articles contributed to this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of the association, the board of directors or the staff. Advertise in the Investment News Rate Schedule Size Non-Member Member Business Associate Full Page $175 $140 $115 1/2 Page $145 $105 $85 1/4 Page $75 $65 $50 1/8 Page $55 $35 $25 A 10% discount is given on ads pre-paid for 6-12 months. Any changes to a pre-paid ad will incur a minimum charge of $20. The deadline to submit ad copy is the 1st of each month. All ads must be prepaid. Contact to verify ad format can be accepted. PDF preferred. There is an additional charge of $25 to typeset a business card ad or 1/4 page ad layout, $60 for a 1/2 page or full page lay-out. Opportunities also exist for advertising on Call 913-815-0111 for more information. Email ad copy to Mail payment to MAREI, PO Box 8685, Prairie Village, KS 66208 or request an online payment for to use credit or debit card.
  5. 5. Investment News Page 5 LET US HELP KEEP PROPERTIES MARKETABLE Keep Costs Under Control & Meet Tight Deadlines Dedicated to your Success, With Solutions for Every Surface & All the Essentials EXCLUSIVE MEMBER DISCOUNT MAREI as a member of National REIA is able to bring our members the exclusive Sherwin William Discount Card that offers unbeatable savings on paint, applicators, floorcov- ering, paint sundries, wall covering, spray equipment, and even window treatments! Members look for your discount card in your members Benefit Package or download from the Member’s Dis- count Section of the MAREI Member Library. National Account Services Our strategic account teams can simplify processes and maximize efficiencies with centralized account management. LEED® & VOC Coatings Download the latest guide on our products that meet LEED® and low VOC specs. Color Services Find out about our color design services for properties and read about the latest color trends. Flooring Products & Installation Wide variety of name brands, 24-hour turnaround and reliable installation. Commercial Wallpaper Sherwin-Williams is your one-stop source for commercial wall covering. Over 5,000 residential and commercial wallpaper collections available. Commercial Floor Coverings From carpeting to sheet vinyl, select the right floorcovering specific to your needs. Fully stocked national network, fast turnaround and reliable service. HomeScapes® Enhance curb appeal and make selection easier with pre- selected exterior color schemes. Finishing Touch™ Builder Support Program Comprehensive Program for your Home Buyers: Welcome Kits, Discount Cards, and Model Home Programs. ASK SHERWIN WILLIAMS Find out more about all these products and services offered by Sherwin Wil- liams plus their Chip It Online Color Matcher, ColorSnap Studio for iPad and their Paint Pro Alerts by Text at .
  6. 6. Page 6 Rehab The items that need to be fixed on the houses has been fairly consistent over the years. We have seen that prices on a some of the high end items has came down, allowing us to put granite counters in much more often, and our colors might be a bit different. However, you do need to have your exit strategy in mind when determining what to fix. You need to decide if you are fixing the house to be a rental for a few years. If you are fixing it to retail it or, maybe, fixing the hard stuff and leaving the easy stuff for the bargain shopper. Funding for the End Buyer Way back when I started we did not have a lot of options for the buyers: conventional financing with 10 to 20% down and in a very few cases FHA financing. So back in the early days we did learn a lot about Lease Options and Contract for Deed. Fast forward to 2007 and 2008 and just about anybody who could sign their name could get a loan to buy a house with up to 105% financing. . . CRAZY! Then the housing bubble burst, in part due to all the crazy sub-prime lending and we went back to needing 10 to 20% down on conventional and 30% down on investor purchases. The highlight was that FHA continued to crank out loans, although, this time they had lending standards to meet. When we add in all the people who lost homes to foreclo- sure over the past few years, we end up with a huge class of people who are good qualified buyers, but because of the foreclosure or short sale, cannot currently get financ- ing, this brings us to offering Seller Financing to get our buyers funding. Anyway you slice it, Real Estate is always changing and there is never a dull moment! The cycles go up and down, the key is to be able to adapt as the markets change. I can’t wait to see a few of you at my Rehab Work- shop on Saturday March 16th. —- Donald Tucker In getting ready for the Rehab Workshop I am going to be teaching on the 16th, I pulled out my outline from the last few times I taught the class and I have found that over the years, the workshop has changed to the point that I think we are almost back to the original version in some cases and still finding a new perspective on others. Finding Deals On the first time around as well as for most of the other times the workshop has been taught we focused on find- ing bank owned REO properties. This was easy as you could have a Realtor pull up a list, go look at them and buy them in a fairly short time. The competition for Bank Owned homes, the really good ones has always been fairly aggressive and I have been known to bid more than list price in an effort to acquire a property. But today, we see banks foreclosing less and homeowners as well as investors fighting for the properties, making the REO route very tough. Todays, investor has to work a bit harder to find the best deals from the REO agents, as well as the local whole- sale investor, and even their own marketing campaigns to get the sellers calling them. Funding the Deals When we started with this workshop, there were not a lot of avenues to fund a purchase and rehab. Most people either had an abundance of cash, had a home equity line of credit or might have found some local bank willing to fund the purchase and rehab. Fast forward to 2006 and 2007, we talked a lot about Private Funding and Hard Money or Rehab Lenders who would fund purchase and rehab up to 65 to 70% of the rehab. In the slow years of 2010 to 2012, the banks just stopped lending and most hard money / rehab lenders stopped lending. Banks closed out lines of credit and we were left with only our own cash or private lenders. As I brush off my notes, I can tell you that the local banks are coming back with rehab funding as well as the Hard Money Lenders. There are more people at the REIA meetings letting you know they have funds to be your private lender and even a few banks are back in the mix of offering funding for purchase and rehab.
