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The Joy of creating a better world with IoT


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Telefónica M2M presentation at Ovum Industry Congress 2015, by Surya Mendonça

Published in: Technology
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The Joy of creating a better world with IoT

  1. 1. Surya Mendonça of creating a better world with IoT The Joy
  2. 2. We are in the middle of a digital revolution_
  3. 3. Places 1bn. 2020 Devices 20bn. People 8bn. M2M/IoT is the next wave of this revolution_
  4. 4. Driven by various factors_ • New technologies • More affordable • Open, interconnected systems • Standards • Quality of life • Security • Sustainability • Savings • Efficient processes Regulation Environment People & Company Needs Technology Availability • New regulation policies • Public funds
  5. 5. Generating new business models_ - 15% -30% of energy reduction due to smart lighting -20% of traffic density reduction due to smart traffic lights +20-25% productivity increase thanks to Smart Agriculture Savings up to £800 M In generation and distribution of electricity in UK SMIP +15% fuel reduction thanks to fleet management Productivity Cost reduction Efficiency Sustainability
  6. 6. Public AdministrationTransport Energy Financial servicesIndustrial solutions Consumer Electronics Health Security Opportunity emerges across multiple industries_ • Connected Car • Fleet Management • Stolen Vehicle Recovery • Smart Cities • e-Government • Smart Metering • Smart Grid • Energy Efficiency • Telemedicine • Remote assistance • Payments • e-Wallet • Tank Telemetry • Vending • Elevators • Alarms • Cybersecurity • Wearables • Watches
  7. 7. Horizontal Solutions Device Management Consumer Electronics Industrial Telemetry Utilities Health Financial services SecurityTransport Energy Efficiency Connected Car Managed Data 1 2 Smart Cities In Telefonica our strategy is focused on horizontal & e2e solutions_ Managed Connectivity E2E Solutions “Global & Local Strategy” “Focus on Innovation” “In-house Capabilities & Key Partners”
  8. 8.  Connected Maps  Internet Radio  Remote vehicle monitoring  Remote diagnosis  B-Call  24h Road Assistant Providing m2m connectivity for Tesla electric vehicle across major EU markets Managed connectivity  E-call/diagnostics  New wave (infotainment/4G) E2E solutions:  Fleet Management  Connected Car With a very active role in the transport industry_
  9. 9. As well as in energy industry_ Telefónica is a Communications Service Provider on the UK Government Smart Metering Implementation Program One of the world’s largest awarded contracts 23.5 million households 42.3 million smart meters £1.5 Billion contract SmartMeters
  10. 10. Sub title 1 Energy & Environment Smart Mobility Security & e-Health Public Administration 2 3 4 Pushing to transforming public services with Smart cities_  Improve citizens quality of life: • Innovative services • Higher quality  Reduce administration costs through more efficient systems Aguas de San Pedro  Leveraging our Smart City Platform Open Source Fiware Standards Big Data Open Data Data Analytics
  11. 11. Tank Telemetry Smart Agriculture … Smart Coolers Smart Building Smart Elevators Solution E2E Tank monitoring Device Web-based application Data collection & reporting Alerts & notifications Client benefits Efficient logistics, maintenance & control processes Increased asset security We create solutions together with our customers, understanding their business needs_
  12. 12. We are encouraging innovation around IoT_ TELEFONICA OPEN FUTURE THINKING THINGS  Global & Open Programme  Connecting start ups, investors, & orgs  Integrating all innovation, entrepreneurship & transformation initiatives: Talentum, Wayra, Think Big, Telefónica Ventures & Amérigo  Ongoing Specific Internet of Things Challenge  Platform offering all elements required to create new IoT solutions  Modular hardware  Integrated sensors and connectivity  Ready to use  Developers/Makers oriented – API available  Now also Open
  13. 13. And bringing innovation into the market_  Leveraging R&D Team  With Thinking Thinkings technology  Driving simplicity for the customer and sales/awareness for Telepizza Telepizza Click and Go magnet enabled by Telefónica
  14. 14. + While betting on new technologies: LPWA_  New technology complementary to cellular  Big potential, with new use cases enabled due to coverage, energy, cost and backup requirements  Sigfox unique value proposition with proven fast deployment model