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Benefits of Using Biometric Identification Management for eID Initiatives


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Benefits of Using Biometric Identification Management for eID Initiatives

  1. 1. Business Case:
  2. 2. Executive Summary e-ID is the electronic counterpart to a national identification card (NIC). In a changing world moving more towards online based services in both the public and private sectors, an ID is more than a proof of identity. The M2SYS AFIS e-ID solution can serve in multiple sectors (e.g. social security, education, telephony services, banking services, taxation) depending on the context of the deployment. 2
  3. 3. Problem Statement Developments of biometric technology are no longer in an embryonic stage and have been used successfully in the context of ID documents for over 10 years (28 January 2002) where approximately 89.5 million cards have been issued as of 2012. 33 National e-ID projects have already deployed and another 22 are in definition/specification phase and the e-ID system as a whole has few drawbacks. However, issues like data protection, privacy, information liability, access authority, and the quality of authentication remain heavily disputed issues. Political Issues Legal Issues Infrastructure Issues Privacy Issues Drawbacks 3
  4. 4. eID Goals & Objectives Stop illegal immigration Prevent unauthorized access Increase document security Reduce terrorism threats Reduce potential acts of crime such as murder, robbery, drug trafficking Ensure better citizen benefits More effective implementation of law & justice Improved governance 4
  5. 5. Global e-ID Deployments 5 Source:
  6. 6. Benefits of using e-ID Supporting e-services - simplifying access Ensure better citizen benefit program Improving national security Increasing administrative efficiency and reducing cost Limiting possibilities for fraud, identity theft, and phishing Establishing a population database Supporting mutual recognition in cross-border situations 6
  7. 7. The M2SYS e-ID Solution Multi Modal AFIS: Includes facial recognition and iris recognition One-to-many (1:N) matching system in standard M2SYS AFIS Server Provides system access to other departments or organizations Multi-platform, scalable cluster architecture for parallel matching SSL/TLS connectivity for secure communication AES-256 based data encryption 7
  8. 8. One ID – Many Applications Application Layer of M2SYS e-ID Border Control e-passport National ID Voter Registration Latent Print Health Care & Welfare Public Safety Biometric Overview •Iris •Palm Vein •Fingerprint •Facial Capture Matching System •One-to-many Matching System •One-to-many Biometric Matching •Multi-platform for Parallel Matching One Biometric Database 8
  9. 9. Recommended Uses for M2SYS e-ID e-ID Core purpose: identify and authenticate citizens eSocial Access to social security services eHealth Access to health care services Public Safety Identifying criminal, forgery protection, & identity theft eVoting Registering to vote, and voting in elections to promote fairness Move from simple identification to multi-purpose card Broad coverage of governmental and private areas Driver: Create added value for the citizen M2SYS e-ID: One Card Multiple Use 9
  10. 10. Conclusion Growing security problems around the world are leading to more frequent requests for proof of identity. Biometrics in the context of ID documents has been researched and deployed for the last 10 years, proving to be an efficient, effective, and secure way to manage identities. The adoption rate of biometric e-IDs are increasing across the globe as more governments discover their advantages and the M2SYS e-ID is a biometric national ID solution that is designed to meet the evolving identity needs of any country. It’s fault tolerant architecture, disk mirroring, automated database backups, and disaster recovery options provides a secure national population register. 10
  11. 11. Contact Us Corporate Headquarter: 1050 Crown Pointe Pkwy. Suite 850 Atlanta, GA 30338 USA Asia Office: House-279, Road-19, Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka 1216 Bangladesh E-mail: Phone: +1 (770) 393 0986 Website: Get Social: Facebook: Twitter: @M2SYS LinkedIn: Blog: YouTube: Google+: 11