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Implementing a DAMS


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Power point for MARAC fall conference 2011 on digital asset management systems. Focused on the implementation of a DAMS at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Presentation by Matt Shoemaker, Director of Digital Collections and systems at HSP.

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Implementing a DAMS

  1. 1. Matt ShoemakerHistorical Society of Pennsylvania October 22, 2011
  2. 2.  Primary function: Manage your digital assets! It may or may not also provide: ◦ Access ◦ Distribution ◦ Discovery ◦ E-commerce ◦ Workflow management ◦ Digital Preservation Often these services are provided by other systems Commonly these systems are silos
  3. 3.  Legacy data Working with an open source system ◦ Work closely with developer for testing, implementation and troubleshooting  Smaller knowledgebase ◦ We get to be the guinea pig ◦ We get to help shape improvements  …but they may not be as specific as we would like ◦ Timetables can be an issue Integrating with other Systems VuFind, Archivists’ Toolkit, Drupal
  4. 4.  Matt Shoemaker ◦ HSP’s front end ◦ Collective Access ◦