Tower Global Channel Opportunity


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Take a look at a presentation made by Rick Principato @ Print 2013 this year on the subject of 'Profit from PressRoom Chemistry, during the 2nd Global Channel Partners Summit in Chicago.

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Tower Global Channel Opportunity

  1. 1. Presentation for Global Channel Partners Summit Print 13 Chicago IL September 10, 2013 Presented by: Rick Principato-President
  2. 2. Who Is Tower Products? • Privately owned, independent manufacturer. • Diversified manufacturer of pressroom chemicals including washes, low VOC products, fountain solutions and specialty products selling through a channel. No direct sales. • International production and delivery scope with integrated manufacturing facility in Easton, PA. • Already selling into the export marketplace.
  3. 3. Presentation Focus • What are the opportunities in pressroom chemistry for your company. • What are the profit opportunities by product line. • How can we profitably purchase and sell these products.
  4. 4. Tower Products International Sales Strategy Goal • Our goal is to provide our international dealer partners a complete line of high technology fountain solutions and related products that are proven in the market and take little if any technical support to sell to your customers in order to grow their profitability.
  5. 5. Pressroom Chemical Opportunities • Fountain Solutions (Sheetfed, HS Web and Coldset) • Alcohol Replacements • Press Washes (Conventional and FOGRA) • Press Washes (UV and Flexographic) • Press Washes (Low VOC) • Specialty Washes and Cleaners • Ctp Plate Cleaners
  6. 6. Pressroom Profit Metrics Gross Profit by Product Line • • • • • • • • Fountain Solutions (Sheetfed, HS Web 15-35% and coldset) Alcohol Replacements 20-35% Press Washes (Conventional and FOGRA) 15-25% Press Washes (UV and Flexographic) 20-30% Press Washes (Low VOC) 20-30% Specialty Washes and Cleaners 25-50% Ctp Plate Cleaners 25-50%
  7. 7. International Dealer and Tower Products Purchasing/Partner Metrics and Methods • 1) Traditional buy and sell model • 2) Concentrate model • 3) Licensing agreement model • Products can be modified for local printing markets (eg pH modification)
  8. 8. Fountain Solutions and Alcohol Replacement Technologies • Fountain Solutions and Alcohol Replacements • • • • • • • Millennium SF Millennium 7000 Millennium 1000 and 2000 Millennium HSW-100 Dynamic ARP AR-7500 All products have been tested by the major plate manufacturers for CTP plate performance.
  9. 9. Conventional and FOGRA Press Washes • Standard Press Wash Products • Tech Wash IF, Colorkleen and IP Wash • FOGRA Approved Washes • Infinity Wash HMK-1 WM • Infinity Wash HMK UV
  10. 10. UV/Hybrid Washes • These products are designed to clean both UV and EB inks. Very strong cleaning action. Presses dressed accordingly. We are specialists in UV/EB Cleaning technology. • 396 UV and UV Wash MA- Strong UV Washes for nitrile and PVC composites. • California UV Wash- Faster drying EPDM UV Wash. • Tower UV Wash 100 Plus- Outstanding for both UV and hybrid washes. EPDM compatible.
  11. 11. Specialty Product Types • • • • • • • Plate Cleaners Metering Roller Cleaners Roller Care Products Coatings Cleaner Deglazers/Rejuventators Ink Fountain Liners Auto Wash Cloth-Dry
  12. 12. Flexographic Pressroom Chemistry • Products designed for the growing flexographic printing market. • • • • Anilox Roller Cleaner Gel UV Flexo Ink Cleaner Conventional Flexo Ink Cleaners Water-Based and Solvent Based Products
  13. 13. Your Input to us is valuable. How can we help you succeed? Tower Customer Care: Phone: 610-253-6206 Website: Email: Manufacturing Location: 2703 Freemansburg Avenue Easton, PA 18045 USA