  7. 7. Investment News Page 7 The best place on the entire planet to buy kitchen cabinets. We Have The Best Prices Everything Is In Stock We Ship Fast Free Design Help Josh Burns 1-877-484-4268 For title, escrow, 1031 & foreclosure. Bud Whisler 816-380-3441  PRIVATE LENDER, not broker  No income, asset or employment verification  Quick Approvals and Closings  Interest Only Payments, during loan term  Closed & Titled in LLC, Corp or Partnership  No Pre-Payment Penalties or Hidden Fees CALL US FORCALL US FORCALL US FOR  Transactional Funding - 24 Hours or less  Flex Funding - 2 days to 6 months  Rehab Loans - 100% of costs up to 70% ARV Donald Tucker : 913Donald Tucker : 913Donald Tucker : 913---890890890---FUND (3863)FUND (3863)FUND (3863) ASSET PROTECTION INSURANCE AGENCY  REO Insurance  Forced Place  Vacant Property  One Policy All Properties  Monthly Billing www.APIA
  8. 8. Page 8 HowYouCanFixIt: 10ReasonsYouWillNeverGenerateALeadThroughSocial Media There are tons of articles on the subject of social media and how its being used to generate leads. Many people are saying that they are not getting results. When I teach social media marketing to students, I teach them that it is not a one-size-fits-all-instant-cure and I don’t hype social media is the be all and end all to generating leads. 1.UnderstandwhatSocialMediareallyis. You’re working so hard to find “leads” that you can’t see the forest through the trees. Everyone that you come in contact with isn’t a lead, they’re a human being and they want to be treated like one, not as a potential stack of mon- ey. Social Media is about building relationships. If you’re not looking to build relationships, then you shouldn't be participating. 2.YouDon’tPlayByTheRules. There are social etiquette rules. The same way that not smiling while extending a hand to shake upon meeting someone new can ruin your chances of making a friendly impression, so can failing to follow simple social media etiquette. I always recommend that you establish at least a month of social participation on social networks before promoting a business agen- da. But most importantly you need to understand the harm in spamming. Nothing will degrade your sincerity and ‘friend’ value quicker that thoughtless self-promotion in the public forum. 3.YourAudienceIsLimited. Many people are getting caught up in a numbers game; measuring their success by how many followers/fans they have compared to their competition. It is so com- mon to see real estate investors pitch themselves in In- vestor centric groups and fan pages. The result of this is that these same investors also fol- low a huge amount of other investors, hoping for them to return the favor…and they do. But what good is that? Investors are the last people you want following your professional activities because they skew your results. I make a particular mention, when I use my own efforts to Duncan Wierman Real Estate Investor Internet Marketer Why are you Failing at Social Media Marketing
  9. 9. Investment News Page 9 my students, I ask them please not “like” my page, because when I reach milestones I want to know that those are real-life fans that I have a chance of doing business with. If you are doing your job correctly, then your content should be very unin- teresting to investors outside of your geographic area, anyway. There is the exception where you are recognized as ‘doing it right’ and other people will follow you as a great example. In this case you may not be able to stop the movement, and it could help boost you to a larger than life status. In the meantime, just try to keep the groups separate in your head and don’t be afraid to delete agents who try to butt- in on the conversation. You worked hard for it, they didn’t. 4.YouMustKeepALineBetweenPer- sonalAndProfessional. Your Social Media feed includes pic- tures of you overindulging at a party last weekend, an abstract thought or quote that means nothing to anyone, a blog post about buying a home, a “checked-in” at McDonald’s, your high scoring Scrabble word. If you did have any chance at success it was ruined when you sat down in front of the keyboard and spammed your friends with business and exposed your personal life to your business contacts. On Facebook the separation is simple (and demanded by FB terms of use): Keep your friends on your Personal Profile and create a Fan Page for the “Business You”. 5.RememberTheGoldenRule. You can’t expect others to help you unless you’ve taken a moment to help them. Or, if you prefer “treat others as you wish to be treated”. The “Gimmees” of the world don’t last long with social media once people figure out that they have a one track mind. 6.YouHaven’tFiguredOutThatRealEs- tateisBoring. Instead,considercreatingapagearoundyour nicheineventofintereststothatniche.You take the advice to create a fan page and but then you go and name it “John Doe, Your Chicago Real Estate Expert. You then proceed to post all of your listings without the benefits of why they are good deals. This fol- lows with the frustration that no one joins your page and so you decide to re-re-re-suggest the page to your friends. When they still don’t join you just go back to posting the data on your personal account and everyone, including your spouse decides to hide you from their feed. Instead, consider creating a page around your niche in which you discuss not only real es- tate, but local news, pictures, facts, and events of interest to that niche. Try promoting other local FB pages’ activities, include some local pictures and fun facts, and then sneak in a real estate article or two. 7.YouDon'tResponsd. When people are connecting with you, (Continued on page 15) Guest Speaker Realty 411’s Mid-West Expo Saturday April 20th Details:
  10. 10. Learn how to save money at Home De- pot and register for a 2% Rebate for all purchases & rentals across the US. Plus 20% Discount on Paint in Kansas City. And coming in 2013 the New Home Depot App for iPad exclusively for Chapter Members to use in project esti- mation on home repair and remodel. All members receive a discount card to access our exclusive discounts up to 40% off all paint, supplies, and flooring—nationwide. Websites for investors, landlords, and other services. FREE trial. Email and Social Media Marketing, Free Trial and Discounts for paying in ad- vance. Screening for tenants & workers with 20% discount for members. FORMS & DOCS Member Library is packed with forms and docs, plus 15 % discount at EZ Landlord Forms for premium forms. Market your rentals on the nations top ranked rental site. Member discount is 20% off Regular Prices. Save on select FedEx Office copy and print services up to 20% and on Fed- Ex Shipping up to 22%. Receive discounts up to 65% on over 12,000 products you use the most online and in store. MAREI’S MEMBER BENEFITS PROGRAM YOUR MEMBER BENEFITS AT-A-GLANCEUSE THIS PAGE AS A GUIDE TO VALUE ADDED DISCOUNTS TOOLS AND SAVINGS CREATED JUST FOR YOU ON GOODS AND SERVICES YOU USE EVERY DAY. E-Update MAREI’s award winning weekly email update with what’s happening in real estate including properties for sale, gov- ernment affairs and local market data. Investment News The award winning newsletter for Mid- America Association of Real Estate In- vestors: published monthly and distrib- uted both in print at our meetings and digitally to our database of over 5000 people. One of the best ways to get your message in front of a targeted group of real estate professionals. Free issues of both magazines available at the monthly meetings of MAREI. Landlord Services Office Solutions Suppliers Marketing News & Information
