The Investment News: December 2011 for Real Estate Investors


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The monthly newsletter for Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors. Offering Networking and Education for area Real Estate Investors. Find us online at

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The Investment News: December 2011 for Real Estate Investors

  1. 1. MID-AMERICA ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE INVESTORSInvestment News NETWORKING : EDUCATION : COMMUNITY December 2011 Speed Networking Productive Tips to Grow your Circle of Influence New Member Benefits Saving You Money on Products and Services You Use Everyday Marketing Property Make your Classified Postings more effective in marketing your Business. Read Online for working Web Links
  2. 2. MAREI Notes Contact Information PO Box 8685, Prairie Village KS, 66208 Phone: 913-815-0111 Fax: 816-523-4448 Our Mission Statement Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is dedicated to promoting ethical real estate in- vesting and to protect and promote the best interest of our membership through educational and networking opportunities as well as community, legislative and public relations. Legal Disclaimer MAREI does not exist to render and does not give legal, tax, economic or investment advice and disclaims all liability for the action or inaction taken or not as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, directors, employees and contractors. Each individual should consult his/her own counsel, accountant and other advisors as to legal, tax, economic, investment and related matters concerning real estate and other investments. Honors Content Disclaimer Of Merit The views and opinions expressed by authors of articles contributed to this newsletter do not neces- sarily reflect those of the association, the board of directors or the staff. Advertise in the Investment News 2011 Rate Schedule Size Non-Member Member Business Associate Electronic Full Page $175 $140 $115 1/2 Page $145 $105 $85Communication 1/4 Page $75 $65 $50 1/8 Page $55 $35 $25 & A 10% discount is given on ads pre-paid for 6-12 months. Any changes to a pre-paid ad will incur a minimum charge of $20. The deadline to submit ad copy is the 1st of Membership each month. All ads must be prepaid. Contact to verify ad format can be accepted. PDF preferred. There is an additional charge of $25 to typeset a business card ad or 1/4 page ad layout, $60 for a 1/2 page or full page lay-out. Opportunities also exist for Development advertising on Call 913-815-0111 for more information. Email ad copy to Mail payment to MAREI, PO Box 8685, Prairie Vil- lage, KS 66208 or request an online payment for to use credit or debit card.Page 2
  3. 3. MAREI StaffKim Tucker 816-523-4400 Don Tucker 816-523-4400 Steve BurnsDirector President Audio cashflowtreasures@gmail.comJohn Welchert Dan Goodwin 913-642-5218 Shelda GoodwinMeeting Ambassador Meeting Ambassador Meeting Ambassador816-522-0002 SheldaGoodwin@kw.comvolunteers: Be sure to thank our volunteers whohelp out at each and every meeting making sure the entiremeeting is a success. If you would like to volunteer fromtime to time to help set up, take down, or check in, or as-sist for a few hours in the business office, please or call 913-815-0111. Scott TuckerNeed: Blog Articles, Newsletter Articles, Workshops for Meeting Ambassador STucker319@gmail.comMembers, Guest Speakers, Office Assistance, Web Mas-ter . . . If this might be you, let us know! Investment News Page 3
  4. 4. m ar ei BUSINESS MEMBERS ADDRESSING THE NEEDS OFType Company Web Phone ContactInsurance APIA 877-752-2742 Lisa GoodnerLender Argentine Federal Savings 913-402-1500 Ann WilkinsonPartnering kcmoHomeBuyer 816-523-4400 Don TuckerProp Mgr Abraxas Prop Mgmt 816-474-8800 Meka CayceProp Mgr Jamieson Home Team 816-503-4671 Kevin JamiesonProp Mgr Premier Leasing 816-841-9500 Jeff WoodsRealtor Realty Resource 816-523-4400 Kim TuckerSecurity Devcon Security 913-907-4942 Marian CollinsStaging ShowHomesKC 770-853-3506 Amanda PalombaSupplier Canyon Stone 913-254-9301 Matt PuckettTitle Accurate Title Company 913-338-0100 Jackie White Real Estate Investors and Landlords depend on a well rounded team of professionals. If you are building your team or looking to make a trade, start your recruiting with our Vendor Members and Business Associates. See a complete list of suppliers and any discounts they may of- fer to MAREI members by visiting, 4
  5. 5. Contents MAREI News In This Issue The Fine Print 2 MAREI Meeting Staff 3 Business Members 4 Contents 5 Directors Notes 6 Speed Networking: How it Works 8 New Member Benefits 10 Benefits at a Glance 11 Marketing Property at MAREI 12 New Members & Guests 14 Calendar of Events 16 How to Post Classified Ad 18 Classifieds—Houses for sale 19 Join the Conversation ‫׀‬ Bonus at December Meeting FREE copy of the December Issue of KansasCityRealEstateInvesting Personal Real Estate Investor Maga- zine. To Subscribe at a Discount, please go to groups/kcrei/ preiMagazine, MAREI members save $5 more in the member area of the!/mareinet website.Investment News Page 5
