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The Snow Leopard


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Endangered species

Published in: Education
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The Snow Leopard

  1. 1. The Snow Leopard By Vicky and Audrey
  2. 2. Facts  It is estimated that there are 4500 to 7500 snow leopards that are living in the mountains of central Asia.  It is believed that 60 per cent of the entire population live in China.  It is believed they will go extinct in 10 years.
  3. 3. What is extinction? Extinction is when a entire species dies out due to not adapting to the environment quick enough. Many animals are poached for the fur and bones for medicine and decoration, one of animals is the snow leopard they are not yet extinct but are endangered.
  4. 4. Snow Leopard Poaching Sadly snow leopards are poached for there lovely fur which is highly valued In many countries where they make it into clothes and accessories. They are also poached for there bones to make into medicine. Many of the poachers live in snow leopard habitats these places have lots of poverty and poaching gives them an opportunity for more money, food and shelter.
  5. 5. How to help There are lots of organisations that help the Snow Leopard but unfortunately it is not enough they need your help! You can help by signing to adopt a snow Leopard or donating money to the cause here are some links to websites trying to save the Snow Leopard. wildlife/big-cats/snow leopard.aspx
  6. 6. The Snow Leopards are going extinct so please help now!!!