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Flyer about workshops1

  1. 1. The Note Business with Eddie Speed 1 Day TrainingAll of us would agree that one of the keys to success during any crisisis to identify the opportunities that the crisis has created. The real estateand lending crisis has created enormous opportunities in two areas:Alternative Financing and Non-performing notes.While short sales and foreclosure opportunities have stagnated, sellerfinancing has increased 40%. Non-performing notes are now being soldat a faster rate than REO properties and short sales.Creating, brokering and buying seller financed has been and will continueto be a solid income and cash flow producer for investors of all levels. Todayhowever, more and more of our students are discovering how effective andprofitable it is to resell their investment properties using seller financing.Non-Performing Notes are in the process of becoming the alternative to shortsales and REO property. In fact, the worlds largest mortgage insurer, FHA, and HUDjust announced that they also plan on selling more notes than properties!Once a real estate investor understands the dynamics of buying non-performing notes as compared to shortsales and REO’s, they are immediately attracted to it. When they realize that they can buy these notes for pen-nies on the dollar, this becomes a no-brainer. We even show our students how to work with the “anxious mon-ey/cash buyers” market. According to the latest statistics cash buyers spent $52 Billion dollars in May alone!Presented by Eddie Speed a 30 year note veteran and his NoteSchool Team. NoteSchool is the culmination ofour founder, Eddie Speed’s, more than 30 years of unsurpassed experience, knowledge and insights. His visionhas resulted in a multifaceted approach to learning both branches of the Note Industry: Seller Financing and Non-Performing Notes. Follow Up Bootcamp Eddie and His Training Team are returning to St Louis for a 3 Day Learn the Note Bootcamp May 31st thru Jun 2nd to teach Big Money from Bad Debt. This is a 3 Day training on buying and profiting from Non- Performing 1st and 2nd Mortgages. Join Industry Experts, FellowBootcamp Students and Mentor Students sharing knowledge, net-working, and learning together. This is the same event that Eddie’s REGISTER NOW Mentor Students Attend several times a year. You will learn the business not only from the Experts at the front of the room, but from Experts in the Audience, Experts you Network with at Lunchand Dinner, and you will have a whole knew outlook on investing. Saturday April 27th : St Louis, Missouri For more info about this bootcamp, please email or call 913-815-0111.