  6. 6. Director’s Notes I want to take this space to thank each and I have also seen quite a few other eco- everyone of you for your support of MAREI nomic indicators here in our metro that over the past few years. We launched in things are improving. The biggest indica- January 2004 and have had a very success- tor so far is that we are seeing an in- ful 6 years. crease in old members coming back as they are getting back into real estate in- The past 3 years have been very rocky for vesting after taking a few years off and MAREI and all the members with all of the we are seeing new investors coming into problems in the housing industry and the the market and to meetings. The next big economy. indicator that I take notice of is the Kan- I personally feel that we are on the road to sas City Star. You may have watched this recovery over all and urge each and every- get smaller and smaller from 2008 to one of you to take advantage, to the best of 2010. Over the past 6 months I have no- your abilities of the record low housing ticed that it has been getting a bit bigger prices, the record low interest rates, and every month. Just this week they added a the incredible opportunities that we have in brand new section. That means they have real estate today and probably for a few more advertising coming in to support more years into the future. more pages and sections. What I have seen over the past year is that So here is to a very bright outlook on while housing prices are low, that here in 2012. We encourage you to get involved Kansas City first time home buyer houses, and to take educated steps to start or the bread and butter of most investors have grow your real estate investing business. fairly well held their own as far as price Also remember that there are many dif- goes. There are areas of our metro that ferent ways to invest in real estate both saw HUGE price drops including the very active and passive and we hope to help low end and the very high end, but those you find your way. median priced, first time home buyer See you at the December Meeting! houses have not seen much price drop and are still selling. Kim TuckerPage 6
  7. 7. Wireless Security Systems Keypad, 3 doors, 1 motion, 1 primary & 1 door siren On Demand Training One time Charge of $99 plus tax 30 Minute Segments Includes installation Requires 36 month contract. Top Investor Trainers Monthly Monitoring Fee $39.99 From the Comfort of Sell house transfer to new owner Your own Internet Connection or move to new house $39.00 Training Courses REO & Lease Option Marian Collins: 913-907-4942 Creative Financing Gary Hartman: 913-991-1612 Automated Investments Auctions & Foreclosures Short Sales Government Grant Money accurate Accurate Closings: Smooth, Timely, Professional.Title Services Provided for: FSBO, Wholesale, & REO Transactions Management Solutions New Construction Closings to help your properties Commercial Purchases and Refinance All Types of Loan Closings Operate Smoothly 1031 Exchanges Increase Desirability FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional Loans, and Hard Money Loan Closings Enhance Investment Value Refinance & Reverse Mortgages Attract & Retain Tenants Doc Prep, Prelim HUDS, Curing Issues Short Sale Closing & Assistance Find us Online 100 Years of Combined Service! 913-338-0100 phone 816-474-8800 Investment News Page 7
  8. 8. Speed Networking How it works So what is speed networking and how does it work? ness contacts, generally with a bell. Primarily, the practice involves multiple people that gather in a sin- Let’s start with the concept of networking in General: gle space in order to exchange information. Partici- According to Wikipedia: Business networking is pants greet each other in a series of brief exchanges a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like- during a set period of time. During an interaction, minded business people recognize, create, or act upon attendees share their professional backgrounds and business opportunities. A business network is a type of business goals. Networkers are generally seeking social network whose reason for existing is business exposure to new markets and/or to expand their pool activity. There are several prominent business net- of vendors.” working organizations that create models of network- If we go to MAREI we will find that our speed net- ing activity that, when followed, allow the business per- working consists of all attendees at our meeting tak- son to build new business relationships and generate ing their seats in a set pattern that pairs them up 1 business opportunities at the same time. on 1 and face to face. Each