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Magne retail deck


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First preview of MA

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Magne retail deck

  1. 1. MAGNE – Retail Service DeckMAGNE Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Date:13th February,2012.
  2. 2. Our Offering Business Transformation Services [Our Flagship Offering]  Retail Health Check Program for ‘Sustenance Retailers’ (Upcoming Brands)  Innovative strategic and point solutions for ‘Growth Retailers’ Branding and Marketing  Social Media Strategy and Management  Community Portal build up  Ecommerce portal Implementation Operational Consulting Services  Store Operation Procedure (SOP)  Store Operation Audit (SOA – Mystery Shopping)  Workforce Management  Stock Audit & Reconciliation
  3. 3. MAGNE Retail Services Blueprint PREPARATION Preparation of PLANNING Roadmap (in sync EXECUTION with your Growth Market Survey Plans)Objectivity Pilot Roll Ongoing Customer SurveyAnalysis Store Survey OutWorkshop Prioritizing Specific Activities Immediate Mid Term Long Term Detailed Budgeting of the plan EVALUATION Sustainable Quick ROI ROI
  4. 4. Workforce Management – Our Approach Understanding Going through Preparing your As-Is your Growth To-Be Organogram* Plans/ Issues Organogram Pilot Run(with any one service for 4-6 weeks) Staffing Training Retention Model — Processes (backend) Development Ongoing —Retail Selling Skill (front end) — Appraisal Designing (with any/all services) —Incentive Scheme —Reward Planning —Promotion Planning REALIZATION SERVICES *Organogram  Organization Structure; Roles and Responsibilities
  5. 5. Store Processes – Our Approach Understanding SOA (Store Competitive As-Is procedure/ Going through Operation Audit Analysis (Market model/ manuals Growth Plans (if any) – Store Survey) Survey) Pilot Run(with any one service for 4-6 weeks) Ongoing Modified / New Modified / New Modified / New (with any/ all services) Standard Operation Procedure Franchisee Model Plano gram REALIZATION SERVICES
  6. 6. Social Media Presence – Our Approach PILOT PHASE CONTINUAL PHASE Social Media Building up Strategy & Increasing Community Profile of Basic Roadmap Interactivity Building Creation CommunityFind out objectives Design and A/C set up Building up of Basic Build up Strategy Map Massaging respectivebehind Social Media Community using low cost for the identified Social Media Channels asInitiative channels/ ways objectives perKnow the Organization Massaging Channel Aligned Set up the framework for Content Calendar Brand CommunicationFramework Laid down Implement in certainBuilding up of Future frequencies InnovativeRoadmap Ideas for
  7. 7. Portal Development – Our Approach Roll Out Workshop with Meeting with stakeholders Building Requirement Beta Launch Hosting stakeholders for for plan and prototype specification User Acceptance  Portal Go Liveunderstanding the scope finalization Creating Design Prototype Testing Functionality Implementation Content Management Integration Ecommerce Integration Testing and Bug fixes
  8. 8. Our Stories – Branding & MarketingA renowned brand who is into manufacturing and retailing of fashionable pureleather bags wanted to set up an online presence to showcase and sell an exclusiverange of leather bags and accessories. They wanted to create a community whounderstands the value of pure leather items and increase the brand value by sharingtheir ideas and experiences.We helped them by doing a feasibility study of both internal and external factorsresponsible for building up the presence of the brand in online media.This was followed by a design workshop with all the internal stake holders and asample set of customers. MAGNE strategized the entire roadmap and acted as asingle thread for development of their online portal and profiles on relevant SocialMedia channels.This brand has now successfully launched their online shop and creating a buzz inthe market .They are planning to launch an extensive “Customer loyalty program”and “Leather Care Program”.
  9. 9. Our Stories– Branding & MarketingA leading fashion retailer wanted to do their brand transformation using socialmedia channels. In this journey of going ‘National’ from ‘Regional’ they wantedsocial media channels to increase the brand reach to different communities ofpeople and as well cater to the young generation. What was important for themwas to understand the present brand perception and create a brand image whichaligns with their ultimate objective using social media tools.MAGNE played a critical role by creating a social media framework and by defininga roadmap. They evaluated the benefits of using different social media channels byexecuting a pilot phase and are now in the process of massaging selected channels,aligned with the objectives.This leading fashion jewellery retailer now has a strong social media presence bywhich they are successfully penetrating the communities in different regions ofIndia. Their social media presence has gone viral giving them the benefit of utilizingthe interactivity of the mass to know customer preferences and needs.
  10. 10. Our Stories– Business TransformationA young retail brand in West wanted to analyze the potential of a business model ofcreating a cost effective supply chain system of procuring goods frommanufacturers, distributing them to kirana retailers and ultimately reaching out tocustomers through their online store.We are their strategic consultant partners and have helped them starting fromanalyzing the pros and cons of the business model, doing a Cost-Benefit analysis forthem, threshing out their requirements to a detailed level, building up theirarchitectural blue print, floating out RFPs, doing a vendor selection and ultimatelyacting as a program manager for the implementation part. Being a single point ofcontact for them we help them save a lot bandwidth both from the strategic(business model evaluation) and operational (vendor evaluation and management)aspects.
  11. 11. Our Stories– Operational Consulting ServicesThis client of ours currently owns a chain of franchisee shops of an internationalfootwear brand. They are currently following the “Revenue Share” model offranchising, The problem they were facing was high operational cost due tounaccountable stocks, shrinkage, not being able to find out the reason for stockvariance, etc.MAGNE did a detailed operational analysis understanding their business model andproposed a solution which automated the process of stock reporting, analysis andultimately generating a variance report which at a glance gives the picture ofproblem area. We developed an architectural blue print of the solutionfirst, developed a prototype and tested whether it actually solves their problem andthen implemented it successfully.It eventually led to reduction in lead time between the physical counting of the stockand the stock audit variance results. This has lead to an effective control of stockpilferage and or incorrect accounting of the same. MAGNE is in the process of doinga physical stock audit and then use this solution for one of their stores which isincurring a very high operational cost.
  12. 12. Our Clients – A Preview
  13. 13. MAGNE@ Contact UsTo know more about us, please write toreachus@magneconsulting.comFor any further detail please contact--------------------------------------------------India : MAGNE Consulting Private Limited R.R Plot 92, P.O – E.K.T.P Kolkata – 700107, IndiaPhone – (M) 9830897683/9830730849