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MSI Z68 Gen3 info kit (v1.01eu)


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MSI Z68 Gen3 info kit (v1.01eu)

  1. 1. MSI Z68 (G3)Mainboard series Product Marketing Dennis Achterberg V1.0eu
  2. 2. History of PCI ExpressPCI Express doubles speedsevery 4 years 2011: 2007: 16GB/s 32GB/s 2003: 8GB/s
  3. 3. Gen 3 = More bandwidthModern hardware and software requiremore and more bandwidth•PC Games•Multiple graphics cards•GPGPU computing (CUDA/OpenCL)•PCI Express SSD•Ethernet / Infiniband – Networking•Intel Thunderbolt
  4. 4. Benefits of more bandwidth • Faster games (more FPS) • Faster data (PCI Express SSD)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: PCI Express scaling.From 8GB/s to 16GB/s gives 23% more FPSPCI Express Gen 3 gives 4x more bandwidth than PCI Express 2.0 x8
  5. 5. MSI Gen 3 Mainboards• 100% Future Proof − Ivy Bridge − PCI Express Gen3 Cards• PCI Express Gen 3 is the next-gen standard NVIDIA & AMD VGA cards• PCI Express Gen 2 card benefit as well• Benefit Now!
  6. 6. Asrock claim for Gen3?Some other vendors claim to have Gen 3 as well, but do they really?Are they only showing or also like MSI selling. Are they having 100% full compatibility? • MSI is an Intel Ivy Bridge (integrated Gen3) Beta partner and has access to Gen3 CPUs. • MSI is closely co-working with Intel on vice versa PCI Express Gen 3 compatibility testing. • MSI PCI Express Gen3 circuitry is certified by Intel for future Gen3 devices. • MSI is closely co-working with PCI Express Gen 3 device manufacturers. • MSI Gen3 mainboards are shipping and available in the retail stores.
  7. 7. Performance bottleneckPCI Express 2.0 Bottlenecks the fastest PCI Express SSD drives
  8. 8. MSI Gen3 performance “PCIe 1.x and 2.x cards will seamlessly plug into PCIe 3.0-capable slots and operate at their highest performance levels.” - PCI Special Interests Group
  9. 9. How to easily identify? Z68A-GD80 (G3) 1. 1. PCIe Gen 3 Switch 2. New PCIe X16 Slot 2.
  10. 10. MSI & UEFI HistoryMSI was the 1st brand to introduce UEFI to the consumer mainboards. Currently all ofour notebooks use UEFI and this knowledge is used on all our mainboards. July 2011 January 2011 MSI Z68 G3 series MSI P67/H67 ClickBIOS Click BIOS II: All new mainboards have a Click Unified UEFI & Windows February 2009 BIOS Interface Interface MSI Notebooks 100% of the MSI notebooks use UEFI July 2008 MSI P45 series 3 UEFI models: P45D3, P45-8D, P45 PlatinumFebruary 2008MSI P35 EfinityWorld’s 1st consumermainboard with UEFI
  11. 11. Click BIOS Design Contest
  12. 12. Next-Gen UEFI• One Consistent Unified Interface for UEFI and Windows Integrated tools• Full system control: • Overclocking • Power saving • Security • Information• Drag & Drop support
  13. 13. The Leading UEFI brand Asus Gigabyte UEFI BIOS Windows Legacy BIOS Windows
  14. 14. Highest Quality StandardWith Military Class II we continue to push our vision of the most stable mainboard inthe most extreme conditions. Military Class II is upgraded with “Super Ferrite Chokes” High Stability Components on CPU PWM Military Class II components Better Stability and enhanced lifetime for the components receiving the most stress during overclocking and gaming. Hi-c CAP Super Ferrite Choke Solid CAP
  15. 15. Military Class II Tantalum Core • Higher reliability & longer lifetime than traditional Solid CAP • Higher Thermal Stability • No mechanical issues • Ultra low Resistance (ESR) • Ultra Low Current Leakage • Self Repair function Super Permeability Ferrite Core • 30% Higher Current Capacity • 10% Power efficiency • Better overclocking current stability • Improved core shielding Aluminum core • Military Class quality • Manufactured in Japan • Over 12 years ultra long lifetime • Extremely low ESR • Lower Temperatures
  16. 16. Certified Quality Not just “Compliance” but Certification! MIL STD 810G Military Class II Certification: •Low Pressure (High Altitude test >5Km) •High Temperature (over 70°C) •Low Temperature (below -50°C) •Temperature “Shock” (from -40°C to 70°C) •Air Humidity (95% at 24°C) •Vibration (1.48Grms 10-500Hz) •Angled Drop Shock (Transport) Companies: Thales, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Panasonic etc. Applications: Military/Tactical Satellite, Communication Satellite, Fighter Airplanes
  17. 17. Innovative Thermal DesignInspired by military jet fighters, the new Z68 thermal design from MSI embodiessuperior efficiency, performance and a remarkable design. Strip fins Copper base SuperPipe Metal Screws
  18. 18. Small Details…“An L shaped foam piece is likely to catch your attention after you MSI Z68 boardsunwrap the board, which acts as a placeholder and cushion for the PWMheat sink, which is a bit fragile being connected mostly by springmechanisms.” – Other Vendors’ Z68 Boards
  19. 19. Unleash performanceWe believe overclocking should be for everybody. With OC Genie MSIintroduced easy overclocking. Now even your girlfriend can get extraperformance with just a single push of a button.
