RBAP-MABS Moving Forward


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RBAP Executive Director Vicente Mendoza shares how the MABS Program will continue and expand with RBAP and RBRDFI during the 2012 National Roundtable Conference on June 8.

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RBAP-MABS Moving Forward

  1. 1. RBAP-MABS Moving Forward VICENTE MENDOZA Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines   2012 RBAP-MABS National Roundtable Conference June 7-8, 2012 Hyatt Hotel & Manila  
  2. 2. OBJECTIVESContinue Transformative Work Mobile money Leverage partnerships with other key players Training and TA
  3. 3. Build on RBAP-MABS successful training efforts that are demand driven •  Microfinance •  Mobile Transparency Banking Workshops •  Microinsurance •  Micro Agri Training
  4. 4. Provide capability – building TA and training for RBs Punla sa Armdev Tao Seed Independent Finance Consultants
  5. 5. STRATEGIES Continue local partnerships Work with RBAP/ Closer work with RBInternational Partners RBRDFI Federations Expand demand driven training
  6. 6. TRANSITION ACTIVITESComponent I Training and TAa. MABS Approachb. Other Products and Servicesc. Special Courses
  7. 7. TRAININGS AND TA: MABS - APPROACH Senior Management Orientation Market research Product Development MABS APPROACH/ MATTS Loan Administration Performance Monitoring Operations Reviews
  8. 8. Trainings and TA Micro Agri Mobile Phone Loans Banking Otherproducts and services Housing Micro Microfinance Insurance
  9. 9. Special Courses1. Basic Account Officer Training2. Delinquency Management3. Fraud Management4. Marketing and Service Quality5. Improving Promotions and Sales Skills (for AO)6. Strategic expansion through MBOs7. Middle Management Course8. Strategic Planning9. Savings Mobilization10. Disaster Management11. Group Loans and Transitioning12. Human Resources Management13. Pricing Transparency Workshop
  10. 10. Schedule for 2-Day Basic Microinsurance Training CourseDATE AREA/ NO. OF RBS VENUE FEDERATIONSept. 6 - 7 Central Luzon Target 15 San (Open Sem) Fernando CitySept. 27 - Central Visayas Target 1528 (Host: Cebu or Negros Oriental Fed)Oct. 18 - Quezon 22 member19 Federation RBsNov. 15 - Mindanao (Open Target 15 Cagayan16 Sem) de Oro CityDec. 6 - 7 Open Sem Target: 15 Manila
  11. 11. Component II Micro Insurancea. Full management of RBRDFIb. Implement financial education in microinsurancec. Continue insurer partnershipsd.Manage the ILO Grant Program and possible follow up grant
  12. 12. INSURANCE PARTNERS Ayala Life Malayan Country insurance BankersPioneer RBAP/ Philam Life RBRDFI Prudential CocoLife Life Intermediaries (AA International, MicroEnsure, CARD MRI Insurance Agency)
  13. 13. Component III Managing Partnerships Insurance Companies International RBAP- Engage Partners MABS MSPs Telcos
  14. 14. Organizational Set-up
  15. 15. Manpower
  16. 16. COMPONENT IVArchive Managementa.  RBAP/RBRDFI will manage MABS materials onlineunder a creative commons license.b.  Keep the materials on an online database for atleast five more years.c.  Materials will be accessible to via a portal linked tothe RBAP website.
  17. 17. FUNDING Support for International From training Organizations fees and to support RBAP-MABS private sector trailblazing partners programs and activities
  18. 18. Thank you and have a pleasant evening! http://www.rbap.org