Mario 2 first quinto’s fashion week


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Mario 2 first quinto’s fashion week

  1. 1.  She is wearing a white scarf, an England´s flag T- Shirt and blue jeans and trainers She is wearing sunglasses She is wearig a blue leahter shoulder bag.
  2. 2.  I’m wearing a blue pyjama and a mask I’m wearing red slippers with a smile
  3. 3.  he is wearing a blue and grey pyjama He is wearing a glasses and trainers
  4. 4.  She is wering a brown hat a purple dress purple tights and black boots She is wearing a white earring and a white and pink watch
  5. 5. He is wearing a spectacular blue pyjama.He is wearing red underwear.Qut of this word !
  6. 6.  She wearing an amazing sunglasses. She is wearing a divine white I-shirt.
  7. 7.  She is wearing a black leather jacket She is wearing a beige dress and stupendous grey boots
  8. 8. She is wearing fashionable black tracksuit and black and pink trainersShe is wearing a divine pink t-shirt
  9. 9.  He is wearing a spectacular blue homecoat, and a black and grey pants He is wearing peculiar glasses and an excellent crest hair
  10. 10.  She is wearing an admirable hat a white t-shirt excepcional jeans and fascinating white trainers.
  11. 11.  She is wearing a wonderful pink and whait jacket She is wearing a black and white troussers and superb purple trainers
  12. 12.  She is wearing a splendid white pink and blue jacket She is wearing a blue jeans and a magic green T-Shirt Trainers are pink and white. They are excellent¡
  13. 13.  She is wearing a beautiful black leather jacket and blue jeans Trainers are blue white and red. They are splendid
  14. 14.  She is wearing a marvellous brown waistcoat She is wearing jeans and a fantastic brown sweter and purple trainers
  15. 15.  She is wearing a purple waistcoat She is also wearing an amazing red T- Shirt and jeans Trainers are white and pink. they are gorgeous¡
  16. 16.  He is wearing a superb and unusual blue,long homecoat He is wearing blue and light green trainers He is also wearing a spectacular white T- Shirt He feel like a top model¡