  20. 20. One second overclock Smart & Simple  Exclusive OC Genie detect hardware configuration  Intelligently auto set clock/voltage of CPU, memory and iGPU  Increase overall system performance in 1 second OC Genie 4.2GHz Turbo Boost 3.7GHz Default Setting 3.3GHz Core i5 2500K Platform OC Genie Function Remark P67 CPU + Memory OC No iGPU H67 iGPU Boost No CPU & Memory Z68 CPU+Memory+iGPU+SRT OC Everything
  21. 21. OC Genie II – PerformanceOn MSI Z68 (G3) , OC Genie II enhances the performance of Intel Smart Response Technology! HD Tune Pro - MAX PCMark - HDD MSI OC Genie II 140.1 (159%) MSI OC Genie II 19725 (457%) Intel SRT 119.5 Intel SRT 17183 Single HDD 87.9 Single HDD 4314
  22. 22. Overclocking tools MSI’s P67 mainboards come with a lot of innovative overclocking tools which are valued by power-users (and which you won’t find on other boards !) • Voltage Check points • Clear CMOS button on I/O panel • Power and reset buttons • OC Genie • Additional PCI Express power
  23. 23. BIOS SafetyProducing reliable top products is important for us, so in case ofemergency we make sure you can still rely on our quality. “ MSI’s M-Flash utility works extremely well, and is probably the quickest and easiest way ever created to flash a BIOS.” • Restore • Repair • Test • Auto Repair Still corrupt?
  24. 24. Instant OC - TuningReal Time Overclockingwithout reboot:•Timings•Voltages•Multipliers
  25. 25. MSI Lucid Virtu Support Low Power √ - √ ConsumptionCasual Gaming √ - √Intel Quick Sync √ - √Multi Monitor - √ √ Direct X 11 - √ √ High Gaming - √ √ Performance AA Support - √ √ 3D Gaming - √ √
  26. 26. Virtu I-ModeMSI is the leading brand in LucidLogix Virtu technology.With MSI’s Z68 mainboards you areinsured of Rear I/O Video Outputand Lucid Virtu I-Mode. A- and G-brands will not have video outputon all their Z68 models. They arerestricted to Virtu D-Mode and haveVERY limited support forapplications and games. Only 3 Applications supported in D-Mode!
  27. 27. Lucid Virtu Power Saving With a Discrete GPU: 30W power spikes per every window openingDuring video playback, MSI Z68 mainboardswith Virtu save 7% power on average Mainboards without Video output MSI Z68 with Virtu & Video out
  28. 28. King of Power SavingTwo years ago our goal was to be different because everybody was focusingon more phases, more power. We dreamed of making the most power savingand cool running mainboards. And we succeeded !“Our idle numbers with the power saving numbers haveMSI in the lead, something we have noticed across theirDRMOS product lines.” “Using DrMOS, this has allowed MSI to cool the board down quite a bit. Infact, it is the coolest running X58 we’ve tested so far.”“only MSI’s P45 Diamond with its DrMOS voltage regulator switching introduces substantialsavings... Again, Ultra Durable 3 didn’t make a difference.” “The real-time adjustments are even faster and “Unlike other solutions, APS more acute than even what Gigabyte offers” works”
  29. 29. Leading in DrMOS “Gigabyte has changed its CPU power hardware to smaller Driver MOS (branded DrMOS by MSI)… its still following in the footsteps of MSI” – Gigabyte P67 “The power hardware also takes a leaf out of MSI’s book and uses the “DrMOS” all-in-one power ICs” EVGA P55 “Sapphire have outfitted this model with an 8+2 power design. While that might not sound like much given the extravagant designs found on“”CPU power is delivered via a 6+1+1 phase some motherboard, this one is based on thepower design that uses DrMOS capacitors to highly capable DrMOS”provide stable voltages no matter the power Sapphire X58requirements placed on the – Zotac Z68-ITX
  30. 30. Leader in power efficiencyEven when other vendors use DrMOS, their power consumption is still not as efficientas MSI’s DrMOS & APS
  31. 31. Super Charger • Three times faster charging • Super charge device when PC is standby (S3) or shut down (S5) • Wide range product support: Apple, 6 Hours HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, USB charging Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and more2 Hours 3x Faster Super Charger
  32. 32. Winki 3 – Convenient Linux
  33. 33. Supreme Sound QualityAudio is a big part of the user experience and this is why all MSI Z68Mainboards support the supreme quality of THX. 33
  34. 34. MSI Gen3– Available NOWZ68A-GD80 (G3) Z68A-GD65 (G3) Z68A-GD55 (G3)
  35. 35. About PCI Express Gen 3 • Higher bit rate – PCI Express 2.0 = 5.0GT/s – PCI Express Gen 3 = 8.0GT/s • Higher efficiency – PCI Express 2.0 = 80% encoding efficiency – PCI Express Gen 3 = 98.5% encoding efficiency – PCI Express Gen 3 = No higher power consumption • Higher Bandwidth per lane – PCI Express 2.0 = 500MB/s – PCI Express Gen 3 = 1GB/s • 100% backwards compatible with previous PCI Express standards. (2.1, 2.0, 1.1, 1.0a)
  36. 36. Thank You Very Much for Your Attention