Mystic Valley Parkway Green Line Extension                               Community Visioning Process                      ...
Mystic Valley Parkway Green Line Extension                                          Community Visioning Process           ...
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Final GLX Community Visioning Meeting agenda


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11.2.11 meeting agenda for the Green Line Extension Community Visioning Process.

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Final GLX Community Visioning Meeting agenda

  1. 1. Mystic Valley Parkway Green Line Extension Community Visioning Process Wednesday, November 2, 2011 6:30 – 9:00 PM 85 George P. Hassett Drive Medford, MA MEETING AGENDAMeeting Objectives: Present the draft vision and recommendations to the public. Answer questions and record comments made during the meeting. Time Topic Who 6:30 Pre-Meeting MAPC, MOPC and MassDOT 7:00 Welcome & Introductory Remarks 7:10 Presentation of Recommendations Eric Halvorsen - MAPC 8:00 Q&A and Comment Period All 8:55 Meeting Evaluation and Next Steps Eric Halvorsen - MAPC 9:00 Adjourn
  2. 2. Mystic Valley Parkway Green Line Extension Community Visioning Process Proposed Ground RulesWe greatly appreciate your taking time to participate in this Community Visioning Process. We recognize thisissue is important to you and that many of you hold passionate and diverse views.In order to make this a positive and productive experience for you as citizens, our professional facilitators fromthe Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration have drafted the following ground rules/expectations to guideus through this process. Please feel free to suggest other ways for making meetings productive and successful.A. MassDOT has convened this visioning process in order to explore opportunities and challenges associatedwith the possible extension of the Green Line to Mystic Valley Parkway. They have engaged the services ofMAPC to conduct a study and to present the public with information related to the opportunities and challengesassociated with the possible extension. Please give them the courtesy of making their presentations withoutinterruption. There will be time at each meeting for the general public to provide feedback and comments.B. Suggested Ground Rules: 1. Listen as an ally with respect and without interruptions or personal attacks. 2. One person speaks at a time. Avoid dominating the discussion so that everyone has an opportunity to contribute. Try to defer to an existing conversation thread. 3. Express your own views and do not attempt to speak for others. 4. Share information and concerns to help inform MAPC recommendations and MassDOT decisions. Ask questions of others to understand what they are saying and why. 5. It is perfectly OK to disagree, but remember, this is a discussion...not a debate. It is more important to help MassDOT and MAPC understand different perspectives than persuade someone else to agree with you. 6. Raise your hand to signal the facilitator(s) you wish to be recognized. Facilitators will do their best to take note of order in which members asked to be recognized.C. Opportunities for Feedback: MAPC and MassDOT are genuinely interested in hearing your feedback. Youcan provide feedback in the following ways: 1. Once recognized by a facilitator, you may speak. Please keep your comments brief and to the point. 2. You may also write comments on index cards that will be available at every meeting. Index cards will be collected by the facilitators at the conclusion of each meeting and comments/feedback will be transcribed and forwarded to MAPC and MassDOT, and also posted electronically on the Green Line Extension website following the meeting. Please write legibly. 3. You can also provide comments via a dedicated email address Keeping Informed: In order to keep the public informed, MassDOT has a dedicated website for this process.It is Here, the public can view meeting agendas, presentations andsummaries as well as public comments and suggestions. You can also get information on MAPC’s website Your comments, suggestions and questions will be forwarded to MAPC/MassDOT and also promptly posted.