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Mscope brochure EN

  1. 1. mScope Low Cost, High Performance Automotive ScopeDescription mScope is system specially designed and tested as a cheap, reliable and easy to usetool for use primarily by automobile service professionals. It consists of PC program incombination with the appropriate hardware adapter. Essentially this is a 2channels digitalstorage USB oscilloscope. Using mScope is both fast and easy. Simply select the sensor or ignition circuit to betested and the software will automatically load the required settings and give you full detailsof how to connect the mScope, along with advice on what the waveform should look like andgeneral technical information on the component or system being tested. It is important to note, that an mScope is high efficiency of Automotive Motortester,also. The mScope is specially designed for automobile test and analysis of ignition systems.Ignition waveform test function can be used to test the primary and secondary waveforms ofgasoline engine and display them in single cylinder waveform and parade waveform. It can beused to test ignition systems with or without distributor, and obtain ignition peak voltage,spark voltage and spark duration (with distributor).
  2. 2. What is typical for this model?• Well-designed electronic circuit device to reduce its own noise;• There is a built-in Pre-trigger 100% of the currently selected range by time;• Record series of the last 200 screens of the current measurement and recorded sequences may at any time to be open on the screen for review;• It allows the user to add own examples to waveforms to database of the program by recording on only one screen to the base program. The name of the record is set by the user and can be both Latin and Cyrillic. User entries can be deleted if desired;• Built-in program sample waveform and also manuscript made sample records can be opened in a separate screen and to be compare to working screen current measurement.• The program included an extensive database to compare the signals and help system to work with it.• Small size of the oscilloscope makes it suitable for mobile applications where is necessary to use a laptop.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSNumber of signal channels 2External trigger input 1 (for #1 Cyl synchronization)Input characteristics 1 Mohm in parallel with 30 pFInput ranges (full scale) ±0.5V; ±1V; ±2V; ±5V; ±10V; ±15VOverload protection ±300VPC interface USB 2.0Power requirements Powered from USB portVertical resolution 10 bitsBandwidth DC to 100 kHzMaximum sampling rate 1 Mega Samples/ secBasic Triggers Auto, Single, NoneAdvanced Triggers Rising edge, Falling edge, Hold-offDimensions 85mm x 45 mm x 120 mmWeight (main unit) 260 gTypical applicationsThe main purpose of mScope is universal oscilloscope in voltage, it is a universal tool and itis not tied to brand or model car. It’s designed with excellent opportunities to test all types ofsensors which are used in modern cars.mScope is high efficiency of automotive motortester. The mScope is specially designed forautomobile test and analysis of ignition systems. Ignition waveform test function can be usedto test the primary and secondary waveforms of gasoline engine and display them in singlecylinder waveform and parade waveform. It can be used to test ignition systems with orwithout distributor, and obtain ignition peak voltage, spark voltage and spark duration (withdistributor).
  3. 3. With additional plug-ins and probes mScope is used to: • Visualization and measurement of current in the circuit; • Preview the impulse of the absolute pressure; • Measurement of the signal in the primary circuit of the ignition; • Measurement of the signal in the secondary circuit of the ignition.It can record the results of all measurements for later analysis or to create a database of typicalfaults.PC RequirementsTo work with mScope you can use any stationary PC or laptop with the following minimumrequirements: • Processor - 1 GHz Pentium III, or equivalent • Memory - 128 MB (XP) • Free hard disk space – 700MB • IMPORTANT! USB 2.01 compliant portOperating system32-bit edition of Microsoft Windows • Microsoft Windows 2000 with SP3 • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with SP2; • Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP2 • Microsoft Windows Vista • Microsoft Windows 7On the used computer mandatory in advance must be installed the following programs: .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable or later – is located on your provided CD. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, NET Framework is built into the operating system itself so it doesn’t have to be installed separately. Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or lasted – it is located on your provided CDGalleryOur extensive library of automotive waveforms shows waveforms from manydifferent vehicles. Examples of both good and bad waveforms are included inmScope program, making this an invaluable resource for use when diagnosingautomotive faults.
  4. 4. Secondary ignition - Distributor Secondary ignition – DIS
  5. 5. Automotive Lab ScopeAutomotive Sensor Scope - ECT Sensor