  11. 11. Member Benefits We have several services as part of our website to help you grow your business. Calendar of Events to stay up to date with all of our activities. Browse the member properties to find your next deal. Take the time to post your investment op- portunities for other members and site visitors to browse. The Member Library is packed and ever growing with pdf ver- sions of entire books, EBooks, Articles, Forms, and Documents. Nearly 70% of QuickBooks users say that it makes their business more prof- itable. Get your Accounting on track. Buy at a 20% discount our special links from the MAREI Web Site. REAL ESTATE BOOKS The nation’s largest provider of real estate training materi- als, DEARBORN is America’s Premier Real Estate Publish- er. Members receive up to 40% off. Special member discounts for members at Avis, Budget, and Enterprise Rentals. The Local Market Monitor tracks real estate sales and economic trends nation wide. Offering 25% Discount for Members. MAREI’s Political Advocacy Group actively monitors national legisla- tion and rule-making that im- pacts the real estate industry and harnessing the strength of MAREI members at the grassroots level. MAREI mem- bers also re- ceive timely Calls to Action when there is a time for our members to take action on an important vote. Members also have access to the latest in Market Da- ta. Other Discounts VISIT Look under Resources & Members Only Member Service
  12. 12. Page 12 Essential Clauses . . . Bill Bronchick tain for closing. If the buyer is not ready to close, the seller can hold him in default. Here are some tips for buying time: Make the closing date “on or about” June 1st. What does “on or about” mean? I’m not sure, but it certainly means LATER than June 1st! Have the right to extend the closing date if it is not your fault: “Said date may be extended an additional fifteen (15) days if lender requires additional documentation, pa- perwork or actions from the buyer and said delay is not due to the fault of the buyer.” Have the right to extend for thirty days by paying the seller the equivalent of one month’s mortgage pay- ment. Limited Inspection Clause - Most standard broker contracts give the buyer the right to make the contract contingent upon the right to do a thorough inspection before a certain date. Make certain that the inspection period is short and that the inspection must be done by a licensed (if they are in your state) professional inspector. Limit objectionable items to roof, plumbing, electrical, heating and structural defects. An open- ended inspection clause will permit the buyer to "weasel" out of a contract because the garage door squeaks. Choice of Escrow Company - As the seller, I insist on the right to choose the title or escrow company so that I remain in control. A conservative or uncoopera- tive escrow or title company can make life very diffi- cult if you are trying to do a creative deal. Qualification of Buyer - The most important thing to keep in mind when selling is that time is money! The single biggest mistake sellers make is allowing an un- qualified buyer to tie up their property under contract (Continued on page 15) Congratulations! You just purchased that new home study course. You followed the instructions. You found a good deal. You present your contract to the listing broker, and you get laughed at! The reality is, real estate brokers don't like "seminar" forms. They are comfortable using the "standard" agreement, although the standard agreement is usu- ally drafted to protect the real estate broker, not you. You must learn how to take any "standard" agree- ment and modify it to your liking. The following are some essential clauses I use when buying a property: “And/or assigns” or “and/or Nominees” - As the buyer, you want to have the right to assign your con- tract. By placing your name with the words, “and/or assigns,” you automatically give yourself that right. The words, “and/or nominees” is not as broad, but it has been interpreted as giving the buyer the right to place title in the name of a trust. NOTE: If the contract contains an "anti-assignment" provision, you must cross that clause out. Inspection Clause - Have the right to make the con- tract contingent upon your right to do a thorough in- spection before a certain date. Make certain that you are not required to hire a professional inspector and that the inspection clause permits you to cancel the contract if there are things wrong with the property and the seller is not willing to fix these or reduce the price. Choice of Escrow Company - As the buyer, insist on the right to choose the title or escrow company so that you remain in control. A conservative or uncoop- erative escrow or title company can make life very difficult if you are trying to do a creative deal. Right to Extend - Most contracts call for a date cer-
  13. 13. Investment News Page 13 913-338-0100 phone Title Services Provided for:  FSBO, Wholesale, & REO Transactions  New Construction Closings  Commercial Purchases and Refinance  All Types of Loan Closings  1031 Exchanges  FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional Loans, and Hard Money Loan Closings  Refinance & Reverse Mortgages  Doc Prep, Prelim HUDS, Curing Issues  Short Sale Closing & Assistance  100 Years of Combined Service! accurate Accurate Closings: Smooth, Timely, Professional. SHOWHOMESADDSVALUETO VACANTHOUSESBY:  Transforming vacant houses into valuable, cared-for homes that buyers respond to.  Keeping each home in show-to-sell condition seven days a week.  Employing a professional decorator to decorate each home using proven staging techniques, maximizing its appeal to buyers.  Hiring carefully screened and qualified Home Managers to live in and manage each home throughout the sales process. 913-227-4364  Residential  Commercial  Renovation  Demolition  Flatwork  Foundations Full service construc- tion company offering upgrades, curb ap- peal, remodel, or complete renovation. Call for References! Robert Massey Building Trades 816-868-1817 ProSource of KC West 7228 W. Frontage Road Overland Park, KS 66203 913-599-4488 Offering a range of flooring options to give wholesale pricing and discounts to trade professionals.
