Telefónica m2m: Connected car come of age


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Keynote about connected cars by Pavan Mathew, Head of Connected Car Telefonica Digital (CTIA 2013). In our blog you can see our chronicle about the event:

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Telefónica m2m: Connected car come of age

  1. 1. Connected CarCome of AgePavan Mathew,Head of Connected CarTelefonica DigitalCTIA 2013, Las VegasMay 22nd 2013
  2. 2. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2mIndustry wide agreement that the connected car is a bigopportunity, and a key market within M2M for operators…Devices 50bnPeople 7bnPlaces 1bn
  3. 3. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2mDevices 50bnPeople 8bnPlaces 1bnIndustry wide agreement that the connected car is a bigopportunity, and a key market within M2M for operators250 Million Vehicles registered inEurope250VEHICLES- Telematics Update - - Telefonica - - European Commission -Vehicles 1,1bnEstimated penetration ofTelematics<1%PERCENTEstimated Revenues fromTelematics Market in 2012$2.3Billion
  4. 4. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2mEveryone agrees connected car is a big opportunity, and amain market within M2M for operators…Estimated penetration ofTelematics<1%PERCENT250 Million Vehicles registered inEurope250VEHICLESEstimated Revenues fromTelematics Market in 2012$2.3BillionConsumer Telematicsbusiness by 2013$ 41BILLIONTelematics enabledvehicles by 201030 MVEHICLESGlobal revenues willgrow up to US$11billion in 2020.$ 11BILLIONTelematics enabledvehicles sales by 202035 MVEHICLES… however mass adoption and revenue has been a challenge…2005 Forecast Current Forecast- Telematics Update - - Telefonica Market Research- - European Commission-Devices 50bnPeople 8bnVehicles 1,1bn
  5. 5. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2mStandardizationCustomerManagementServicecustomizationCost Model…due to challenges in business model• HW cost impacton vehicle retailprice• Data networkroaming costs• Multiple players inthe value chain• Prepareinfrastructure tosell services(Business processand tools)• Billing & invoicingcapabilities a crosscountries• Manage customerrelationship• Flexibility onservice/bundles• Adapt userexperience ofdigital services tocar uses case (70%of customers aresolo drivers)• StandardizeSystems to attractdevelopers• Interfaces to makeservices/deviceswork seamlessly
  6. 6. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2mPartnership between OEMs & Telcos is critical toaddress these challengesStandardizationCustomerManagementServicecustomizationCost Model• Telco are activelyworking on costreduction in dataroaming costs andSIM pricing• Sharing revenuesis lading to newmodel where riskare share amongmain stakeholders• 1:1 customerrelationships• Extensiveknowledge in CRM& data mining• Unique position tobill & invoicecustomers• Content, apps,agreements withcontentdistributors…• Extensiveknowledge in Ux,and digitalservices & appsbusiness models• Experience instandardizationprocesses &forums
  7. 7. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2mSupported by ServiceDelivery PlatformTelefonica is developing its proposition to meet thechallengeMANAGED CONNECTIVITY.Best in class connectivity, leveraging ourunique footprint and selected roamingpartners with one global SIMFOUNDATIONAL SERVICESAddresses forthcoming globalregulations and customer expectations eCAll bCall Stolen Vehicle Navigation Point of InterestDIFFERENTIATING P&SBringing in advanced digital productand services to the automotiveindustry Advanced Data Management:• Hosting• Analytics Insurance Telematics Fleet Management Media Content Location Based AdvertisingDEVELOPER ECOSYSTEM.Offer Telefonicas developer ecosystemto the connected car, allowing the OEMto manage the user experiencePower by
  8. 8. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2mMeeting customer and OEMs needsthe theDriver OEMNew revenue streamsVehicle differentiationImproved service loyaltyTransforming the car into a service, transforming theservice into a business opportunityWith a Unified user experience controlled andbranded by the OEMGain insight on driver behaviour do to better targetcross-selling offers and servicesAddress regulationseCall (Mandatory in EU by 2015), Contran 245,GLONASS, global connectivityQuality improvement & warranty reductionGain insight prior to saleable vehicles & Over-the-air fixesreduces warranty savingImproved CRMSupport new customer interactions and vehicleinformation tracking in order to develop a personalizedrelationship based on drivers’ preferences and behaviors.Increased safety & securityEasy and practical servicesUnified user experienceFeel secure on the road and vehicleoperationAccess easy-to-use navigation,infotainment services in a safe way with asmooth user experienceOEM branded experience
  9. 9. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2mOnStar & Telefonica partnership• Single Global Supplier – Ease of Managing Project, Accountability• Global SIM – Improved Logistics and Manufacturing Chain• Global Project Team – Sales, Post Sales Project Management• Legal And Regulatory – Global Cooperation• Future Development – Long Term Relationship!!!
  10. 10. © Telefónica S.A | All rights reserved m2m& More to comeTHANK YOU!Pavan Mathew | Telefónica DigitalHead of Connected Car | M2M Global | Mob: +1 734 679 9381