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Windmills in Greece

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Windmills in Greece

  1. 1. Santorini Automatic Photos and information’s
  2. 2. windmill <ul><li>The windmill is a wind machine horizontal axis. Used for grinding grain and pumping water. Known from ancient times, has spread considerably in the European and Greek . </li></ul>Santorini
  3. 3. history <ul><li>Around 700 BC Mesopotamia and China began to build windmills vertical axis. These windmills first brought to Europe by the Crusaders, after the First Crusade and later explorers of China. Experienced expansion in the Iberian and southern Europe. Later, around 1500, used in Holland as part of flood protection systems in the country. Mainly used for milling of agricultural products and water pumping. </li></ul>Santorini
  4. 4. The Greek windmill <ul><li>The first windmill designed by Heron in 1o century after Christ. Was horizontal axis of rotation and had four wings. In Greece the use of windmills was quite extensive because of the rich wind resources of the country. Although it had appeared many centuries ago, their use was introduced during the Byzantine period, knowing even more prevalent during the Frankish period, mainly in the eastern Aegean and the mainland. Normally housed in a cylindrical stone two-storey buildings. Upstairs was the axis drive system, while downstairs was grinding and storage of grain. The fins were sneakers, 5-15 feet in length and width of 1 / 5 the length. A mill could grind 20-70 kg grain per hour, depending on the intensity and direction of wind. Today, most mills have been ravaged and kept minimal, mainly for tourist purposes. A variant of the windmill was used in the plateau of Lassithi in Crete, for pumping water. These were iron construction with cloth wings. Of the estimated 6,000 that existed in early 20th century, now serves approximately one thousand. Many of them have four wings. </li></ul>Paros - Parikia
  5. 5. Mykonos
  6. 6. Syros
  7. 7. Santorini
  8. 8. Serifos
  9. 9. Serifos
  10. 10. Perama Lesvos
  11. 11. Skyros
  12. 12. Astypalea
  13. 13. Santorini
  14. 14. Milos
  15. 15. Santorini
  16. 16. Santorini
  17. 17. Santorini
  18. 18. Mykonos
  19. 19. Santorini
  20. 20. AMORGOS
  21. 21. AMORGOS
  22. 22. Mykonos
  23. 23. Sikinos
  24. 24. Santorini
  25. 25. Santorini
  26. 26. Olympos Karpathos
  27. 27. Mykonos
  28. 28. Mykonos
  29. 29. Agios Nikolaos - Crete
  30. 30. old windmills on Amorgos
  31. 31. old windmills on Amorgos
  32. 32. Amorgos
  33. 33. Mykonos
  34. 34. Aegiali Amorgos
  35. 35. Music: Zorba’s dance ( Sirtaki) Amorgos
  36. 36. Leros - Dodecanese
  37. 37. Santorini
  38. 38. Santorini Music: Zorba’s dance ( Sirtaki) COPYRIGHTS TO ALL PHOTOS AND MUSIC BELONG TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHORS. You Can Keep Listening To The Music Or Press ‘Esc’ To Exit