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  1. 1. Mel
Inc. 2009 RBAP-MABS National Round table Conference May 12-13, 2009 Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila
  2. 2. Agenda I.  Facts of Mobile Phone Usage II.  Business Applications using SMS III.  Customer Relationship Management using SMS IV.  myClick’s SMS Gateway Solution V.  How to avail of the SMS solution VI.  Q & A
  3. 3. Facts : Mobile Phone use world Wide •  4 billion mobile phone subscribers – as of January 2009 . •  2 times as many people had mobile phones as had credit cards or TV sets. •  3 times as many mobile phone subscribers as users of internet or fixed phone lines
  4. 4. Facts : Mobile Phone use world Wide •  4 times as many mobile phones as personal laptops, desktops and servers combined. Accessibility •  91% of mobile phone users keep there 9% mobile phone within arms reach 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 18% 36% 2.5B SMS/Texting 91% •  Over 2.5 billion people are active users of SMS (text messaging) compared to = 46% only 1.2 billion active PC internet users. 365/24/7 Cellhone Users Only 36% •  Only 18% of the world population can remaining with no access. 1.2B Internet Users be reached by the internet compared to 46% of the population that can be reached by SMS.
  5. 5. Business Application using SMS
  6. 6. Sales, Products and Marketing 1. Sales Promotions 2. 'Text & Win' competitions 3. Quotations 4. Orders 5. Vending Sales 6. Prepaid Coupons and Virtual Vouchers 7. Discount Coupons and Vouchers 8. Virtual Gifts 9. Auction Bidding 10. Daily Mobile Content (Premium) 11. Mobile Content Sales 12. Access Codes for Premium Material Online 13. Marketing and PR Campaigns 14. eMail Newsletter Promotion
  7. 7. Customer Services and Relationship Management 1. Greetings 2. Reminders 3. Collection Notifications 4. Short surveys 5. Customer Profile Update 6. Account Status Information 7. Anonymous Feedback 8. Result Notifications 9. Campaign Status Updates 10. Customer Service Complaints Channel 11. Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  8. 8. Business Process Management and Internal Administration 1. Debt Collection 2. Appointment Notifications and Reminders 3. Sales Force Reporting 4. Applications and Placements 5. Acceptance Notifications 6. Salary Notifications 7. Recruitment 8. Managing Field Workers 9. Organizational / Business Unit Alerts 10. Project Status Updates
  9. 9. Information Technology and System Administration 1. Password Confirmations 2. Malfunction alerts 3. Remote Monitoring Text Alerts 4. Virus Notifications 5. System Failure Alerts
  10. 10. Financial Services 1. Credit Checks 2. Cash Transfers 3. Stock Prices Updates 4. Banking Transactions Alerts 5. Short Term Loans 6. Instant Short Term Insurance / Policies 7. Share trading 9. ATM Cash Alerts
  11. 11. Customer Relationship Management for Rural Banks using SMS
  12. 12. Deposit Related SMS Service ACCOUNT OPENING Welcome SMS for newly opened accounts TIME/SPECIAL SAVINGS DEPOSITS Reminder for Maturing TDs Roll over SMS on the day of maturity CURRENT/DEMAND DEPOSITS Reminder to cover insufficient funds SMS for returned checks (client) SMS for returned checks deposited to the client accounts
  13. 13. Loan Related SMS Service ACCOUNT OPENING Welcome SMS when banks received loan application LOAN APPLICATION Thank you SMS for applying loan Loan status inquiry (client initiated) Loan approval status (positive) Loan approval status (negative) LOANS MONITORING Repayment reminders (positive) Missed payment reminders (negative) Maturing loan reminders (+/-) Thank you SMS for fully payment of loans
  14. 14. Non-Financial Related SMS Service PERSONALIZED REMINDERS Birthday Anniversary Congratulatory Bereavement NON-PERSONALIZED REMINDERS New products and services New branch and OBOs announcements Bank activities e.g anniversaries, events, marketing blitz OTHERS Holiday reminders RBAP and other related announcements
  15. 15. myClick’s SMS Solutions
  16. 16. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CLICKSOFTWARE® SMS Gateway System is a software solution that enables you to send and receive SMS and short messages over a cellular network to connect to an application. The system is capable of extracting data from your applications via your parameterized text message and send it back to the requesting party. SMS Gateway System is also a plug-and- play application that instantly enables your application SMS transaction ready.
  17. 17. HOW DOES IT WORK ?
  18. 18. LOAN APPROVAL(OR DISAPPROVAL) NOTIFICATION: 1 System periodically check loan database for status approve. When approved, it will send a predefined SMS message to the customer using the customer database 2 Telco receives SMS Customer receives 3 the notification of BANK loan From ABC Rural Bank: Mr. Santos your loan was approved, please contact (543-1234 for details.
  19. 19. INQUIRY: TIME DEPOSIT MATURITY TDAcctNo: 10987 1 Send from an ordinary cell number 2 Telco receives SMS 6 Mr. Santos, your TD (10987) SMS request will be will mature on May 16, 2009.) received by the SMS 3 Gateway System and For more info please call process the request 0822243261 and look for Joelan SMS Gateway system Inquirer will receive the info 4 extracts info from the demanded database SMS Gateway system 5 converts data back to SMS format and sends back to inquiring or requesting party BANK
  20. 20. PRODUCT FEATUES •  Create your address book   Create and Manage contact list and info   Group level creation •  SMS Blasting and broadcasting •  Auto-Telco recognizer •  Data Import/Export as your address book input or your SMS message •  Email browser-like SMS Inbox •  Message uploading for scheduled messages (i.e birthdays, notices, etc.)
  21. 21. How can the Rural Banks avail themselves of this SMS Solution?
  22. 22. SMS Solution Packages SUBCRIPTION (WEB-BASED) 1 month free trial Regular Price: Monthly subscription of PHP 1,500 (No locked in period) Special Discounted Price: For First 25 Rural Banks P 1,000 / month (No locked in period)
  23. 23. SMS Solution Packages OUTRIGHT PURCHASE Install SMS solution at the bank site at the PC/ Server provided by the bank SRP: P 185,000 (with 1 GSM Modem) - with 1 month free trial (web-based) Special Discounted Price: P 140,000 - with 1 GSM modem - 1 month free trial (web-based)
  24. 24. Business Proposition •  sing SMS Web-Based Solution Breakeven U Point: (P 1500/month subscription) •  375 borrowers @ weekly reminders, or •  500 borrowers @ bi-monthly reminders, or •  1000 borrowers @ monthly reminders •  sing U
  25. 25. You may get your application for 1 month free trial web-based subscription at our THANK YOU! booth outside! Sign-up Now!!