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ADF ANDALUCÍA - Englishdossier


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ADF ANDALUCÍA - Englishdossier

  2. 2. COMMERCIAL DELEGATION OF ANDALUCIA Agency: www.marbellacomunicacion.comContents Pg. 2 • Index. • Definitive solution for the restoration of CENTRAL Pg. 3 HEATING and SANITARY WATER PIPES without works. • 12 reasons why our customers rely on our system. Pg. 4 • Frequent questions and answers. Pg. 5,6 • Corindon. Pg. 7 • Epoxi. Pg. 8 • Legionella. Pg. 9 • Telephone and address Ace Duraflo Andalucía. Pg. 606 33 58 65 / 615 31 79 45
  3. 3. COMMERCIAL DELEGATION OF ANDALUCIA Agency: Definitive solution to restore SANITARY WATER and HEATING pipes without making works The Process Since 1999, the ACE DuraFlo system, has avoided many people unnecessary costs together with the unpleasant experience of living with noise, destruction, chaos, and too often, with the temporary abandonment of the house. All due to the use of an ancient method of pipe repair. Step 1 Drying of water pipes using air. Small air hosts are connected to the pipes’ water supply. Once the system is isolated, it is dried with a filtration of dried air, preheated by one of the most silent compressors in the world. Step 2 Cleaning made by a mixture of air and corundum. Once the water pipes are dried and freed of any wetness, they are sanded inside with the purpose of exterminating any accumulation of corrosion or oxidation, avoiding in this way any kind of obstruction. After this a mixture of air and corundum are introduced inside the water pipes. This cleaning process prepares the inside of the water pipes for a correct attachment of our sanitary resin Epoxy. Step 3 Application of the Epoxy layer. The final process is to restore and cover the pipe system by applying our epoxy coating, providing a compact barrier inside the seamless pipe and permanently preventing the subsequent formation of rust, lime and Legionella also returns adequate water 606 33 58 65 / 615 31 79 45
  4. 4. COMMERCIAL DELEGATION OF ANDALUCIA Agency: 12 reasons why our customers rely on our system. Individuals and communities can benefit from a package of economic measures implemented by the Government for works or restorations to improve energy efficiency, hygiene, health and environmental protection (allowance of up to 10% of the tax base and VAT reduction from 18% to 8%) ACE DuraFlo system restores piping in half the time that any old traditional system, as it works on the inside of walls, floors and ceilings without breaking anything. The newly restored pipes will never corrode, sting or cover in tartar and will also be free of Legionella. In drinking water the system uses only ACE DuraFlo coating materials that are approved by the NSF and UPC-listed for safe use. Once restored, your system will never leach lead or copper contaminants. Your water stays pure, clean and safe to drink- CONCEPTOS SISTEMA TRADICIONAL SISTEMA ACE DURAFLO •Installation process •Slow •Fast •Protects against rust •DOESNT protect •YES, it protects against rust •Usage of water •Long period of water •Always usable •Destruction (walls, floors and shortage •Rare ocassions/ hardly ever ceilings) •Chaos •Clean •Hygiene (dust and dirt) •Dirty process •Very silent •Noise •Noisy •Long term ( 20 years •Efficiency (duration) •Temporal guarantee) •Interruption of family life •Disturbing •Minimum •Prevention of Legionella (Bacteria •Not always •Always that attack the respiratory •Not always •Always system) •EXPENSIVE •ECONÓMIC •Prevents the formation of lime •Health in progress and •NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and restores the water presure security risk approved Lists UPC EEC •Cost Certificate •Health 606 33 58 65 / 615 31 79 45
  5. 5. COMMERCIAL DELEGATION OF ANDALUCIA Agency: - Frequent questions and answers - Who are you and what do you do? Duraflo Ace holds the patent for Spain and Europe of a new working system connected to the plumbing sector. What product/service do you offer? Ther product is called Epipe and it consists in repairing water pipes (hot/cold water and central heating) without destroying walls, ceiling or floors. How can you restore a water pipe without needing works? First we isolate the pipe, then we dry it with a dry-air filtrate, later we clean it with a very hard mineral (Corundum) to eliminate any corrossion, lime or any other type of dirt. Finally, we impregnate it with a rosin (Epoxi) that works as insulation. In summary, we make a new water pipe out of an old one without needing any kind of works. What type of water pipes can you restore? The system is designed to restore mainly copper, steel, lead and iron pipes. Although it may be used with any kind of PVC pipes. What guarantees do you offer? It is totally safe since we dont use chemicals. The sanitary resin, Epoxy, that we use has the appropriate certiicates given by the Health Ministry, as well as having different certificates given by the EEC. We also offer a 10 year guarantee. Is it safe? How long have you been using this tecnique? Our system has been being used in the USA for more than 22 years obtaining excellent results. In Spain it has been used for the past 5 years with the same 606 33 58 65 / 615 31 79 45
  6. 6. COMMERCIAL DELEGATION OF ANDALUCIA Agency: What advantages do you have from your competitors? We do not have competitors as we are the only company to use this new system Epipe, whose technology we have patented. we offer the ultimate solution to the corrotion and rusting of water pipes as well as preventing the formation of lime and protect them from legionella. * Our work and deadlines do not affect the everyday life of our customers, as we dont need to do works; we dont destroy walls, floors, ceilings or generate debris, and thus avoid the replacement of tiles, parquet, marble, plaster, paint, etc. * Our system can isolate the process by floors, sections, rooms, etc. This allows us to have water always usable, with the advantage that this beholds for our customers. * We are silent, clean and fast. A standard house will be finished in 2 or 3 days. we need half the time used in ordinary plumbing and with an inferior cost. It must be expensive, how much would it cost? It is really cheap, half of waht traditional plumbing would take. Saying an exact amount is impossible because it depends on the type of pipe installation needed. As an example, a standard house consisting of two bathrooms and a kitchen, will cost around 3000€. Who are your main customers? We have restored succesfully water pipes in hotels, schools, hospitals, homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, villas, any building over 10 years old Some of our customers are the Work Ministry, Lopez Ibor hospital in Madrid and the Borrne Market in Barcelona. Financially, does it have any benefits? Yes, individuals and communities can benefit from a governmental package of economic help for works and restorations that benefit a better energetic efficiency, hygiene, health and environment protection (allowance of up to 10% of the tax base and reduction of the VAT from 18% to 8%) 606 33 58 65 / 615 31 79 45
  7. 7. COMMERCIAL DELEGATION OF ANDALUCIA Agency: Corundum Corundum is a group IV mineral according to Strunzs classification. It is made out of aluminium oxide (Al2O3). Characteristics It is considered the hardest mineral after diamond. (Hardness 9) It is found in nature in the form of crystals, typically in pegmatites, amphibolites, gneiss and marble, and less commonly in volcanic rocks. It comes in a variety of colors in response to the impurities that it has: clear, white, brown, purple, green, yellow, blue or red. Uses The red variety, known as rubi, and the blue variety as zaphire, are considered gemstones. It is also a highly effective abrasive agent, Sandblast systems for surface preparation of steel, which gives outstanding characteristics of malleability, and works of art etched on glass, creating bas-reliefs with ease even puncture and added to water, can cutting metals with ultra high pressure, or so-called water 606 33 58 65 / 615 31 79 45
  8. 8. COMMERCIAL DELEGATION OF ANDALUCIA Agency: Epoxy Epoxy resin or polyepoxide is a thermosetting polymer that hardens when mixed with a catalyst or hardener. The most common epoxy resins are produced by a reaction between epichlorohydrin and bisphenol-A. The first commercial production trials were held in 1927 in the U.S. The merit of the first synthesis of a resin based on bisphenol-a is shared by Dr. Pierre Castan of Switzerland and the U.S. Dr. S. O. Greenlee in 1936. The work was licensed by the Swiss chemical company Ciba-Geigy, also Swiss, which quickly became one of the three largest manufacturers of epoxy resins. Properties of epoxy resin • Wetting and adhesion are optimal. • Good electrical insulation. • Good mechanical strength. • Resistant to moisture. • Resist corrosive attack. • Resistant to high temperatures. • Excellent chemical resistance. • Little or no shrinkage. • Excellent adhesive properties. Uses Depending on the molecular weight epoxy resins can have many applications ranging from adhesives to coatings for cans and drums among others:  Paints and finishes.  Adhesive properties. Applications of epoxy in the construction industry. • Union blocks and mortar buildings, as well as between ants, mortars, seals, membranes, anchoring, painting and structural repair. • Composites. • Electrical and electronic systems. • Consumption and marine and aircraft structural parts • 606 33 58 65 / 615 31 79 45
  9. 9. COMMERCIAL DELEGATION OF ANDALUCIA Agency: La Legionella There can be sources of Legionella contamination of systems and facilities that are listed in RD865/2003 and closed circuit cooling and heating. Facilities and sanitary water tanks, both hot and cold, specially systems taht prepare centralized hot water. Appliances and equipment transfer of water masses in the air stream. Water treatment equipment. Closed circuit cooling (chiller), heating, and in general, all components of an air conditioning system. Some causes that promote the development of legionella. Physico-chemical causes Technical causes Temperature Stagnation Oxigen presence Construction materials Salt concentration Corrosion Help in the prevention of Legionella The binding of iron and copper pipes causes electrolysis multiplying corrosion and reducing the life of the pipe. By increasing the methods of corrosion prevention and control of Legionella are not effective. The chlorination and use of chemical corrosion the wearout of the internal pipe surface treated. Different sediments in drinking water create a layers inside the pipes. ACE DuraFlo system prevents Legionella We comply the Real Decreto 865/2003 of prevention of the Legiolenosis. Our Epoxy bears temperature increases of over 700 C. Our Epoxy bears chlorine,antioxidants, desinfectants, biocides, antifouling, and biodispersants with no migration at all Our system createss an inner pipe, using the old mold and unifying 606 33 58 65 / 615 31 79 45
  10. 10. COMMERCIAL DELEGATION OF ANDALUCIA Agency: +(34) 606 33 58 65 615 31 79 45adf@marbellacomunicació The permanent and secure solution 606 33 58 65 / 615 31 79 45