MAPC sPARKing New Ideas Parking Symposium: Presentation by Lynn Duncan


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MAPC sPARKing New Ideas Parking Symposium: Presentation by Lynn Duncan

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  • I will touch on these 5 themes to give you an overview of Salem’s Comprehensive Parking Plan, which was approved by City Council in 2011 and implemented over the next several months. (confirm)
  • The need for a parking study was recommended in response to redevelopment options for a surface parking lot. The focus for us was to encourage economic development and continued revitalization of the downtown, which falls under the responsibilities of the Planning & Community Development Department.
  • People would complain that you could not find a place to park in Salem. This photo shows the deck of our parking garage in downtown.
  • As part of the comprehensive parking study, our consultant did utilization counts.For the publicly-available supply of almost 3,500 spaces , nearly 800 remain vacant at the busiest period representing a utilization rate of 78 percent.On- street – 1,393Off street - 1,933 (includes MBTA lot of 340 and city 123)
  • On street availability is key to the perception of available parking.Our pricing structure was structured to encourage people to try to park on the street, rather than in our municipal garages because these most valuable spaces were also the least expensive!It resulted in lack of availability on prime streets, inconveniencing visitors and residents, and left facilities like the Harbor garage underutilized.
  • Relative pricing means that high demand areas are priced more than low demand areas, andOn-street parking is priced more than off-street.Our on-street parking now ranges from .50/hour to $1.50.Cost to park in our garages was reduced. It is now $.25 for the least convenient garage and $.75 for the garage in the core of the downtown.
  • MAPC sPARKing New Ideas Parking Symposium: Presentation by Lynn Duncan

    1. 1. Salem Comprehensive Parking Plan Parking Summit, April 8, 2014 Lynn Duncan, AICP 1. Goal – Economic Development 2. Perception v. Reality 3. Break with Convention 4. Collaborative Approach 5. Replicable
    2. 2. Goal - Economic Development
    3. 3. Perception v. Reality
    4. 4. Parking Plan Goals  Develop a comprehensive approach  Balance needs of users Objective – One out of every 8 spaces open -15% vacancy/1 open space per block) Recommendations  Implement relative pricing  Extend time limits  Add low cost monthly option  Extend enforcement hours P M R
    5. 5. Proposed Relative Pricing Ruane Judicial Center NPS Visitor Center Post Office South Harbor Garage
    6. 6. Collaborative Approach Working Group members  Downtown business owners  Downtown residents  Parking Board members  Chamber  Main Streets  Destination Salem  Salem Partnership  Police Department  Parking Director  Department of Planning & Community Development Staff  Developer  SRA
    7. 7. Replicable