MAD MultiMedia Full Capability Presentation


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MAD MultiMedia Full Capability Presentation

  1. 1. Get Personal. Get Results.
  2. 2. • Photorealistic Imaging• Consumer Driven Programming• Online Ordering• Printing Capabilities3 Dimensional, Offset, Digital• Finishing• MailingProducts& Capabilities
  3. 3. Photorealistic variable imaging.All content and ideas are the soleproperty of MAD MultiMedia.
  4. 4. Consumer Driven ProgrammingOur Robust document composition systems allowintegrated background programming anddynamic information processing.
  5. 5. Online Orderingfor Marketing Collateral• Brings down cost by eliminating labor expense• Allows user access 24/7/365• Keeps branding consistent• Tracks orders by user or group• Gives you accountability within your organizationSecure, substantial cost savings, very easy to use.Can be used by anyone within the company.
  6. 6. Vinyl 3 DimensionalThis effect is same as embossing or raised printing.On the image of a baseball, basketball, football or illustration you can actually feel the ridges and bumps!
  7. 7. Going Green• FSC certified by the Rainforest Alliance• Worn press roller replacement program• No chemistry for film• Centralized fountain solutions• Energy efficient lighting• Eco-solvent toner• HP 7600 digital press is certified with the Intertek Green Leaf Mark• Planned Installation of solar panels for energy productionHP Indigo 7600Digital PressDigital on-demandsheetfed printing forhigh-quality high-volumeproductionLearn more about this product, environmental verification, and applicable exemptions by Indigo 7600 Digital Press -Independently Verified for Environmental CredentialsHP ElectroInk is not classified as harmful to environment and health and does not containsubstances of specific concern, heavy metals or aromatic amines.1100 media with environmental sustainability certifications have been qualified for use on thepress and are identified to customers.Advanced on-press oil recycling system; designed to eliminate the need for Imaging Oil forprinting and maintenance.Liquid Electrophotographic (LEP) digital printing process; eliminates the use of many hazardoussubstances typically used in offset printing while producing print that maintains the look and feelof offset.Ink cartridge recycling program and Binary Ink Developer take-back and parts reuse program;ensure environmentally sound recovery and/or treatment of used consumables.1208910 / 1208911 / 1208912 / 1208913 / 1208914Certification No:®
  8. 8. Large Offset CapacityHigh Volume CapabilityHeidelberg XL-105, 28" x 40" Six-Color plus in-line aqueous coating18,000 sheet per hour.Heidelberg 28" x 40", Ten-Color Perfecter:Perfecting up to five-color over five-color or straight up ten-color one sideHeidelberg 28" x 40", Eight-Color plus UV or aqueous coatingHeidelberg 20" x 28", Six-Color plus in-line aqueous coatingStochastic, UV inks, spot UV coatingsFoil stock, veneer, styrene
  9. 9. Digital printing = unlimited opportunitiesPMS color matching, Stochastic, Inline spot coating and gloss coatingMaximum sheet size of 20” x 14” and stocks up to 18pt.Various stocks: Styrene, foil, textured paper, paper board and more...NexPress SE3600 Digital ProductionNexPress 3000 Digital Production Color Presses (2)NexPress NexGlosser UnitMGI Meteor DP8700 XL Multi-SubstrateXL DigitalHeidelberg Digit-master 9110 (2):HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press
  10. 10. Bindery Solutions• Folding• Stitching• Die-Cutting• Perfect Binding• Case Binding• Lamination• In line remoistenable & fugitive glue• Tabbing• Paper-Banding• Drilling & Punching• Shrink-Wrapping• Coil and Wire Binding• Dedicated hand-finishing& fulfillment
  11. 11. Mailing Solutions• Laser & Inkjet personalization• Inserting – 6x9 & 9x12 formats• Camera match system• In-line tabbing• Labeling• Metering• Strong relationships with USPS• Strong relationships with BMEU Rochester• Strong relationships with BSN2012 mailed over 10 million pieces of mail
  12. 12. SecuritySecure File UploadSecure MessagingSecure FileserverSecure OperationsSecure Digital BinderyClosed Caption MonitoringPURL SSL-256 bit encryption
