Gerard Giuliano - Global Channel Partners Summit 2012


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  • Welcome everyone, and thank you for your time today. It's a pleasure to be here. I appreciate this opportunity to talk about KODAK’s Channel Momentum, and to tell you a little bit about what Kodak is doing with our channels and what we are doing to help be the best partner and help channels be successful. It’s impossible to go over everything Kodak is doing, so today I’ll be giving you a quick overview of who we are, what we are doing, and share a few examples.
  • (Review the agenda)
  • Fierce competition Need to position the Kodak value proposition at the business and strategy levels to align Kodak's and the channel's business strategies. Shift focus from "you must ..." to "grow the pie" Sustain and build channel loyalty through identifying and capturing incremental revenue streams. Sharpen focus of channels on end customer segments and Kodak solutions. Help channels to transition to new technology. Seize the initiative and grow the business. Deploy best practice channel management and consistent go-to-market planning processes, methods and tools. (THIS IS RELEVANT TO KODAK, NOT CHANNELS) Engage channels proactively in a high quality joint go-to-market and sales engagement planning.
  • Are you ready?
  • Top-Line Growth Revenue Generation New Customer Acquisition Increased Market Influence Lead Generation Commitment Margin Commitment: Executive Support/Sponsorship Low/No Channel conflict Financial Commitment Reputation: Trust and Flexibility Best-Fit Technology Market Share Financial Health Technology Industry Vision Brand Strength Sales and Marketing: Lead Tracking and Management Tools Lead Management Process Online Access to Sales Support Tools Joint Marketing Funds Training: Access to Support Professionals Quality/Breadth of Training Offered Solution and Configuration Guides Shared Tools and Methodology On-going Training Easy to do business: Quality Business Relationship Manager Single Point of Contact Ease of Access High Degree of Personalization
  • Trust Provide honest advice Keep commitments Take the lead Bring business opportunities Shared Knowledge Focus on Business Advantage Not just information Two way sharing Critical to agreed to goals Enables trust Innovation Bring New Value to the relationship Leverage core competencies Enlarge the Pie Don’t rely on past successes Agreed Goals Share vision of with real value Have focus and clarity Feeling of purpose and unity Metrics for success Clear roles and responsibility Balance of Returns Clear about investments Share success Short term vs. long term
  • Broadly, our intent is not to simply to emerge from Chapter 11, but to emerge even stronger – being global, profitable, sustainable, and responsible – in the core commercial businesses that will represent Kodak going forward.
  • The strategy of that core company – of Kodak Today – is to: - Lead change in commercial print and publishing markets with digital print solutions, while expanding and leveraging our leadership position in offset. - Drive and accelerate long-term growth in sustainable printing. - Build a services portfolio that adds value to enterprise content.
  • We are confident we will deliver on that strategy, because we have strengths to deliver on it. First of all, we have a portfolio that addresses the current and future needs of the marketplace. - Our digital printing solutions are helping transform markets traditionally served by analog solutions. - Our solutions in packaging and functional printing are addressing evolution in those large and growing markets. - And we have a number of annuity based businesses and services that support customers in these and other areas.
  • Sell KODAK products and benefit from: Increased Revenue Potential – Aggressive discount and performance programs available. Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction - Including service with an equipment sale gives your customers an ongoing total solution to their business needs. Sustained Source of Differentiation and Customer Contact – Within today's complex technology sector, KODAK Service & Support sets you apart with high-tech expertise. The Leverage of Kodak's Infrastructure – KODAK Service & Support is backed by a depth of resources - including people, systems, and tools. KODAK Service & Support is backed by a depth of resources - including people, systems, and tools. Education and training programs – available to learn how to sell service for storage systems. Marketing programs and business development funds – available for Distributors and resellers of KODAK Service & Support, includes support in development of an integrated marketing communications plan to grow your service business.