  14. 14. Page 14 Renewing  Day Boswell (since 2010): Overland Park, KS  Michael Bryant (since 2011): Lee’s Summit, MO  Kim Donaway (since 2007): Mission, KS  Brett Hoover (since 2012): Independence, MO  Nancy Hoover (since 2012): Independence, mo  Paul Redmond (since 2008): Kansas City, KS  Tom Smith (since 2011): Lees Summit, MO  Gary Swaney (since 2010): King City, MO  Mary K Swaney (since 2010): King City, MO  Tim Stauffer (since 2009): Kansas City, MO New Business Members John Shaver – Pro Source KC West: Merriam, KS Hanna Kinsey – Pro Source KC West: Merriam, KS Robert Massey – Building Trades: Kansas City, MO New Members  John Baska: Parkville, MO  Lukas Bohannon: Columbia, MO  Chelsie Dillon: Kearney, MO  Susan Ellis: Kansas City, MO  Vinay Gaws: Lees Summit, MO  Shaun McBride: Kansas City, MO  Bill Mikkelsen: Gladstone, MO  Bill O’Connor: Kearney, MO  Kevin Otterman:  Brian Rigby: Rogersville, MO  Victoria Roberts: Kearney, MO  Cindy Stockton: Kearney, MO WELCOME NEW & RETURNING MEMBERS!
  15. 15. Investment News Page 15 for two months. Do not believe any claims of the buyer, his agent or mort- gage broker about their ability to quali- fy for a loan. You should know exactly what the qualifications are for an FHA or FNMA loan in your area and qualify the buyer yourself. I use the following clause: "Within 48 hours, buyer shall provide seller with buyer’s complete financial and credit information for seller’s ap- proval. Within 72 hours after receipt of such information, Seller may terminate this contract and refund buyer’s ear- nest money if, in seller’s sole opinion, buyer does not have the creditworthi- ness to qualify for a loan from a third party. Seller’s decision and opinion shall be final in this regard, and buyer shall have no further recourse after return of this earnest money deposit." NOTE: Be certain you do not engage in illegal discrimination in rejecting a buyer's credit worthiness. Permission to Contact the Lender - I hate being in the dark! I always want the ability to control the entire loan process and be able to get information from the lender along the way. The buyer's lender won't talk to you direct- ly, without express written permission of the buyer. To remedy this problem, insert the following clause: "Buyer hereby gives express permis- sion to all parties, including lenders, employers, financial institutions, credit agencies, mortgage brokers and real estate agents to release any appropri- ate financial information to the seller." Now you can take control, get on the phone and scream "What's holding up this lan!" (Continued from page 12) Rather than coming up with a game plan of who your audience is and what they want to experience, you simply start a fan page and begin mimicking what you've seen done by other investors. There is nothing wrong with following other real estate investors who are great examples. The challenge howev- er, is that most are poor examples and nothing but a loss for your time investment. Stop paying at- tention to online chatter and spend more time working on your own content. Figure out who your au- dience is and what it is that they want you to talk about. 10. You Don’t Carethat Everyone Can TellThatYouDon’t Care. You forget your login/password because you never login to your sites. You probably got inspired to start with social media, and you took some steps to build your online presence. You create an account on Facebook and Twitter, put links up to these accounts on your website(s), break rules 1-9 and then setup an automatic pro- gram to post your blog feed to your account. Predictably, you forget your login/password because you never visit either again. Anyone that happens to stumble across your message sees the tumble- weed rolling across the ig- nored prairie and exits via the back button and on to your competition’s account. email, DM, PM, or comment you don’t respond promptly, or at all. This leaves the impression idea that you’re not interested in fostering a relationship. We live in an instant gratification society and failing to respond to an online re- quest within a reasonable amount time (as defined by the other party, not you) will cost you business. Fortunately, FB has just started to notify fan page admins of wall postings in addition to comments, which had been a problem for many that didn’t check their page (s) at least once in the morning and evening. So no excuses! 8.YouChaseYourTail. You’ve got the same 10-100 peo- ple who are subscribed to your blog, following you on twitter, and liking you on Facebook and most of them are close friends and family that didn’t want to hurt your feelings. They either ignore your content or participate just to boost your ego. Either you get the hard truth, or you end up fooling your- self that you’ve got great content and an attentive audience. If you aren’t reaching a new, broader au- dience, you need to consider a few things: Perhaps your message is missing the mark or just plain unin- teresting. Or, maybe you just need to raise the bar and market the page more effectively to find a larger audience. 9.YouSpendAllYour TimeLooking atOthers. (Continued from page 9)
