Roaming Data Access: Carrier Insights and OEM Perspectives


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Presentation by Pavan Mathew, Global Head of Connected Car at Telefonica Digital, in the IVI 2013 in London.

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Roaming Data Access: Carrier Insights and OEM Perspectives

  1. 1. Roaming  Data  Access:   Carrier  Insights  and  OEM  Perspec:ves       Pavan  Mathew,     Global  Head  of  Connected  Car   Telefonica  Digital   IVI  2013,  London   Sep  26th  2013
  2. 2. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m OnStar  leads  the  market  in  the  US  for  the   connected  car.     1   Country   320  M   Subscribers   4   Operators   Unified  regula:on,  no  Roaming   Costs,  1  language  (2  considering   Spanish)   Highly  concentrated  in  big  ci:es   3  of  them  have  almost  100%   geographical  coverage  in  the  US  
  3. 3. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m European  ecosystem  is  much  more  complex…   Vehicles        1,1bn                                           (*)Non  exhaus:ve   790  M   Subscribers   5  BIG   Operators   >100   Networks   Various  views  and  beliefs  on   regula:on  (The  eCall  challenge)   Excluding  countries  in  CIS  region     None  of  the  operators    offer  100%   geographical  coverage     Even  the  large  operators  have  independent   networks  &  opera:ons  per  country   27-­‐40   Countries  
  4. 4. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m Challenges  facing  European  operators…   OEM  Customer  vs.   Telco  Customer   Accessing  Factors   Customer  Rela>onship   Management   How  to  offer  a  regulatory  compliant    single  SIM  for   any  territory  compiling  with  regulatory  issues   Customer  support:  languages    and  data  mining     Roaming  cost,  bandwidth  for  high  data  consuming   services  &  quality   Ownership,  billing,  lifecycle   B2B  and  B2C  business  models  flexibility  Business  Models   Global  SIM  &   Seamless  Connec>vity   Mature  solu:ons   Focus  on   Challenges  to  be  faced  
  5. 5. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m §  Operator alliances a key enabler §  Subscription Swap localizes the SIM to the operator selected over the air §  Action is triggered automatically depending on business rules define by operator §  Third parties asking for IMSI ranges to operators in order to set solutions (higher costs) §  Operators currently working in an alliance Global SIM as the foundation… Global SIM & Seamless Connectivity
  6. 6. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m LTE deployments, alliances and regulation are solving accessing factors §  Roaming Cost are being driven down by EU regulation §  Outside EU Operator one to one roaming agreements are set, special M2M alliances are being secured by operators §  Significant LTE deployments are expected during 2014-2015. Bandwidth will be more of a cost issue rather than technology §  M2M service quality is assured by roaming in best operators possible, or being able to roam on more than one operator §  New services and opportunities are enabled Accessing Factors
  7. 7. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m §  Connectivity is not enough §  Flexible (on-demand) B2C business models §  Carrier billing plus traditional payments over one single APN §  Transparent invoicing independently if the SIM is roaming or has been localized §  Shared data plans B2C more demanding than B2B (billing flexibility is a key requirement from OEMs) Flexibility on Business Models
  8. 8. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m §  1st level support usually a mixed responsibility between operator and partner depending on the industry and region §  Operators utilizing third parties for most regions §  Recent entry into data mining §  Developing strategies to integrate “Big Data” to support retention and new services §  Data security is paramount – many examples of missteps CRM a big opportunity, but tread carefully.. Customer Relationship Management
  9. 9. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m §  Merging the “driver” (OEM customer) and the “device” §  Collaboration based on strength §  Vehicle data (Diagnostics) §  Developer community, Apps and Infotainment §  Usage lifecycle §  Customer touch points Unfied view and approach of the “customer”... OEM Customer & Telco Customer
  10. 10. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m Other industries have solved similar challenges Dell partners with Telefonica to give laptops pay-as-you-go mobile data access in Europe 3G connectivity solution for notebooks and tablets across Europe, mainly focus on corporate sector and retail market. Solution ü It is activated out of the box and is ready to go. ü No fixed contract. ü No additional roaming charges. ü Pay-as-you-go bundles are available at the touch of a button, from 30 minutes up to 1 month, under B2C model ü Two tariff structures providing cost effective long term access and short term transparent data roaming charges. ü Dell provides sales channel and customer support where Telefonica has no presence Benefits Telefónica strikes Europe-wide M2M deal with Dell “Telefónica and Dell collaborate to deliver the broadest pay-as-you-go mobile broadband service for notebooks and tablets across Europe — enabled with a single M2M SIM Dell NetReady, powered by Telefónica, is an enhanced 3G connectivity solution for laptops and tablets — delivering on-demand high-speed Internet access The solution allows companies to provide their workforce with fast and reliable connectivity, anytime and anywhere, paying only for what they need.” Tuesday, 7May 2013
  11. 11. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m & More to come THANK  YOU!     Pavan  Mathew        |        Telefónica  Digital   Head  of  Connected  Car      |      M2M  Global  Services        |          Mob:  +1  734  679  9381