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January 2013 workshops


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Real Estate Investor Training in Kansas City in January, Wholesaling 101 and 102.

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January 2013 workshops

  1. 1. January Workshops Wholesaling Real Estate is the real estate niche whereby investorsmarket to find motivated sellers and negotiate a purchase price and at the same time match that house up with an endbuyer. In most cases, no money is needed to complete the transaction on the wholesale investors part or transactionalfunding can be used.For new investors just getting started wholesaling is a technique that will serve you well in all the other niche as it in-volves mastering the art of finding really good deals that you can wholesale to other investors (or cherry pick the bestand wholesale the rest) . This Saturday features 2 workshops: Wholesaling 101: Wholesaling 102: Getting Started Marketing for Motivated Sellers 1. What is a Wholesale Deal? 1. What is a Motivated Seller 2. What are the best houses? 2. Where do you Find Motivated Sellers 3. How much to pay? 3. Marketing For Motivated Sellers 4. How do you get paid? 4. Websites 5. What happens at closing 5. Direct Mail Marketing 6. Who Should be on your Buyers List 6. Craigslist Advertising Each qualifies for 2 Hours of PHP Credit (Purchasing for 101 and Marketing for 102) Each Cost $30 for MAREI members / $45 for Non-MembersRegistration Information for Saturday Workshop1 Workshop Member $30  Both Member $55 1 Workshop Non-Member $55 Both Non-Members $85________________________________________ ____________________________________Attendee 1 Email________________________________________ ______________________________________Address City State Zip________________________________________ ______________________________________ Scan & Email to Phone Fax: 1-201-574-2969 (email first) Fax Call 913-815-0111 Online