  16. 16. A Professionally Managed Real Estate Auction offers so many benefits to real es- tate owners and buyers that traditional methods of marketing simply can’t provide. More Real Estate is SOLD at Public Auction today than ever before and here are Several Reasons Why: 1. Real Estate Auctions guarantee a Sale Date, a Price and a Closing Date. Traditional marketing methods offer no guarantees. 2. Real Estate Auctions don’t set a maximum price for your property. 3. Real Estate Auctions will often generate a higher price for your property than it would have sold for using traditional methods of marketing because of competitive bidding. 4. Real Estate Auctions compel buyers to participate and buy on a specific day. 5. Real Estate Auctions create excitement, urgency and competitive buyer participation for your property, which results in success and a higher selling price. 6. Real Estate Auctions eliminate the hassle of negotiations and counters on everything except the top market price for your property. 7. Real Estate Auctions offer scheduled viewing and tour dates. 8. Real Estate Auctions eliminate any contingencies and the need for inspections. 9. Real Estate Auction marketing promotes your property on a national level which exposes your property to many more qualified buyers increasing competition and prices. Real Estate Auctions work when the client wants to sell their property in the shortest time, at the highest price with terms and conditions favoring the seller. Why Sell at Auction? Page 16
  17. 17. Page 18 Getting your rents . . . A conversation with a couple of MAREI members. At the monthly meeting in January, Debra Felderhoff mentioned a method she uses to en- sure that she gets paid when a tenant is going to be late with rent. She said she learned this method from Brian Winberry, who is one of our hosts of the Weekly Wednesday Networking event. We took a few minutes to talk with Bri- an to get the low down. When a tenant calls to say they can’t quite make rent on time, but will be able to make the payment in a few days or a week, landlord should then take the time to negotiate and write up a promissory note for the rent that outlines the amount of rent to be paid, the late fees, when it is supposed to be paid and that if the rent is not paid, they will agree to move out. This promissory note serves several purposes. First, it gets the tenant in the frame of mind that they owe the rent and late fees on a par- ticular date or that they will move out. They have signed a legal document, the promissory note. Now, it may be important to note they also signed your lease agreement that is also a legal and binding agreement, but they signed it quite a while ago and the recent signing of the promissory note will remind them. Second, the promissory note is something that if not paid could be taken to small claims court to receive a judgment, with out going through and eviction process. Third, the promissory note is also a legal docu- ment that could be sold. A promissory note of this type would not have a huge value if it is resold, but it can be sold for a small amount. Brian’s method and Debra’s are about the same to this point, but Deb had one difference that it is worth noting. Deb would make her promissory note a title loan that is secured by the title to the tenants car. Then if the tenant did not pay or move out, she could take their car. It is important to note that Debra with her al- most 100 rental properties has never had to take someone’s car. She has had people move out and leave the property broom swept clean when they could not pay as the promissory note said, saving her the cost of eviction fees and allowing her to get her property rented up quickly. Collecting Rent Promissory Notes
  18. 18. Investment News Page 19 WHY EVERY REAL ESTATE INVESTOR MUST LEARN NOTES See Eddie Speed Live St Louis Missouri Saturday April 27th Or learn right now: W. Eddie Speed is Founder of NoteSchool. Since 1980, Eddie has dedicated his career to the science of buying both Performing and Non-performing Notes. 12 MILLION DELINQUENT MORTGAGES < 500,000 REO’S IN USA MARKET RealtyRealtyRealty411411411 MidMidMid---WestWestWest ExpoExpoExpo √ SAVE THE DATE √ REGISTER √ BUSINESS CARDS √ INVITE A FREIND EXPO: Saturday, April 20th, 2013 Holiday Inn, Overland Park West PROPERTY TOUR: Sunday April 21st Register: FEW BOOTHS STILL AVAILABLE Real Estate Investing is has become one of the hottest trends for entrepreneurs to make money. Attendance at real estate associations meetings is way up. Many of the Richest People in the Country, earned their wealth through Real Estate. Find out the reasons for this at the Expo. Join 200 or more local, national and international Investors at one of the Biggest Events in the Mid-West to learn:  How to Harness the Internet to Explode Business with Duncan Wierman, Internet Marketer Turned Real Estate Investor  The “Power of Zero” for True Wealth with Chris McClatchey, Veteran Real Estate Investor & Coach  No B.S. Insights to Entrepreneurship with Mike Conlon, Main Street Millionaire, invests in Mobile Homes & Turn Key  Why NOW is the Time to Invest in Kansas City Properties with Marck de Lautour, local Kansas City Investor  Plus See & Be Seen with 200+ Investors, Learn from Expert Industry Service Providers and Tour Some of Kansas City’s Best Investments!
