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Channel Business Management - Jaeger - Update 1


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This is our 1st update of our Channel Business Management - Jaeger - Update 1 with more information about our unique GlobalPrintMediaChannel Research Support programs for Channel Research & Development.

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Channel Business Management - Jaeger - Update 1

  1. 1. An Innovation by GlobalChannelPartners and PrintMediaPartners To serve the needs of the GlobalPrintMediaChannel for ad-hoc, on-call and on-demand professional ‘Project Based Training Resource’ consultancy. Issue No.1 3rd December 2013
  2. 2. Project Based - Training Resources The Problem  Colleagues who need to know  Managers who need to discover  Executives who need to strategize  Owners who need to decide The Solution  ‘Jaeger’ is now available from the combined resources and based upon 30 years extensive expertise and in depth experience; offered by GlobalChannelPartners and PrintMediaPartners.  You need tactical, strategic and corporate training, mentoring & facilitation on how to ‘Go Global’ and or ‘Be Global’ in the GlobalPrintMediaChannel 2014 (includes  ‘Jaeger’ is exclusively for manufacturers / Experience and expertise in management, marketing, research and technology.  ‘Jaeger’ is project based, ‘OnSite - Online - support for our Explorer and Adventurer). distributors and dealers, who serve and support the GlobalPrintMediaChannel. Ontime’ for £2,500/$4,000/3,000EUR per calendar month (inclusive of designated costs).
  3. 3. Contact - Jaeger Danny Moloney Manchester, U.K. GlobalChannelPartners/PrintMediaPartners Cell + 44 7770 762860