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Welcome to Re-evoluIOTion by Vicente Muñoz



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Editor's Notes

  • Good morning and thank you for inviting me here today. I am sure that you have heard a lot about radical changes these days
    But I would like you to look at that revolution from a different angle ...
  • Well I call it re-evolution because what we are living now is something that we have lived many times before …
  • There is one thing all humans have in common:
    OUR NEED TO EVOLVE. This is my first statement of this keynote.

    We can’t really stop doing it. Just take a look to my family album…
  • This was my first mobile phone.
    Do you remember when we started to ask Where are you? instead of How are you?
    It allowed us to do more and to do it faster.
  • Thirty years before, my father bought our first tv set.
    Suddenly the world became smaller.
    Again we were accelerating knowledge, getting closer, getting faster.
  • And why did my grandfather buy that car? Because he also wanted to break limitations, to go farther and faster.
  • And we can go back as far as we want ... electric light, railroad, steam engine, the wheel, fire ...
  • We can say that there is nothing more human than technology ...
  • ... and this thing I am doing right now: to communicate.
  • Inventing tools and sharing them, this combination has taken us forward.
    that is how I understand evolution: technology and communication

  • But we have got now so many tools to “help” us…that in the end you do not know who serves who.
    Maybe the question we ask ourselves everyday has to change.
  • The question that helps us to move forward is now what can we stop doing?
    What if we do not have to take care of the tools we use?
  • And the answer is that we can focus on the human.
    That’s what Internet of Things means to us at Telefonica: getting things to do what THEY can do for themselves, so we can focus on what really makes us special.
  • We are living a revolution that aims not to go faster but to think faster. To be better informed, to make better decisions.
  • to connect with the things that really matter to us.
  • By making the tools communicate with us and tell us how we use them, to know each other better
  • Also by making the things communicate among themselves, saving us the time to worry about its operation
  • All this communication will multiply the volume of data we handle. BIG DATA. SOMETHING THAT FULL EXPLOIT WITH THE MASSIVE DEPLOYMENT OF IOT. And this is my third statement.
  • It’s time for new questions to arise,
    Because “WE ARE NO LIVING A CHANGE OF TIME, BUT A TIME OF CHANGES” My fourth statement
    and I’m going to start with an inevitable one
  • What is our role as Telefónica in IOT?
  • IoT is a new step in a road of communications that we have walked for a hundred years. It is in our DNA.
  • Since we started connecting homes, offices, industries ...
  • and then when we started to connect individuals, people, and it was a BIG LEAP.
  • Later on, we experienced the next step forward: the fix and Mobile BROADBAND .
  • And now the objects: a new leap in connectivity and communication. A leap forward, a new step in the same direction.
  • And now let me back to the basics. Remember the four elements of the IoT:
    The sensors, the objects, the devices, that collect the data.
    The network that take it to third element
    The platforms that manage and process that information
    And finally Analytics capabilities that squeeze the data.

    It is the journey of data, from pure data to added value information that opens a new world of possibilities for our customers business and for the whole society. This is what we have called The IoT Path.
  • For example, what does a digital water meter tell us about?
    The water we consume, right.
    But in the digital environment it tells a lot more…
  • It can tell us if we are early birds or night owls
  • if we live alone or with a large family, this is my case
  • if we work at home
  • or if Saturday is our relax day
  • Imagine now what millions of digital counters can tell us about our society, more acurate then ever, about what we needs, about our companies…
  • Imagine now the possibilities of crossing all kind of data in real time, talking among themselves and with us.