participant then re- Many businesspeople contend business networking is ceives 90 seconds to give their elevator pitch. There a more cost-effective method of generating new busi- is a timer and a bell to facilitate staying on time. Af- ness than advertising or public relations efforts. This is ter each person has exchanged their pitch, the bell because business networking is a low-cost activity that rings and partners are switched. involves more personal commitment than company Because the event is timed and everyone wants to money. meet as many people as possible, it is very impor- So for example Mid-America Association of Real Es- tant that the participants know exactly what they tate Investors (MAREI) is a business networking or- want to say. They want to have their pitch ready to ganization that holds meetings, partly for the purpose go and ideally a flyer, brochure or business card to of allowing our members and guests to get to know share. each other and potentially conduct business with each So what is an elevator pitch? From Wikipedia we other. find that an elevator pitch is a short summary used If we go back to Wikipedia we find that Speed Net- to quickly and simply define a product, service, or working is a method of meeting to accelerate busi- organization and its value proposition. The name Don’t miss this event! Monthly MeetingDecember Monthly Meeting: Agenda Tuesday December 13th,  6:00 check in 2011, 6pm to 9pm  6:00 vendor hall Career Education Systems,  7:00 announcements FREE for members, Guests  7:15 speed networking $25 at the door, $15 if you pre- registerPage 8
  9. 9. “elevator pitch” reflects the idea that they should bring their fund- What should you bring with should be possible to deliver the ing and partner with you on This is also very important.summary in the time span of an ele- a deal.vator ride, or approximately thirty  Cheat notes on your pitch.  You may also be partnered No one says you can’t justseconds to two minute. with a vendor that does not read it till you are practiced.So some tips to consider when writ- invest, there you may wanting your pitch AND PRACTICING IT: to talk about how you could  Business Cards, Flyers or Brochures, enough for about refer each other business.  You only have 90 seconds. 40 exchanges. But what if you are brand new to  What is your goal, what do  A note pad and pen for investing or not really in the real es- you want out of this ex- when your partner is not as tate field? Attending our networking change. is still very beneficial because it can organized as you are so you can write down their contact  What do you have to offer introduce you to a whole new group of people that could help you get information and a few notes and why do they need you. started in real estate or be potential on them.Now back to speed networking atMAREI. You may want to consider new clients for whatever it is that  Bottle of water as you will you do outside of real estate. get thirsty.coming up with 3 different pitches tocoordinate with the person you will “I am too shy. I just want to watch.” Lastly, the most important part of thehave an exchange with. Some ex- We also see this at every event. speed networking event is the followamples: Usually a husband and wife attend up with all the contacts to learn a bit and one of the two just wants to sit more. Visit their website, connect  Say the person you are behind the other and watch. We with them on social media, request paired with is a brand new highly discourage just watching. We more information or respond with investor you may want to have found that every single time more information that they may have have a pitch about how you this happens, after about 10 minutes requested. help new investors with the watching partner wants in on the mentoring. action. So no matter how shy or There is a lot to know about net- working, speed networking, and ele-  You might be paired with a scared you are, take a leap and go vator pitches. We can’t get it all into person who has funding and on your own. It’s only a conversa- tion after all and you will have fun. this little article. So we have com- is looking for deals, you piled links to a lot of very valuable might have a pitch on whyYour Pitch Dress Rehearsal Write down what you do in several ways.  Practice on friends and family Write a short story about what you do for people.  Practice on fellow attendees at MAREI Write down your objective or goal. Write out 10 action statements or pitches This speed networking event is the perfect place to actually go live and practice your pitch. That way Read them out loud and record them when you are in a situation out in the general public Take a Break at a bar, sporting event, flying, or in an elevator, you are ready with your well crafted and practiced pitch. .Listen to your pitches, pick the good ones Rework as needed. More info: Record your new pitches. Do final edit Investment News Page 9
