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SALEular SOC [Savings On Comman] - trade ad one-sheet slick


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SALEular SOC [Savings On Comman] - trade ad one-sheet slick

  1. 1. GO FROM “PASSIVE” TO “REACTIVE”Sure, the typical Couch Potato watches a lot of television (including us!), but are theynecessarily responding en masse to your advertising/branding messages?The historical notion of “passive” brand recall from TV commercials is not as effective thesedays, especially since these Couch Potatoes can now “zap” through commercials withPersonal Video Recorders. And we’re not even going to get into other things like videogaming and Internet browsing… “passive” is almost becoming passé.Instead, go with the “reactive” brand recall experience being offered by SALEular SOC[Savings On Command]SM via instantaneous e-couponing, e-rebates and othermultimedia/interactive advertising opportunities. By giving consumers savings/value incentivesand instant “on-command” access to other product and store location information, that’s whatwe mean by creating a “reactive” purchasing experience!As a savvy brand marketer/advertiser who knows the New Media landscape, we just want tolet you know that SALEular SOC [Savings On Command]SM is at the vanguard of the emergingMobile Advertising and Interactive/Multimedia Marketing category. And we would love nothingmore than being the Mobile Shopping Portal giving consumers “reactive” incentive to seekout your brand...WHEN and WHERE they are about to make critical buyingdecisions...instantly at the nation’s cash registers.To explore advertising opportunities, please visit us at or call us at(310) 486-4897, and we’ll set aside some stuffed baked potatoes as a bonus. Instant Savings Right At Your Fingertips!TM Copyright © 2007 Biz FX Media, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED