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Institucional macair jet english

  1. 1. MACAIRJET<br />
  2. 2. Ourcompany<br />MACAIRJET<br />Macair Jet is part of one of the most prominent business conglomerates in Argentina and the Mercosur Region - SOCMA - with over 50 years of experience leading ventures in diverse sectors of economic activity.<br />Based in Aeroparque J. Newbery in the City of Buenos Aires, Macair Jet reaches both national and international destinations. The company's quality and safety standards surpass the highly demanding audits carried out both by our clients and independent organizations such as:<br /><ul><li>Executive Jet/ Netjets
  3. 3. Shell Aviation,
  4. 4. International aviation safety consultants.
  5. 5. SOS Internacional
  6. 6. Brings
  7. 7. Occidental Petroleum
  8. 8. Hart Aviation
  9. 9. Minera Tritón</li></li></ul><li>SAFETY, PUNCTUALITY AND CONFORT<br />MACAIRJET<br />Executive Flights<br />Our experience and knowledge of the international aeronautical industry allows us to coordinate flights to any domestic or foreign destination quickly and efficiently.<br /><ul><li> Macair’s flight dispatch staff are available not only on departure but also on arrival at your destination in order to take care of any procedures and paperwork that may also need to be carried out.
  10. 10. From the moment you call, Macair Jet’s ground support services are at your entire disposition. Attentive to every detail of your trip, our staff can organize everything from your transfer from the airport to hotel and car reservations as well as any other service you might require.
  11. 11. Macair Jet’s aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-arttechnology, creating a unique and exclusive form of travel. Even at 50000 feet, passengers can continue to communicate by fax or phone, or simply rest and enjoy a delicious catered meal.</li></li></ul><li>Ourservices<br />MACAIRJET<br />From our 3000 sq ft hangar and offices located at Jorge Newbery Airport in the City of Buenos Aires, we offer a wide range of flight services including: <br /><ul><li>Executive flights
  12. 12. Charter flights
  13. 13. Air ambulance services and aircraft management
  14. 14. Helicopter charters
  15. 15. And a range of high added-value solutions for companies in the travel industry.</li></li></ul><li>Sales offices in Argentina<br />MACAIRJET<br />Headquarters: Jorge Newbery Airport Hangar<br />Av. Sarmiento s/n Hangar Nª 13 <br />Buenos Aires<br />Argentina <br />Tel. +54 11 4777-7514<br />Resistencia International Airport.<br />Ruta Nacional 11, Km 1003,5. <br />Resistencia, Prov. de Chaco<br />Argentina <br />Tel. +54 9 3722 231-340<br />Resistencia Sales Office<br />Av. Sarmiento 1685<br />Resistencia, Prov. De Chaco<br />Argentina<br />Puerto Iguazú Office Misiones<br />Guatambu 626 <br />Puerto Iguazu, Prov de Misiones, <br />Argentina<br />Tel. +54 3757 422-681<br />Córdoba office, Córdoba.<br />Arturo M. Bas. 136 P.B. OF “B” – <br />Tel. +54 351 424-597<br />
  16. 16. MACAIRJET<br />Business Areas of Macair Jet<br />Executive <br />& Charter Flights<br />Aircraft<br />Managment Services<br />Air Ambulance Services<br />
  17. 17. MACAIRJET<br />Exclusive fleet<br /><ul><li>3 30-series Learjet
  18. 18. 6 BA Jetstream 32
  19. 19. 2 MD-87s
  20. 20. 1 Gulfstream IV</li></li></ul><li>Aircraft managment services<br />MACAIRJET<br />Macair Jet has over 30 years’ experience and know-how providing support to individuals and organizations selecting, financing, purchasing or selling an aircraft, as well as those wishing to offer their aircraft for charter or executive flight services.<br />Our services include advice and assistance in:<br /><ul><li>Aircraft selection
  21. 21. Financing
  22. 22. Aircraft imports
  23. 23. Operations
  24. 24. Marketing of charter or executive flight services
  25. 25. Acquisitions
  26. 26. Sales</li></li></ul><li>MACAIRJET<br />charter Flights<br />Our expertise and know-how in the aeronautical industry allows us to more efficiently coordinate flights to any domestic or foreign destination. <br /><ul><li> We can help optimize the transport of passengers between different points with regular shuttle services, private flights, ground transportation, hotel reservations, event organization or packages for tour operators.
  27. 27. Those who require the regular transport of groups of passengers can also take advantage of the savings that Macair Jet can provide you with by purchasing of bundled flights instead of individual flights.
  28. 28. Macair Jet offers shuttle services to private companies, provincial and municipal governments and other institutions, designing operations tailored to their specific needs and special requests. Our service allows them to fly as often as required, even between destinations not included on commercial airlines’ usual routes.
  29. 29. Additionally, Macair Jet can base aircraft at any point in the country, giving clients the advantage of having airplanes on hand at the destination they indicate.</li></li></ul><li>MACAIRJET<br />AIR AMBULANCE SERVICES<br />Macair Jet provides air ambulance services for critical patients as well as coordinating the repatriation of patients to any destination in the world.<br />The company is associated with SWISS MEDICAL GROUP, one of Argentina’s prime health care companies, with over 3000 health treatment centers, including the best private clinics and hospitals in Argentina and its neighboring countries. It is also affiliated with International SOS – world leader in medical assistance and emergency services. All the cutting edge equipment, highly trained and qualified staff including doctors, nurses and paramedics are under the supervision and approval of INMAE (National Institute of Aerospace Medicine)<br /><ul><li>24 / 7 /365 service availability in Argentina and America
  30. 30. Our team of flight coordination staff manage each detail
  31. 31. Medical and nursing personnel on each flight
  32. 32. Domestic and international experience in health transport services
  33. 33. Specialized in the transport of critical patients
  34. 34. State-of-the-art technology and equipment</li></li></ul><li>Regional Proyect of Macair<br />MACAIRJET<br />Contract with the Government of the Province of Chaco to operate the provincial Airline  in December of 2008 <br />Counters forSales, Chack in and Customer Service for passengersat themaincommercial lobby of Jorge Newbery and Resistencia International Airports.<br />CURRENT ROUTES <br />Resistencia - Buenos Aires – Resistencia <br />Resistencia - Córdoba - Resistencia <br />Resistencia - Iguazú – Resistencia <br />Resistencia - Roque Sáenz Peña -Resistencia <br />
  35. 35. MACAIRJET<br />Macair Regional Project<br />Embodied the regional project of MJ we reached an agreement with the Goverment of the Province of Entre Rios where MJ acts as the operator of the airline of that territory, with daily flights to/from the city of Parana.<br />This project began one year ago with a successful operation of a JS32 aircraft serving this town with two ormore daily frequencies.<br />During 2008 two new destinations were added: Concordia and Gualeguaychú, optimizing the use of the aircraft to the maximum.<br />During 2008 we were the operators for Sol Airlines, servicing the airports of Rafaela and Sauce Viejo (Province of Santa Fe)<br />
  36. 36. MACAIRJET<br />Learjet 25<br />• Seating capacity: 8 passengers <br />• Speed: 850 km/h <br />• Maximum Cruise Altitude: 51.000 ft<br />• Range: 3.000 km <br />• Thrust: 6.000 lbs<br />• Year of manufacture: 1981<br />• Bilingual Crew<br />• Flight Attendant<br />• VIP Catering Service<br />• Full Executive Layout<br />
  37. 37. MACAIRJET<br />Learjet 35<br /> • Bilingual Crew<br />• Flight Attendant<br />• VIP Catering Service<br />• Full Executive Layout<br />• Seating capacity: 7 passengers <br />• Speed: 800 km/h <br />• Maximum Cruise Altitude: 45.000 ft<br />• Range: 3.200 km <br />• Thrust: 7.000 lbs<br />• Year of manufacture: 1999<br />
  38. 38. MACAIRJET<br />Learjet 31<br />Bilingual Crew<br />• Flight Attendant<br />• VIP Catering Service<br />• Full Executive Layout<br />• Luggage Capacity <br />Seating capacity: 8 passengers <br />• Speed: 800 km/h <br />• Maximum Cruise Altitude: 51.000 ft<br />• Range: 2.200 km <br />• Thrust: 5.900 lbs<br />
  39. 39. MACAIRJET<br />Jetstream 32<br />Bilingual Crew<br />• Flight Attendant<br />• VIP Catering Service<br />• Luggage Capacity <br />• Toilette<br />Seating capacity: 19 passengers <br />• Speed: 420 km/h <br />• Maximum Cruise Altitude: 25.000 ft<br />• Range: 1.500 km <br />• Year of manufacture: 1991<br />
  40. 40. MACAIRJET<br />MD87<br />Bilingual Crew<br />• Flight Attendant<br />• Standard Catering Service<br />• 2 Aircraft Stairs<br />• 3 Toilettes<br />• 2 Full Galleys<br />• Distance between seats: 33" <br />• Seating capacity: 109 passengers<br />(97 tourist class / 12 Business class)<br />• Speed: 750 km/h <br />• Maximum Cruise Altitude: 35.000 ft<br />• Range: 4.000 km <br />
  41. 41. MACAIRJET<br />Gulfstream IV<br />Bilingual Crew<br />• Flight Attendant<br />• VIP Catering Service<br />• Full Executive Layout<br />• Luggage Capacity <br />• Galley, Toilette<br />• Personal CD, DVD, TV<br />• Air Show (Satellite Flight Progression)<br />• Satellite Phone and Fax<br />• Seating capacity: 12 passengers <br />• Speed: 850 km/h <br />• Maximum Cruise Altitude: 45.000 ft<br />• Range: 7.400 km <br />• Thrust: 28.000 lbs<br />• Year of manufacture: 1990<br />
  42. 42. SAFETY<br />MACAIRJET<br />Experienced Pilots + Rigorous Maintenance<br />Macair Jet has its own maintenance center at its Jorge Newbery Airport Hangar.<br /><ul><li> Official repair center is certified to carry out major repairs and maintenance, staffed by highly qualified and specialized personnel with experience in the aircraft we operate.
  43. 43. Hangar has its own bonded warehouse authorized by DireccionNacional de Aduanas ( Argentinian Customs Agency), thus greatly reducing importation periods for aircraft parts.
  44. 44. Operates under a Safety Management System (SMS), an integral safety management plan audited by the Argentine Aeronautical Authority.
  45. 45. Average flight time for each of our 54 pilots is 7400 incident-free hours, a testament to their level of training and our compliance with regulations.
  46. 46. Macair Jet also has its own training center. We are associated with SICOM and FLIGHT SAFETY in the USA in order to carry out the training and evaluation of our crew.</li></li></ul><li>CONTACT US<br />MACAIRJET<br />Staff <br />Lionel Scigliano. Sales & Marketing Manager<br />Cel: +54 9 11 3581-1751<br /> <br />Roberto Becerra. Sales Supervisor – Private Flights <br />Cel: +54 9 11 4418-9016<br /><br />María José Pereira del Campo. Sales & Customer Service - Private Flights <br />Cel: +54 9 11 4177-0712<br /><br />Carolina Morales. Sales & Customer Service - Private Flights <br />Cel: +54 9 11 3210-2875<br /><br />Corina San Martín. Sales & Customer Service - Private Flights <br />Cel: +54 9 11 3210-2875<br /><br />
  47. 47. MACAIRJET<br />