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  1. 1. N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 N7 N8 S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 / FORCONTINUATIONREFERTO DWGNO:1M21-B1-02 DCW DCWDCW DCW BIBTAP DCW BIBTAP DCW DCW DCW DCW DCW DCW DCW SUCTION HEADER DCW DISCHARGE LINE GV DCW MAIN LINE FLOATING VALVE (TYP) ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANEL GV GV GV NRV NRVGV DCW DCW 3 NOS. TURBIDITY FILTER (TYP) 3 NOS. CARBON FILTER (TYP) 3NOS. PUMPS (TYP) 3 NOS. WATER SOFTNERS (TYP) FLOATING VALVE (TYP) DCW FROM WATER SOFTNER TO FILTERED TANK DCW ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANEL DCW PIPE TRANSFER TO ROOF TANK PRESSURE TANK GVNRV 3NOS. PUMPS (TYP) PRESSURE TANK 3 NOS. STRAINER (TYP) GV GV NRV SUCTION LINE BIBTAP DCW Project Manager : Drawn : Date : Drawing Title : Scale : Project No : Key Plan : North: Notes : Stamp: TrueNorth DN Project Name & Location: Lead Consultant : Dubai, U.A.E. Tel : 04-3544439 Fax : 04-3544900 ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS PLANNERS NORR Group Consultants International Limited P.O. Box: 53150 P.O. Box: 44387 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Tel : 02-6763360 Fax : 02-6763361 Owner Name: Local Consultant (Architect of Record) : A J D A N R E A L E S T A T E CIVILIZATION ENGINEERING CONSULTING OFFICE P.O. BOX 3974 Dammam K.S.A. Telephone: 03 8336991 FAX: 03 8337441 Website: AJDAN WATERFRONT PARCEL ID : A1 PLAN NO. : 356/2 AL KHOBAR KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA Project Description : AJDAN WATERFRONT PARCEL-A1 DEVELOPMENT 1303 - PA1 - TD Drawing No. : 1 : 100 2/28/20164:10:19PMC:RevitLocal FilesFCDB-140052-AJDANM_FCDB14-0052_AJDAN_WATER_FRONT_KSA_mmahalingam.rvt M21-B1-01 BASEMENT LEVEL B1 PLUMBING LAYOUT-SECTOR 1 FCDB150123 Mahendran B.M. SCALE - 1 : 100 BASEMENT PLUMBING LAYOUT- SECTOR 1 1 No. Issued For Date Checked