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Connected Car - Telefónica's aftermarket solutions


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Designed as after-market solutions, these act as self-installable plug & play modules that enable you to make connected cars out of the standard vehicles running along our streets.

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Connected Car - Telefónica's aftermarket solutions

  1. 1. CONNECTED CAR Telefonica_
  2. 2. Product Overview Connected Car Cloud Network O2 Car Connection WEB APP O2 Car Connection MOBILE APP Self-installable Module DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 2
  3. 3. Product Overview Connected Car Key points: Ø  First m2m B2C product from Telefónica Ø  Available to non-O2 customers as well as O2 customers Ø  This is an aftermarket product from Telefónica DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 3
  4. 4. Our Value Proposition Challenges for consumer DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Connected Car Our value proposition 4 Business model
  5. 5. Our Value Proposition Challenges for consumer Connected Car Challenges for consumer: Ø  Modern cars are very complex Ø  Insecurity about vehicle health Our value proposition Ø  Lack of control over their car Ø  Fears of car theft Business Model Ø  Want to know if their car is moved unexpectedly Ø  Want to save money through improving driving behavior DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 5
  6. 6. Our Value Proposition Challenges for consumer Connected Car Our value proposition: Our value proposition Business Model DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 6
  7. 7. Our Value Proposition Challenges for consumer Our value proposition Connected Car Our value proposition: Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Business Model Ø  Ø  DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Self-installable plug & play device 24h connection to your car Know about your car’s health in real time Understand what is wrong with your car sooner saving you money Track your car in case it is stolen or receive an alert if the device is unplugged keeping your and your family safe (live tracking) Control your car from your phone By tracking private vs. business trips you can simplify your driving expenses This is the most feature rich device on the market Device and service available to non-Telefonica customers as well 7
  8. 8. Our Value Proposition Challenges for consumer Our value proposition Connected Car Business model: Ø  B2C model. We provide the hardware & include a years service (connectivity) Ø  Sell the device through consumer electronic channels online and offline Business Model DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 8
  9. 9. Product Features Connected Car Dashboard Health Alerts Location Initial app dashboard gives overview of vehicle status; driving activity and vehicle location. The user can fully understand & assess vehicle performance as engine lights are translated into useful descriptions helping them to make better repair decisions. User can receive alerts on the dashboard or by email for geo fence crossings; speeding; high engine RPM; low battery & vehicle motion (when stationary). Users can find their way back to their vehicle using their last saved location. Logbook Live tracking Geo fences User can automatically save all trips made by the vehicle allowing them to see trip details such as start & end date, location, time, distance travelled and route. Users can track their moving vehicle live showing speed, direction and location with updates every 5 seconds. Users can set geographic perimeters so if their vehicle exits or enters a predetermined area they receive an alert. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 9
  10. 10. Technical Details Connected Car O2 Car Connection is a wireless device that plugs into your car: Ø  ODB II standard connector: This allows connection to the diagnostic control network of the vehicle (CANBUS) giving access to diagnostic information Ø  GPS chipset: Provides information for Tracking , Location, recent-trips and geo-fencing features Ø  M2M SIM: Data connectivity both inside and outside of the vehicle. This connects the car to the cloud DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 10