    Internet of Things is not to be seen as a static product.
  • So IoT is evolving from connecting things in the different scenarios of our lives
  • to interacting things, as they also share information among themselves, creating new scenarios
    With the connected object we do not offer only a result, but a cycle of continuous improvement.
  • It´s a whole new world, and let me share with you some examples of how our customer are starting to enjoy its benefits and evolving their businesses.
  • It is real for us in Telefonica,
    And it is real also for our customers.
    It is a journey
  • So its a journey that we make with them along their transformation journey, during their own evolution.
    co-creating solutions with the customer
    helping to transform customer’s critical business processes with global manage connectivity
    expanding our services to every location where they operate. Even beyond Telefonica footprint.
    And finally Growing with our customer, building a long term partnership.
  • This is a good sample of co-creation.
    We are alredy working wiht one of the global leaders in container shipping for cretaing an IoT solution from escratch to ensure safe transportation for more than 1k ships and >150k reefers on real time.

    Monitoring conditions for every reefer and ship location was a real challenge, and our competitors hadn’t come with an efficient answer. It seemed to be too expensive, but we collaborated with our partners to find the solution: combining cellular connectivity within the ship, and then satellite connectivity for customers devices at any point.
  • When your customer is leading innovation in an industry, it demands solutions that transform critical business processes. We’ve been chosen to provide broadband connectivity in tens of thousands of premium cars in UK, Germany and Spain.
  • Brick and mortar retailers need to replicate the personalised experience of online commerce We have developed a Connected Store Concept for 300 stores worldwide for this customer.
    All brand visuals and messages are synchronized in a single experience.
    Customer benefits go from gathering all data in the store to assess the impact and take real time decisions.
  • We are providing an end to end IoT solution including connectivity, device and data management to build the connected coffee machine, in more tan 100k industrials coffee machines in more tan 25 markets worldwide.
    Customer benefits are clear: to start with real time coffee machines location, fraud detection and costs efficiency
  • We have built up our strengths around what is more valuable for our customers on their IoT journey
  • A journey that leads us to this impresive global perspective

    It looks ambitious but we don’t plan to make it only on our own
  • As you have surely heard before "if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”
  • That is why we are committed to DEVELOP AN ECOSYSTEM OF THINGNOVATORS LIKE US,
    all the companies that we are attending this event.

    And this My fith and last statament.

    Together we can address the main challenges for making IOT massive.
  • Making Technology more available:

    Through new IoT networks
    With Devices more inteligentes, through edge computing capabilities
    Ande Developing new tools that squeeze the info, the data as never before: machine learning, cognitive computing and data streaming
  • Standardization and interoperability:
    Because solutions cannot be vendor dependant.
    and Standards don’t always mean interoperability.

    So, standards & interoperability shall go along together
  • Reducing complexity along the digital customer journey and their critical business processes
  • Price Point and scalability:
    Low Price is Priceless. To give the customer the priceses they will be willing to pay.
    Replicability as a result of new deployment and operational models
    Producing scalable technologies for deploying the masification of IoT
  • And finally Security and Privacy:
    Secured end to end: from devices, networks and applications
    Assuring data Access, integrity and privacy
  • For the IoT evolution Outstanding Connectivity is the key
    But this doesn´t mean only one kind of connectivity
  • Some living beings have taught us that evolution, adaptation, means to know also how to simplify.
    Such as the new LPWA technologies that are already available like, NB-IoT, LTE-M. The first celular networks specifically designing for IoT.

    For connecting our everyday things it will be the simpler the better:
    Less data
    more battery life
    indoor coverage,
    plug and play devices.
  • On the other hand our networks will keep on growing and 5G is the promise in where all our industry is working on.
    5G will enable things to redefine the way we perceive our world

    For IoT that means: more data traffic, lower latency and critical use cases, such as autonomous driving or Industry 4.0
  • 5 Statements

    I am concluding, so it´s cliear that we all have a new horizon in front of us
  • We are living the fantastic opportunity of building up a future.
    a new relationship ...
  • among connected things and people
  • It is in our hands to make a world
  • in which people are viewed as simple data providers
  • ... a world in which we see people
  • in everything we look at
  • behind each object
  • behind each device
  • behind each digit
  • That's the future we can all do together
  • And this is the right time to do it
  • This is the time of The Internet of Things of the People
  • Our next big step.
  • Let's make that future a reality. I encourage all of you.
    So let´s do it
  • Let’s Do IoT.
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