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Marei northland meeting for march


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Published in: Real Estate
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Marei northland meeting for march

  1. 1. MAREI Northland Meeting for March Heading: MAREI Announces “Their Kansas City North Real Estate Investor Meeting for March Sub Heading: This month the Kansas City North Real Estate Professionals will be discussing Real Estate Contracts Summary: Kansas City, February 25th, 2013: Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is holding their March Northland Meeting on Thursday March 7th offering Networking & Education & Vendors. Topic of the night is the Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate Contracts with David Nachman. Content: Real Estate Contracts Real Estate Contracts are the most used and the least understood real estate tool for the real estate professional. Beginner or Seasoned Expert, there is no excuse for not knowing and understanding the basics of Contract Law. Real Estate Contracts across the country are based on common law principles from 100′ s of years ago. As these are the most used tool in the Real Estate Investor Tool Box is essential that you understand the basics of contract law: Offer, Counter Offer and Acceptance. Standardized contracts are written up for the local real estate agents based on customs in that area as well as issues that have come up. The more issues that arise, the longer the standardized contract. Long or short, the basics are the same, the contract starts as a written offer that is accepted and signed by the other party and the contract is not binding until all parties accept the offer and/or the counter offers. Some of the Topics to be Discussed at Thursday’s Meeting What it takes to be a legal and binding contract Who is bound by the contract What needs to be in the real estate contract The Assignability of a Contract Earnest Money, is it required Earnest Money, how can you keep it Does it need to be notarized What happens if it does not close Your contracts can vary from a simple one page document to a document that is 30 to 40 pages as the local Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors contracts have reached in 2013. If you are buying a bank owned property you can tack on another 10 to 20 pages and if you are working on a commercial transaction that has the contract drafted by a local attorney, you could reach a document in the 100′ s of pages. Large or small, the basic essentials of the contract will be all the same. Local Attorney David
  2. 2. Nachman will be outlining these basics at the Northland MAREI Meeting on Thursday March 7th at theNorth Kansas City Community Center.This meeting is to be held, Thursday March 7th at the North Kansas City Community Center. LocalAttorney and Long Time MAREI member David Nachman will be leading this very importantpresentation on Contract Law.Where is this meeting to be held?We are meeting at “The Center”, the North Kansas City Community Center, located at 1999 Iron Street,North Kansas city, MO 64116. The North Kansas City Community Center is conveniently located in thedowntown area of North Kansas City. Take I-35 / Missouri 71 Highway to the Armour Road West exit. Gowest on Armour Road to Iron Street. Turn south on Iron Street. The Community Center is located onyour left. Parking is on the south side of the Center.Who should attend?Anyone and everyone who has an interest in Real Estate or Real Estate Investing or who offers productsand services for the real estate investor.What does this cost?MAREI members who are Standard Investor Members or Business Members attend this event at nocharge. Internet Members, that did not pay for meetings have the same charge as non-members. Non-Member Price is $25 at the door per person or $15 per person if you Pre-Register.Note that Members may invite a first time attendee to one of our meetings as a guest at no charge. Youcan create your own guest coupon, email or text to invite your guest or have them attend with you.To pre-Register: Go to more InfoFor more information and to register for the event, please visit or give us a call at913-815-0111 or email us at