  10. 10. Brand New Member Benefits for YOU! We are always looking for new ways to bring our members more savings. As you can see from the Community Buy- next page we have a lot of awesome money saving ing Group may turn benefits for our members on things that real estate out to be your favor- professionals use every day. ite new member benefit. Why? Because it brings We have 5 new benefits we are bringing to you this you some great new discounts with companies that month . . . . MAREI has been trying for several years to get for you. All members of MAREI receive a complimentary membership at Community Buying Group. Just visit Roto Rooter offering plumbing the member library for our discount code. and drain services across the metro and nationwide is now offering all of our members at Once you create your membership with CBG, you 10% discount on all services. Please print your dis- can then start saving with: count card from the MAREI member library. Lowes Home Improvement Stores where Rent Fast Community is a you can save in several ways including up to local website solution for a 7% discount. the Landlord or Selling In- vestor who wants an easy to use web presence. MAREI members can receive either a free trial or a Sears Commercial where you can save on 15% discount. Discount codes found in the MAREI appliances and tools from Sears and pur- member library. chase Sears Gift cards at a 5% discount, FORMS & DOCS We have added a several Plus several other products and services that new forms, documents and contracts to the MAREI real estate investors and landlords use every member library. We have also partnered with EZ day. Landlord Forms to bring you 100’s of their free forms and documents as well as a 15% discount for our members on their premium forms. Discount link in the MAREI is always looking for new benefits MAREI member library. for our members. Do you know of a fa- vorite vendor who may be willing to offer Learn Others Inside Secrets or LOIS—this is so new, it’s not even on our website yet. This is an on a discount program to our members. demand webinar service where you can get some Please have them contact MAREI at 913- generalized knowledge on real estate investing topics. 815-0111 or Please watch the blog for more information as goes active.Page 10
  11. 11. MAREI’S MEMBER BENEFITS PROGRAM YOUR MEMBER BENEFITS AT-A-GLANCE USE THIS PAGE AS A GUIDE TO VALUE ADDED DISCOUNTS TOOLS AND SAVINGS CREATED JUST FOR YOU ON GOODS AND SERVICES YOU USE EVERY DAY.Landlord Services Suppliers Marketing Affordable Landlord Websites with aScreening for tenants & workers with 15% discount or free trial for members. 20% discount for members. Learn how to save money at Home De- pot and register for a 2% Rebate for all purchases & rentals across the US. Websites for investors, landlords, and Electronic collection for bounced other services. FREE trial. rent checks. No charge to you. FORMS & DOCS All members receive a discount card Service ProviderMember Library is packed with forms to access our exclusive discounts upand docs, plus 15 % discount at EZ to 40% off all paint, supplies, andLandlord Forms for premium forms. flooring—nationwide. Discount card for all members providing a 10% discount on all services.Market your rentals on the nations topranked rental site. Member discount Members have access to many great is 20% off Regular Prices. tools and savings including discounts Information is current as of 12/7/2011. Please of up to 7% - nationwide. check website for updates and other money sav- ing programs for MAREI members.Office Solutions Discounts of products through SearsSave on select FedEx Office copy and print services up to 20% and on Commercial plus 5% off Gift Cards. VISIT FedEx Shipping up to 22%. Membership MAREINET.COM/DISCOUNTS TO LEARN MORE ABOUTReceive discounts up to 65% on over MAREI MEMBER BENEFITS 12,000 products you use the most online and in store. FREE membership in Community Buy- ing Group for all MAREI members to bring you even more great discounts. Investment News Page 11
  12. 12. Marketing Property at MAREI For the past few weeks we have been promoting mar- Next, think about search engines, you are writing an keting your investment property at MAREI through our ad for the internet. So if you were a potential buyer various tools. We will direct you to the website at of your property, what kind of words would you to browse through the blog to search for on the internet? Make sure those words read the various articles. are in your posting. But one feature you will notice in our weekly email If you are a Realtor and listing a house for someone updates and in this newsletter is that we publish the else, you are required to include your company, so properties that members post in our classifieds. The when you list your name, include your company. You question was asked this morning