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Got guilt? Why Guilt is no longer an excuse


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Women do many things well...and that includes carry guilt. Mostly for no reason other than we have a complex about being "everything to everyone at all times" and when we fall short, guilt sets in. And it can bury us for years to come. But we can NO longer allow it to have that much power! Watch the presentation to learn how to lessen the load and to understand that you are not alone. In order for anyone us to change anything, we MUST admit there is something to change.

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Got guilt? Why Guilt is no longer an excuse

  1. 1. Presented by: Michelle A. Homme, CEO & President of Constant Change Got GUILT? Why Guilt is No Longer An Excuse March 21, 2015
  2. 2.  Married to Mike – 25+ years  3 sons: Josh, Brett, and Aaron A LITTLE ABOUT ME Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 2 CEO and President Constant Change, LLC
  3. 3. GUILT Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 3
  5. 5. Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 5 WE OVER THINK!!! BUT OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS…
  6. 6. The “Syndrome” WHERE DOES OUR GUILT COME FROM? Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 6 • Everything to everyone • Perfect
  7. 7. Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 7 NOT ENOUGH TIME! WHY DO WE HAVE GUILT?
  8. 8. Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 8  Forgot to call Grandma on her birthday  Had to run to the store for the “bake sale” donations  The house isn’t picked up when your neighbor stops in  Had to ask another parent for carpool help to soccer  Have to plan your “dates” with your spouse  Missed lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in 6 months  Missed your son’s performance because of work EXAMPLES OF GUILT
  9. 9. It knows what buttons to push. GUILT IS OUR “BULLY” Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 9 It teaches us to forget the good things we do.
  10. 10.  Talk to other women (you are not alone)  MAKE time for yourself (joy/exercise)  Address it right away (don’t let it fester)  Be real (forgive yourself)  Let some things go (say “NO” & mean it)  Life your BEST life (no regrets) HOW DO WE MAKE IT BETTER? Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 10
  11. 11. QUIT OWNING EVERYTHING! ANSWER: SHORT AND SWEET Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 11
  12. 12. Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 12
  13. 13. WHERE TO FIND ME Michelle A. Homme Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 13
  14. 14. VANNESSA HAINES AND ALL ABOUT HER EXPOS UNO THANK YOU! Constant Change, LLC 2015 © #AllAboutHerOmaha 14