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Lois Ritarossi - Global Channel Partners Summit 2012


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Lois Ritarossi - Global Channel Partners Summit 2012

  1. 1. Business Development to Drive Growth Lois Ritarossi, Senior Consultant Phone: 781-444-6849
  2. 2. A Worldwide Consulting Firm Offering Consulting for business development Offering Results Increased revenue More profitable applications Improved workflow Services  Business Development  Strategic Planning  Workflow Analysis  Sales Training  Marketing Campaigns  Customer workshops  Distributed Print Implementation  Training Course Development
  3. 3. What is Your Value Beyond Print?
  4. 4. Communication Challenges Customer Service Reduce Expenses  Treat each customer differently  Improve customer loyalty and retention  Correct messages reach the correct customers at the correct time  Maximize cross- sell/up-sell opportunities  Improve customer loyalty and retention  Measure the effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaigns  Control the costs of customer communications  Manage multiple communications channels Improve Revenue
  5. 5. The Change Constant 1995 E-Commerce 1994 The Web 1997 Content Mgmt. 2000 One-to-One X-Media 2002 Marketing Analytics 2005 CRM Age of Loyalty 2007 Social Media Cloud Computing 2009 2010 Mobile Marketing 2011 iPad/Tablet Apps
  6. 6. Content Rules WEB Business Systems ADS/POS RSS Feeds Mobile Email Social Media Direct Mail Literature on Demand Online Ads Podcasts Micro Sites
  7. 7. What is your value beyond Print? How can you help your clients’ succeed and grow?
  8. 8. Biz Development “Want to buy what I got?” “I’ve got some ideas to help you…” Sales Sales vs. Business Development
  9. 9. Consultative Selling Process Seeks to uncover needsNeeds Works as a partnerPartner Provides win-win solutionsSolutions Builds relationships, then salesRelationships Adds value to clientValue
  10. 10. Consultative Approaches Offers customer optionsFocus on Solutions Provides value See Clients’ Perspective Maintains integrityProvides Counsel Pro-active Listening Learns about client through questions
  11. 11. Selling Approach 1 Commodity Consultative 3 Trusted Advisor 4 Transactional 2
  12. 12. Why Business Development? Value beyond hardware and software Differentiate from competitors Industry results – Production solutions  Biz Dev engagement drives volume growth Biz Dev Focus  Marketing Strategy  Marketing Plan  Sales Training  Software deployment
  13. 13. The Industry in Changing Do you want to be part of their past?
  14. 14. The Industry in Changing Or Part of their future?
  15. 15. Questions? Thank You Lois Ritarossi, Senior Consultant Phone: 781-444-6849