about how to make may also want to include your brokerage phone num- that ad in the classifieds more effective. ber as the 2nd number on your advertisement. If you are marketing an unlisted property you own, be sure So first lets cover what you should be advertising to include “owner agent.” through the classifieds. While we love your renovated houses that would appeal to a first time home buyer, Now lets talk about those of you marketing properties advertising those through the MAREI classifieds is not you do not own yet. Please make sure that you have the most effective use of your time. Remember these a valid purchase or option contract in place that will are advertisements directed toward real estate inves- allow you to market a property. No fishing for buyers tors. So if you have a fixer upper, a turn key rental, a before you write a contract. multi family, then advertising them on the MAREI clas- sified would be very helpful to you. But if the property We know that many of you have partnered up, so you are marketing would be a property that only an that investor A is marketing properties that investor B owner occupant buyer is going to consider, you may has for sale. That’s great too, but please be sure that want to market it on other sites. A knows all about it. Don’t confuse the issue by hav- ing 3 different people and companies marketing the So next, when you put together you ad, consider what same property to the same group of people. the investor is going to want to know about the prop- erty and make sure this information is in your adver- Last, let’s turn to making your advertisement effective tisement: as a marketing tool. You can make it pretty and for- matted by using HTML code. One easy way to get  Address is very important, include city & state HTML code is to create a page on your website, then copy the code and paste into the classified page.  Price, what are you asking for it. Don’t have a webpage—then take look at Word- Press.  Basic Details, bed, bath, etc. Now if you do have a website and you do have other  Does the house have equity, why is a good deal houses for sale or you should be sure to mention somewhere that you have a website and that they  Is it a fixer, what does it need should go there for a free report or to get on your email list for future properties. This will drive much  Is the house a rental, what does it rent for needed traffic to your website. Be sure to look at other peoples ads, you will see a  How to get in touch with you, at a minimum have few that are better than others. Use those to get your phone number in your advertisement. some ideas of your own.Page 12
  13. 13. Asset Protection Insurance Agency Property Management 877-752-2742 Section 8 Housing KC Metro Wide Jeff Woods Broker 816-849500 Real Estate Owned / Forced Placement For Investors & Finance Institutions Sell Vacant Houses Faster “Flexible rehab options and for more money! and purchase financing How? We transform vacant houses - often for qualified investors! seen by buyers as stale, lifeless, unappealing - Ann Wilkinson into fully-furnished, inviting, valued Show- Vice President homes. Now in our third decade of service to Mortgage Loan Production Homeowners and their Realtors, weve become 12501 Antioch Rd Americas premier home staging service coast- Overland Park, KS 66213 to-coast. Ph: (913) 402-1500 Fax: (913) 402-0673 Our professional home staging services can add thousands of dollars to your sale price -- and at the same time reduce the stress and expense of mar- keting your property. Amanda Palomba 913-227-4364Investment News Page 13
  14. 14. New Members Guests  David Alexander: Kansas City, Mo Tish Arnold  John McCarty: Lee’s Summit, Mo Chase Bart  Patti Savoy: Kansas City, Mo Eddie Tapper  Rick Scheurer: Overland Park, KS Monique Wade Dan Whitney Returning Members  John Bennetts: Kansas City, Mo  Joe Martin: Kansas City, MO  Larry Myer: Kansas City, MO  Michael Stilfield: Levasy, MOPage 14
  15. 15. More Information . . . HOUSES WANTED More Confidence  Built After 1950 Minimum 3 Bed, 1.5 Bath Eastern Jackson County MO or Johnson County KS Retail Value $100k-$200k More Profits No Rental Tenant ScreeningLocal Cash Buyer Looking for 2 to 4 Houses a month Pre Employment Screeningto purchase, rehab and sell. Money Partners want Contractor Screeningtheir money placed quickly so they can turn theirmoney fast and make a profit. Can’t do that with Collection Servicesout houses! Bring us a deal! Discounts for MAREI Members Email: www.AAAScreening.comSubmit Online: 816-436-0085“Presentation is Everything!” Property Management Rental Services Kansas City Metro 550 E. 56 Highway, Suite B Olathe, KS, 66061 Phone: (913) 254-9300 Kevin Jamieson Fax: (913) 254-9301 816-503-4671 info@canyon-stone.comInvestment News Page 14