  19. 19. Page 20 The Case You might ask why a residential real estate appraiser from Kansas City has the FBI as a client. Many appraisers were approached in the frenzy of the sub-prime mess to over val- ue properties. To hit the number that the lenders needed. We are finding the damage that this is causing our economy and our country. On October 10, 2006 I received a phone call that changed my life and sent it in directions I could not have imagined. It was a sub-prime lender wanting to know if I appraised high- end properties in the Kansas City Country Club District. I replied yes and quoted them a fee. I instructed the lender to place an order on my website and to fax me a copy of the contract. I reviewed the contract for $1,473,000, and then ran MLS to search for comparables and the subjects listing history. The MLS for the subject property showed it as an active list- ing for $699,000. I called the lender and asked if I had the wrong address or if this was a construction rehab loan. I stat- ed, “Did you know this house was listed for $699,000?” The lender said yes. I was told they were selling it for the higher value, and if I wanted my fee I had to appraise it for that amount. They wanted me to jeopardize my reputation and 28 years in business for $1,200. I declined the order and called the listing agent to warn her. The realtor noted she knew nothing about the contract. The sellers had excluded this buyer when she received the listing and were cutting her out of the commission. I was enraged because I knew the mortgage system was broken and someone needed to act. I had attended the Ap- praisal Institute’s Mortgage Fraud Seminar the week before and met an agent with the FBI, Julia Jensen. I decided to call and let her know what was going on so she could put the property on a watch list. Agent Jensen called me back the next day. I discussed the details with her about what was happening. She asked who the buyer was and I told her the names. She informed me they were part of a mortgage fraud group operating in Kan- sas City and she would be interested in the information. She also asked who the sellers were. I gave their names. She replied, “Let me grab another agent and we will see you in 20 minutes”. That was not the reply I was expecting. I was at my office waiting for two FBI agents. I kept wonder- ing what I have gotten myself into? They arrived at my office and I showed them the information that I had obtained. They asked if I was familiar with the sellers’ names, which I was- n’t. The agents told me the seller’s dad was allegedly a made member of the mob. He was executed in the 1970’s and stuffed in the trunk of a car. This information grabbed my attention. They assured me not to worry about the son, as far as they knew he was not a member of the mob. They asked if I knew who his wife was, and I said no. They said I might know her professional name, which they told me. I knew that name. She had been the Jackson County Execu- tive for the last 12 years and was going to run for Mayor of Kansas City. The agents asked if I could assist them with their investiga- tion. I told them I would. Next, they asked me to call the lender and tell them I would complete the appraisal. Then the agents asked the million dollar question. “Would you tape the conversation?” The moment of truth had arrived. If I said no, then they would leave and I would go back to ap- praising as if nothing happened. If I said yes, I might be the next person they find in the trunk of a car. They pulled out a recording device and showed me how to use it. They noted the date and time of the call, who was in the office, who I was calling and the case. I called the pro- cessor and told her I would complete the appraisal. I tried to act normal when talking with her. I am a real estate apprais- er, not an undercover agent. The Investigation After the agents left my heart was pounding. I tried to imag- ine out how this might work out. They had left another re- cording device to use while talking with the other people in- volved in the transaction. I called the selling agent to sched- ule a time to appraise the home, which we set up for the next Tuesday. I then spoke with the loan officer and processor to let them know the inspection had been set. The processor mentioned that the loan was over 1 million dollars so they would require another appraisal in addition to mine. She My new Client: the FBI! Donald Gossman
  20. 20. Investment News Page 21 asked if I would call the other appraiser and work together to make the apprais- als similar to pass underwriting guide- lines. Apparently, committing mortgage fraud was no big deal for them. I called Agent Shaffer and confirmed the time and date was set. He asked if I could drop off the recording device to him on Monday at FBI Headquarters and trade him for a new one. Monday finally came and I drove to FBI Headquarters. It was a three story of- fice building like any other, with excep- tion of the 10-foot high iron fence, blast gate and video cameras at the front gate. I pressed the button and told them who I was meeting with and they buzzed me in. I walked to the front door and was greeted by an armed guard. She told me the agents were on the way down. Once I spoke with the agents, they asked me to come back to the interrogation room. As we walked past the metal detectors, I asked the guard if I needed to go through one. She replied, “You are an agent, aren’t you? You don’t have to go through it”. I replied, “I am not an agent, I am an appraiser.” We went to the interrogation room and discussed the conversations that I had with the various people involved with the transaction. Another agent came into the room with a camera and took a picture of me. The agents asked if I would be a confidential witness and gave me my code name. It all went so fast I had no time to think about what was happening. We set a time to meet the next day before I was to complete the inspection. Agent Shaffer and I met the next morn- ing in the parking lot of a grocery store. He showed me a different recording device that took both audio and video and how to use it. I drove to the house and the realtor was waiting for me. I took a picture of the front of home with him in the picture, and then took a street scene with his car in the picture. The realtor could not say he wasn’t there. We went inside the house and the realtor told me this group was going to buy between 40 and 50 homes in Kan- sas City ranging in value from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000, and his group was doing the same thing in 10 different cities. They had money from overseas to invest and planned to rent out these houses to executives. I couldn’t believe it. This could possibly be a multi-city international crime ring, not just one case of mortgage fraud. I finished my inspection, then left to meet Agent Shaffer. I described the events that took place and gave him back the recording device. Over the next three weeks, I taped conversations with people involved in the transaction. I was doing my ap- praisal work at night and on weekends since a lot of my time was spent work- ing on the case. I even began to worry (Continued on page 22) Property Management Section 8 Housing KC Metro Wide Jeff Woods Broker 816-849500 Hard Money is the Answer . . . .  