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Navigating Qualitative Research: New & Different Ideas


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There are new ways to capture qualitative data. The rules and guidelines for conducting research continue to evolve. Innovative tools are emerging to provide unique consumer insights, which give decision makers a more accurate and predictive view of their market share. The latest tools and methodologies include: Video Self Ethnography, Bulletin Boards, Web Camera Interviewing, Online Focus Groups, Online Research Communities and Online Diaries/Blogs.

Qualitative industry leaders, Clay Dethloff and Brian Barnes, will discuss the broad implications of the latest trends in qualitative research and answer your questions concerning the newest techniques.

In addition, they will demonstrate best practices of the newest methodologies; feature insights obtained; and discuss realistic applications. This webinar is especially relevant and beneficial for those interested in getting up-to-date with the most recent developments relating to qualitative research.

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Navigating Qualitative Research: New & Different Ideas

  1. 1. Navigating Qualitative Research:New & Different Ideas Presented by M/A/R/C® Research August 31, 2011 #NewInsight@SmartResearch
  2. 2. Presenters Scott Waller Vice President Brian Barnes Executive Moderator Clay Dethloff Senior Vice President Qualitative
  3. 3. About M/A/R/C 46 years of research service and innovation Industry experience includes: • CPG • Dining • Pharmaceuticals & • Hospitality Healthcare • Retail • Telecommunications & • Banking & Finance Technology Omnicom Group
  4. 4. ObjectivesToday we will discuss… the practical applications of insights obtained using multiple methodologies; the latest approaches being implemented by researchers; the range of methodologies that can be used in combination with each other; and the differentiating benefits of each technique.
  5. 5. Agenda Poll Question FAQs • Can I get a copy of today’s presentation? • Is today’s webinar being recorded? • What can I win if I tweet #NewInsight @SmartResearch ? Overview Case Studies: • Casual Dining Chain • New Concept Challenge • CPG Shopper Insight Q&A
  6. 6. Range of Qualitative Methods Product Innovation Diaries Branding & Ethnography Creative Ideation Strategy Shop Alongs Focus IDIs Research Groups Framework Online Focus Bulletin Communication Groups Boards TeleDepths Shopper Insights
  7. 7. Why Combine Multiple Methods? Social Media Qual Quant Monitoring Qual Qualitative is used to explore and Qualitative goes “hand-in-hand” assess with social media monitoring ● Help in survey development ● Guide and inform social media ● Aid in survey refinement monitoring efforts ● Deeper understanding of trends and information Quant Qual Qual Qual Qualitative is used to understand Develop a fuller, more robust and comprehend picture ● Understand the “why” behind the ● Understand multiple aspects of “what” an issue ● Develop stories for added ● Understand multiple issues insights 7
  8. 8. Casual DiningChainNew ConceptChallengeCPG ShopperInsight Case Study: Casual Dining Chain
  9. 9. Research Issue & Objectives How do you continue to grow a “homegrown” business and expand nationally? Research objectives:  Identify opportunities for growth  Understand brand perceptions  Understand the in-store experience  Identify “pain points”  Consider the impact of the design and décor
  10. 10. Research Solution Challenge: Illuminate the customer experience on two widely divergent levels from micro to macro. Observed behavior Geographic reach Reality-based In-depth responses In-Store Natural context Bulletin Ability to probe Interviews Boards Granular, actionable Time for “assignments” Respondent-driven Convenient
  11. 11. Key Research Outcomes The in-store component helped the client see the customer experience with fresh eyes. The bulletin board component allowed them to quickly and efficiently obtain a comprehensive “read” from widely dispersed respondents.
  12. 12. Why do Mix-Methodologies Work? Every method has inherent strengths and weaknesses. When objectives are more than one method can optimally support, think “Multi-Method.” Some factors to consider:  Multiple objectives ● Macro / Micro understanding ● Pre-store / in-store decision making  Multiple targets (sample)  What techniques are needed  Multiple touch points with respondent vs. multiple respondents
  13. 13. Casual DiningChainNew ConceptChallengeCPG ShopperInsight Case Study: New Concept Challenge
  14. 14. Research Issue & Objectives So everybody’s “favorite” concept didn’t test so well… Now what? Research objectives:  Uncover the key drivers of low purchase intent scores  Understand the quantitative findings at a more actionable level  Identify areas of improvement  Illuminate opportunities to re- purpose aspects of the concept
  15. 15. Research Solution Challenge: Quickly understand issues with new concept in order to identify more viable go-forward strategy and specific next steps Post-quant Online Bulletin Boards Using the same respondent pool
  16. 16. Casual DiningChainNew ConceptChallengeCPG ShopperInsight Case Study: CPG Shopper Insight
  17. 17. Research Issue & Objectives How can you identify and understand the relationships your customers have with the places they purchase your product? Research objectives:  Understand strengths and weaknesses of the different channels  Understand “place” the category has within the channel  Understand impact and appeal of category promotions
  18. 18. Research Solution Challenge: Understand the general “lay of the land” for each of the channels Traditional Online Online Focus Groups Bulletin Boards Focus Groups (2 per channel) (1 per channel) (1 per channel)
  19. 19. Key Research Outcomes Channel shoppers identified Deeper insight into shopping behaviors Observed shopper reaction to promotions
  20. 20. Other Creative Approaches In-person one-on-one interviews + in-home “self- ethnography” In-person focus groups + online focus groups Dyads + online bulletin boards with unique stakeholders
  21. 21. Benefits of Multi-MethodologyApproaches Every Multi-method Imagination and methodology has research provides creativity set the unique strengths in-depth limits of what is and weaknesses understanding possible
  22. 22. Scott Waller Vice President 1660 North Westridge Circle Irving, TX 75038-2424M/A/R/C® ResearchStrong brands start with tel: 972-983-0412 fax:972-983-0444 strong research Clay Dethloff Brian Barnes Senior Vice President Executive Moderator 1660 North Westridge Circle 202 CentrePort Dr. Suite 450 Irving, TX 75038-2424 Greensboro, NC 27409M/A/R/C® Research M/A/R/C® ResearchStrong brands start with tel: 972-983-0490 fax:972-983-0444 Strong brands start with tel: 336-681-1025 fax: 336-664-6705 strong research strong research