  16. 16. Dec 3rd Networking Independence / Blue Springs: Panera Bread 40 Hwy & 291 4pm to 6pm: Debra Felderhoff Dec 4th Networking Lee’s Summit: Panera Bread on Chipman Road in Lees Summit: Debra FelderhoffCALENDAR Details, Times, Locations, Cost & Registration at Dec 7th Dec 10th Networking Networking Weekly Wednesdays: 103rd & State Line 9 am to 11 am : Michelle Winberry Independence / Blue Springs: Panera Bread 40 Hwy & 291 4pm to 6pm: Debra Felderhoff Dec 11th Networking Lee’s Summit: Panera Bread on Chipman Road in Lees Summit: Debra Felderhoff Dec 12th Deadline Deadline to Reserve a Vendor Table for Tuesday Meeting by Noon Dec 13th Monthly Monthly Meeting: Career Education Systems Meeting South East side of Ward Parkway 6pm-9pm Dec 14th Networking Commercial Sub Group: 103rd 7 State Line 5:30 to 7:30 : Larry Prato / Spencer Cullor Dec 17th Networking Independence / Blue Springs: Panera Bread 40 Hwy & 291 4pm to 6pm: Debra Felderhoff Dec 18th Networking Lee’s Summit: Panera Bread on Chipman Road in Lees Summit: Debra Felderhoff Dec 20th Meeting Unofficial MAREI Board Meeting and Plan- ning session for 2012 Dec 20th Training Credit Scores - 1-4pm, Credit PHP , 3 Hr Realtor CE Dec 20th Training Short Sales & Foreclosures, 1 Credit PHP, 3 Hr Realtor CE Dec 22nd— Holiday MAREI offices closed / no networking events Jan 2nd planned.Page 16
  17. 17. Wishing you the Happiest of Holiday Seasons. We look forward to seeing you Next Year! OU ! THANK Y Many thanks to our Vol- unteers who sponsor a Networking. If you need more network- ing and interaction, please check out the Net-Larry Prato Spencer Cullor working Group on the Calendar. First Network-Commercial Subgroup Commercial Subgroup ing event is free and does not require member- ship. After that if you want to continue as a part of the subgroup, we request that you become a member of MAREI to gain more knowledge and access all the tools and benefits of membership. Want to start a new networking group, contactDebra Felderhoff Michelle Winberry us at, LS, Indep Subgroup Weekly Wednesdays Investment News Page 17
  18. 18. Classifieds The Mechanics Part 1 See part 2 next month Above is the top of the Classified Section. We do have some weird things as categories as our website provider is for all kinds of membership associations and clubs. We will primarily be utilizing only the Real Estate Button.  If you click on the Real Estate Button, you will see all the classifieds that are posted.  To post a classified, you would click on the Post Classifieds Button  To see all classifieds that you have already posted. So say for example you posted something and want to change a price or renew an expired classified, you would find them here so you can go in and edit. Note in the top right of many of the screens you see a Member Credit’s balance. These are credit you earn for bringing in a new member or offering volunteer service at MAREI.Page 18
  19. 19. CLASSIFIEDS See more details on each property in the Classifieds at As Address City Price Bed/Bath Contact PhoneMove In 9236 Wyandotte Kansas City, MO $65,700 Jamison Home Team 913-384-8331Fixer 18916 Arrowhead Independence, $37,500 4 bed Jamieson Home Team 913-384-8331 Dr MOFixer 3235 Lockridge St Kansas City, MO $14,700 Jamieson Home Team 913-384-8331Fixer 7508 High Grove Rd Grandview, MO $57,700 Jamieson Home Team 913-384-8331Fixer 9214 Manchester Kansas City, MO $37,700 3/1 Jamieson Home Team 913-384-8331Rental Fixer 3601 E 60th St Kansas City, MO $25,000 3 / 1.5 Christoph Becker 816-419-1165Rental / Fixer 7328 Highland Kansas City, Mo $25,000 6/ 1.5 Maggie SheehanRental South KC, MO $75,000 Ritchie Swadley 816-268-3915Move In 4509 NW Walling- Blue Springs, MO $117,500 Ritchie Swadley 816-268-3915Fixer 11204 E 10th ST Independence, 2 bed Ritchie Swadley 816-268-3915Rental 311 N Huttig Independence, $25,000 3/1 Ritchie Swadley 816-268-3915Rental 527 Blue Ridge Blvd $20,000 Ritchie Swadley 816-268-3915Rental/ 4 plex 1748 Bristol Kansas City, MO $25,000 2 beds Charles Burks 816-220-8800Lease Op- Raytown, MO 3 bed Jason George 816-365-3032Rental Fixer 3808 E 25th St Kansas City, MO $8,500 3 bed Christoph Becker 816-419-1165Fixer Grandview MO 3/3 Michael Bryant 816-226-7299 Investment News Page 19
  20. 20. Grow Your Network . .Our market is always changing. A great way to increase your opportunitiesand your business is through networking. Increasing your opportunities tomeet new people will help you grow your circle of influence that will bring younew buyers or sellers for your product or service as well as people who will re-fer you business.Take the time to network at our monthly meetings, on our social media pages,and at other events on our calendar. Get the advantage you have been seeking. Visit to learn more.  Click on Blog & Review Networking tips Posted  Click Links to jump to our Social Media Pages  Click on Calendar of Events to find live events  Attend our 3rd Annual Business to Business, Real Estate Speed Networking event on December 13th