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55 khalid yasin


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55 khalid yasin

  1. 1. Khalid Yasin For the jazz musician who also used the name Khalid Yasin, see Larry Young (jazz). Born United States - Brooklyn, New York Residence United Kingdom - Manchester, England Other names 'Abu Muhammad', 'Abu Muhammad Khalid Yasin' 'Abu Muhammad, Khalid Yasin' Spouse(s) Nuria Quintilla Khalid Yasin (also known as 'Abu Muhammad' [1] , 'Abu Muhammad Khalid Yasin' [2] ) and 'Abu Muhammad, Khalid Yasin' [3] , born in the 1950s [4] in Brooklyn, New York, is a teacher and lecturer of Islam. Yasin lives and operates a "Da'wah" organization in Manchester, England. He founded, directed and ran the Islamic Broadcasting Corporation and The Purpose of Life Centre on Shirecliffe Lane, Sheffield (closed down around September 2008) which is accused of fraud.[5] . The organization was formerly known as the Islamic Teaching Institute (ITI) and the Islamic Information Network Ltd. The organisation has now re-located in Manchester. Contents [hide]  1 Fraud  2 Controversy o 2.1 Views on Osama Bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks o 2.2 Statement on the AIDS Virus o 2.3 Sunday Nights With John Cleary  3 References  4 See also  5 Media Production  6 External links o 6.1 News articles
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