  • Gerard Giuliano - Global Channel Partners Summit 2012

    1. 1. Channel Success: Is Your Organization Ready? Gerry Giuliano Worldwide Channel Support Manager
    2. 2. Today’s focus  Worldwide challenges faced  Defining partnership  Defining success and setting the expectations  Kodak’s channel vision  Channel fundamentals  What is needed to be successful?  Questions?
    3. 3. Is your organization ready? Fierce competition is driving the need to … Align our business strategies and shift the focus from "you must ..." to "grow the pie" Identify and capture incremental revenue streams Sharpen focus on end customer segments and the breadth of solutions they require Transition to new technology – seize the initiative and grow the business Engage proactively in high quality, joint go-to-market and sales engagement planning
    4. 4. What are the challenges? Manufacturer Focus •Understanding the channel’s business •Loyalty of the partner •Attractive mutual value prop •Alignment of objectives, strategies, actions •Efficient readiness of enabling of partner Channel Partner Focus •Generate demand •Acquire, develop, retain customers •Efficient marketing selling and servicing of customers •Cash flow, profitability •Time to Market execution
    5. 5. What channel partners care about
    6. 6. Reasons for partnering
    7. 7. Definition of partnership Partnership TrustTrust Shared Knowledge Focus on business advantage Shared Knowledge Focus on business advantage Innovation Bring “New Value” to the relationship Innovation Bring “New Value” to the relationship Agreed Goals Shared vision with clarity and focus Agreed Goals Shared vision with clarity and focus ROI Short and long term return ROI Short and long term return
    8. 8. What makes partnerships work? Clarity about…
    9. 9. Setting the right expectations
    10. 10. What is success? M anufacturer’s D efinition ofSuccess C hannel’s D efinition ofSuccess ? =
    11. 11. Kodak’s Plan For The Future Global Profitable Sustainable Responsible
    12. 12. Our Business Strategy Lead change in commercial print and publishing markets with digital print solutions, while expanding and leveraging our leadership position in offset Drive and accelerate long-term growth in sustainable printing Build services portfolio to add value to enterprise content
    13. 13. Profitable and Sustainable Deposition-Based Businesses Commercial Printing Transform Analog Markets  Print (Marketing Collateral)  Publishing Market Size: >$23B Digital Printing Mature with Growing Segments Evolving Printing Markets Large and Growing Consumables & Services Packaging Print  Packaging  Sustained Printing Functional Printing  Smart Packaging  Specialty Materials Market Size: $50B - $70B Annuity Based Businesses (consumables & services) Business Models with High Gross Profit Ability to Withstand Economic Cycles Content and Document Management Workflow Software Consumer Inkjet Supplies
    14. 14. Kodak’s channel vision Serve customers through strategic relationships with channel partners that complement our Go-to-Market strategy
    15. 15. Kodak’s key channel objectives  Maximize customer and channel satisfaction  Drive significant revenue and market share growth through Kodak channel partners  Drive mutual commitment to the channel relationship  Simple, repeatable execution  To be a consistent, predictable and highly regarded vendor to our channel partners
    16. 16. Channel fundamentals Implement a framework to improve the relationship between Kodak and our Channel Partners
    17. 17. Top 10 channel “must haves” for success
    18. 18. Top 10 channel “must haves” for success Sales capability • Market coverage Strategic alignment • Channel commitment plan • Measure and evaluate progress Sales expertise • Dedicated sales reps • Experience in market • Existing customer base Marketing • Marketing dedicated to support sales • Joint programs with Kodak • Demand Generation programs Market attractiveness Ability to provide service • Field engineer capability • Graphic experience Channel reputation • Robust business plan • Reputation in the market • Credit worthiness Good product fit • Market and product synergy Ability to invest • Training (Sales and Technical) • Dedicated personnel • Equipment and spare parts inventory • Demo room equipment •Competitive Advantage
    19. 19. Selling Kodak products in the graphic arts Benefits: Increased revenue Customer loyalty Sustained source of differentiation Leverage Kodak's service & support Education and training Marketing programs and business development programs
    20. 20. © 2012, Eastman Kodak Company