  13. 13. Quality ControlInitial - if you have the necessary components to produce a quality job forour customer and if the required quality assurance steps have been taken.Verification that all quality checks have been made prior to advancing this job ticket to Accounting for close-out.Signed and dated: ___________________________________________________________________________10/00 Rev. 2 DOTSPRESS Quality Checklist______ All previous Checklists are in ticket?Previous to Make-readyJob Ticket is read and understood, it includes allthe following information accurately:Color informationPaper informationProper quantities allocatedWhat to follow for color – signed and tagged______ Initial – signifies all the aboverequirements are completedMake-readyPaper matches job ticketPlates checked prior to mountingInk on handRuleout OKOK sheet signedCrossovers checkedDensity readings taken off OK sheet______ Initial – signifies all the aboverequirements are completedPress RunMinimum ink and waterHead-stops registeredSide guide registeredDensity readings taken at proper intervalsPull sheets carefully inspectedQC sheets pulled/count/initialedSample section markedProblem areas clearly markedWaste sheets removed/taggedAccurate count verified______ Initial – signifies all the aboverequirements are completedAfter the Press RunOK sheet placed in job ticketLeftover stock returned to warehouseQC sheets placed on shelveJob bags put in Production OfficeCounts adequate for jobCounts written on ticketAA’s and HE’s recorded on Change Order______ Initial – signifies all the aboverequirements are completedVerification for multi-operator jobsInitial & DateForm 1 – Front ________ continued ________Back ________ continued ________Form 2 - Front ________ continued ________Back ________ continued ________Form 3 - Front ________ continued ________Back ________ continued ________Form 4 - Front ________ continued ________Back ________ continued ________Cover - Front ________ continued ________Back ________ continued ________Bindery Quality Checklist______ Previous Press Checklists complete?Cutter Quality ChecklistJob Ticket is read and understoodCut sizeCorrect number-up printedAppropriate number of sheets printedVerify print quality (offset, registration, etc.)Ruleout is accurateChecked to proof, dummy, and/or sampleSample cut OK’d by supervisorExamples checked at proper intervals______ Initial - signifies all the aboverequirements are completedMulti-operator verification:Initial and date _________________________________Initial and date _________________________________Initial and date _________________________________Folder Quality ChecklistJob Ticket is read and understoodVerified drynessChecked to proof, dummy, and/or sampleVerified crossovers matchVerify folder quality (consistency, etc.)Roller pressures set correctlySamples of folded piece OK’d by supervisorExamples checked at proper intervals______ Initial - signifies all the aboverequirements are completedMulti-operator verification:Initial and date _________________________________Initial and date _________________________________Initial and date _________________________________Stitcher Quality ChecklistJob Ticket is read and understoodChecked to proof, dummy, and/or sampleVerify correct sizeVerified crossovers matchVerify quality (consistency, stitches, etc.)No marking/scratches introducedSamples of folded piece OK’d by supervisorExamples checked at proper intervals______ Initial - signifies all the aboverequirements are completedMulti-operator verification:Initial and date _________________________________Initial and date _________________________________Initial and date _________________________________Shipping Quality ChecklistJob Ticket is read and understoodVerified delivery instructionsProper packagingAccurate counts in boxesExamples in job ticketLabeling information correctExample OK to Ship paper workSkids and Paper work road readyProper paperwork with load(s)______ Initial - signifies all the aboverequirements are completedMulti-shipment verification:Initial and date _________________________________Initial and date _________________________________Initial and date _________________________________ Quality Management System Continuous Improvement ofour Management System Management Responsibility Monitoring and Measurement Internal Audits Continual ImprovementEvery project we produce follows a strict procedureto ensure all standard operating procedures are met.
  14. 14. • 99% of 2012 projects delivered on time.– 15% ahead of schedule• Achieve very high marks from clients for projectmanagement, quality control, creative thinking andbudget management.– All people and equipment in one 80,000 square footstate-of-the art facility.– Tier One Capabilities• Commitment to staff training and certificationOur Strengths
  15. 15. Who We Are•NGLCC Certified Corporate Member•Veteran-Owned•SAM Registered•State of California•Member of the Wounded Warrior Project
  16. 16. Thank You!Questions?Get Personal. Get Results.Corporate/Manufacturing1000 John StreetWest Henrietta, NY 14692New York Office70 West 86th Street, Suite 4New York, NY 10024O: 877.384.5737 F: 585.475.9406 www.mad-mm.comContact InformationRobert A. D’