Leverage available investment capital and triple your cash on cash returns.  Have the ability to close in 2 - 5 days.  Take down investment properties FAST.  Get feedback from an experienced lender who did over 150 deals last year.  Build cash-flow quickly and simply through real estate.  Diversify your capital across multiple properties and spread your risk. Private Funding for Serious Real Estate Investors Christopher Friedl 214-202-3046
  21. 21. Page 22 about my children’s safety. The other appraiser called me and told me he was having a hard time appraising the property for $1,473,000. He explained that the highest he could get was only $1,200,000. I thought, “You will over appraise it by $500,000 but not $743,000?” I guess he had partial ethics. We agreed to the value and com- pleted the appraisals. The FBI agents asked if I would drop off the appraisal to the mortgage company while wearing a wire. By this point, it seemed like the natural thing to do. I walked away from the mortgage company thinking my part was done and it was all over for me. If only that was the case. My life went back to normal. I had not heard anything for three weeks. On November 24, 2006, I received a phone call from the second appraiser. He asked, “Did you hear what was go- ing on?” I replied “No”. He said, “I received a call today from the FBI and I have an appointment at 9 a.m. to talk to them about mortgage fraud.” I thought, “Sucks to be you”. I told the other appraiser thanks for the heads up. He asked, “What are you going to do”. I replied, “Tell them the truth; they know what is going on”. Agent Shaffer called and told me the closing had tried to occur the prior Friday and they had stopped it at the closing table, at the title company. The FBI was interrogating the individuals involved in the transaction. He asked me not to talk with any- one if they called. He informed me the Grand Jury was set for January 4, 2007, and verified I could be there that day after lunch to testify. The Grand Jury I was contacted by the Assistant U.S. Attorney Linda Parker Marshall. She asked me to come in so she could describe the events that would take place in the Grand Jury Room. I meet with her and the FBI agents at the U.S. Courthouse in late De- cember 2006. It was finally sinking in that this was really going to happen. I was hoping for a lot of guilty pleas so I wouldn’t have to testify, but that would not be the case. The date arrived. I went through my morning like it was any other day. I completed two inspections then went home to put on a suit and tie. I wasn’t hungry for lunch for some reason. I drove to the court house and parked in the FBI lot where Agent Shaffer had instructed me to. I took a deep breath and said to myself, “Let’s do this”. I walked into The U.S. Court- house knowing if the Federal Grand Jury believed me, they would hand down indictments on 11 people and charge them with Federal crimes. I waited for almost an hour until Mrs. Marshall came to get me. I walked into the room and told my story. I cannot reveal any- thing about what happened in that room or the people that were there. This was our government working at the basic lev- el of the criminal justice system. I was in there for about an hour and then left. I walked out to my car knowing I had made (Continued from page 21) the right choice when I called Agent Jensen that first day. On my way home, I turned on the radio and switched channels to talk radio. The announcer broke in with a news update. He stated, “A Federal Grand Jury in Kansas City has handed down Mortgage Fraud charges against 11 people including the Jackson County Executive and her lawyer husband.” When I arrived home I turned on the television. The charges were be- ing reported on all of the local stations. I’ve always watched the news, but have never been part of the news. The trial was set for February, but delayed until June after the election. The County Executive did go on to run for the Mayor’s office and received 1.5% of the Vote. The same day her TV ads for Mayor debuted was the same day the mortgage fraud indictments were brought against her. Interestingly enough, no one was talking about the buyers. The fed alleged that the buyers were part of the larger fraud team, which had committed over 100 cases of mortgage fraud in the Kansas City area. Furthermore, the feds also alleged that in the prior 18 months, this mortgage fraud team caused millions of dollars in losses. In May, the Assistant U.S. Attorney contacted me to prepare for the trial. We met with the two FBI agents at the U.S. Court House. We listened to the tapes that I had made which was the first time that I had heard them. I can never explain the thoughts that were going through my head. “I AM AN AP- PRAISER”. I am not supposed to be sitting in the Federal Court House with the Assistant U.S. Attorney and two FBI agents listening to tapes of myself and individuals committing mortgage fraud. But I was. The trial was delayed again until November 2007. The Trial After the trial was postponed for the second time, the legal maneuvering started between the U.S. Government lawyers and the defense lawyers. Seven people in the transaction pleaded guilty to the charges against them, and four people were left to be tried. I was the lead witness in the U.S. Govern- ment’s case that was expected to last two weeks. The jury was to be seated on Monday morning with opening statements to be made late in the morning. The U.S. Attorney asked me to be at the Federal Court House at 1 p.m. on No- vember 6, 2007. I showed up during the lunch break and found out the jury had not been seated thanks to publicity the trial had received which led to larger than normal numbers in the jury pool. I sat waiting in the witness room for four hours. The jury was set and the opening arguments were made. The judge said, “That is enough for today. We will reconvene at 9 a.m.”. I walked out of the court house with everyone else. No one knew how the trial would play out. The investigation had been portrayed by the local media as a political witch hunt by the new U.S. Attorney office against a local politician. I knew nothing about that. All I knew was someone tried to defraud a lender, and I did my job by protect-
  22. 22. Investment News Page 23 Insurance for Vacant Properties Rehab Properties Renter Insurance for Your Tenants Business Insurance Umbrella Liability Health Insurance Life Insurance Stephanie Cunliff 816-781-4370 Property Management Rental Services Kansas City Metro Kevin Jamieson 816-503-4671 ing their interest in the property that they hired me to appraise. They were buying inflated values not appraising houses. I was back in the witness room the next morning feeling confident knowing I was going to tell the truth. After walking down the hall to get a drink, I heard the Judge say, “Mrs. Prosecutor, call your first witness”. The courtroom doors opened and I walked inside. I felt all eyes in the room follow me on my way to the witness stand and while I was being sworn in. Once seated, I looked out over the courtroom. To my right were the 14 ju- rors, 12 on the jury and 2 alternates. To my left the U.S. Federal Judge and the court reporter. At the defense table were the four defendants, their three lawyers and three assistants. At the prosecutors table were two FBI agents, two Assis- tant U.S. Attorneys and their support staff. There were four rows of seats for the public. The newspaper, TV and ra- dio stations from the all across the Mid- west were in the audience. Linda Parker Marshall, the Assistant U.S. Attorney, lead my questioning. She asked me my name, address and occu- pation. She then asked me to describe how I became part of the case. When I was explaining the events that unfolded over the course of many months, I could hear the reaction from the audience. It seemed they were surprised by the ac- tions that I had taken. There is no way that I could ever have imagined how things would play out. After almost two hours, the prosecutor was finished with my questioning. The judge called for a 15 minute break, which I was ready for. They didn’t make the witness seat for comfort. The break was over and the first de- fense lawyer questioned me for over an hour. His questioning was the toughest as he was questioning MY ethics and the motive behind my actions. He tried to rattle me and succeeded on a few occasions. The judge warned me twice to limit my answers to the questions asked. The second lawyer only asked me two questions and I was done. The third lawyer was less aggressive to- wards me compared to the first lawyers. The third lawyer even talked about how I had such a good reputation and could not have been involved in mortgage fraud. I replied, “They called the wrong appraiser to commit mortgage fraud this time”. After four hours on the stand, my part of the trial was complete. The trial would go on for another eight days. The jury deliberated for four days and came back with two guilty and two not guilty ver- dicts. The mortgage and financial markets are a mess. The industry made it through the high interest rates of the early 1980’s, the recession of 1991, the first and second gulf wars and the effects of 9/11. We need the separation of the origina- tion of mortgages from the valuation of the properties. Enforcement of national and state laws. Prosecution of fraudu- lent lenders, insurers, bankers, brokers and appraisers. We, the mortgage busi- ness, need to rebuild the trust in our banking and mortgage systems.
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  25. 25. Weather you are Buying and Flipping, Buying to Hold for Rental or just offering Properties for Whole- sale, you will want to attend this Real Estate Investor Workshop for Kansas City Real Estate Investors on Rehabbing Houses. Workshop to be taught by MAREI founder, veteran rehabber and hard money lender Donald Tucker. When you go out to look at a property to buy, you learn from all the gurus that to make your offer you need to know three things: 1. How Much Profit YOU Need 2. What the House is Worth 3. What it Will Cost to Fix Take the Time to Learn before you Jump In:  What items to focus on when looking at a potential property  What items should be fixed, repaired or replaced for best profits.  How to Estimate Rough Costs of Rehab  Where to Find Contractors and Manage Them  Where to find the Funding for your Rehab Projects. Take Advantage of this Rehab Workshop to Buy the Best Properties and Have Smooth Process. This is a Must Attend Workshop for all Beginning Investors on their Way to Rehab, Rental, or Flip Profits Saturday March 16th / 8:30am to Noon Career Education Systems / Ward Pkwy Members $30 / Non-Members $45 3 Credits PHP
  26. 26. Monthly Meetings March 2013 5:30 Set Up for Vendors & Speakers 6:00 Registration Vendor Hall 7:00 Introduction 7:15 Presentation 8:30 Networking 8:50 Clean up and Adjourn at 9pm KC North: North Kansas City Community Center 1999 Iron Street Kansas City, MO 5:30 Set Up for Vendors & Speakers 6:00 Registration Vendor Hall 7:00 Introduction 7:15 Presentation 8:30 Networking 8:50 Clean up and Adjourn at 9pm KC South: Career Education Systems Ward Parkway Shopping Center 8600 Ward Parkway Kansas City, MO David Nachman 816-285-6029 Don Gossman 816-941-4750
  27. 27. Subscribe & Sync The MAREI calendar is hosted on Google Calendars. This allows you to subscribe to our calendar and sync it with your own Google Calendar, Mobile Calendar, or Outlook Calendars. Check calendar for times and locations. March 2013 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Weekly Wed. Master Mind w/ Winberrys 1 SG: Connected Inves- tors 2 SG: Blue Springs / Independence Inv. Workshop: Landlord 101 3 SG: Lees Summit Investors Network 4 5 6 Weekly Wed. Master Mind w/ Winberrys Deadline: Vendor Table KC North 7 KC Northland on the 1st Thursday of the Month: Contracts Lake Ozarks REIA 8 9 SG: Blue Springs / Independence Inv. 10 SG: Lees Summit Investors Network 11 Deadline: Vendor Tables for KC South Meeting 12 KC Metro South on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month: Appraisals 13 Weekly Wed. Master Mind w/ Winberrys 14 15 Deadline: Newsletter ads & articles for March 16 SG: Blue Springs / Independence Inv. Workshop: Rehab 101 17 SG: Lees Summit Investors Network 18 Omaha REIA 19 20 Weekly Wed. Master Mind w/ Winberrys 21 22 23 SG: Blue Springs / Independence Inv. 24 SG: Lees Summit Investors Network 25 26 27 Weekly Wed. Master Mind w/ Winberrys 28 1 March SG: Connected Inves- tors 2 SG: Blue Springs / Independence Inv. Landlord 101 Work- shop 3 SG: Lees Summit Investors Network 4 5 6 Weekly Wed. Master Mind w/ Winberrys Deadline: Vendor Tables for KC North 7 KC Northland on the 1st Thursday of the Month 8 9 SG: Blue Springs / Independence Inv.