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The Microsoft BPM Platform


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This presentation goes over the concept of a business process management system (BPMS) within the Microsoft architecture. It defines what is a BPMS, defines the history of the Microsoft BPM platform, identifies the components of the Microsoft BPM-Platform, and lastly, it goes over the future of the Microsoft BPM platform by discussing the windows workflow foundation. The presentation was created by Filipe Pinto, M2MSys® Chief Architect, and Neal Walters, M2MSys® Lead Microsoft Platform Architect.

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The Microsoft BPM Platform

  1. 1. By: Filipe Pinto, Neal Walters M2MSys Chief Architect M2MSys Lead Microsoft Platform Architect © 2007 M2MSys LLC – All rights reserved © M2MSys LLC. All rights reserved. This document can not be copied and it is protected by copyright International Laws. Proprietary and Confidential.
  2. 2. Agenda  What is the BPM Platform?  The MS-BPM History  The M-BPM Platform Components  The MS-BPM Platform Cost  The MS-BPM Team Structure  Microsoft’s BPM Future.  Senior IT Managers  “BPM Executive Summary”  Architect and Senior Developers  Technical Business Analyst Modeling Business Audience Videos Quality Management Process Redesign  Business Process Management System Theory Mathematics Prerequisites Business Science BPM SOA
  3. 3. What is a BPM Platform (BPMS)? BPM Platform Management Processes running? Process #n Process #3 Process Portal Operations Manager Process #2 Process #1 Business Activity Technical BA Monitoring Customer Move processes to PROD Deployment Release Manager Technical BA Process Process Virtual Definition Model, analyze Business User Machine EAI Process Designer Business Analyst Enterprise Services Bus WS- SOA WS-SOA Back Office Back Office Application Application
  4. 4. Microsoft BPM History  BizTalk 2000 – Microsoft response to the middleware market craze and web service emergence.  BizTalk 2002 – minor upgrade on BizTalk 2000  BizTalk 2004 – migration to the .NET framework. First BPM concepts such as BAM and non-sequential workflow (Human Workflow) even though extremely unbaked.  BizTalk 2006 - Microsoft release BizTalk 2006 with minor tuning intended to migration towards SQL 2005, Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 and in Mid 2007 they release BTS 06 R2.  2006 – Microsoft finally recognizes the importance of BPM – the first time Microsoft website makes a reference of the word BPM and late that year the first BizTalk BPM Conference
  5. 5. Microsoft BPM Platform MOSS InfoPath Word Excel. BizTalk Visual Studio Visio SCOM BAM XLANG SSO HAT BAS Messg. Deploy Rules WS HWS Export SQL Analysis Report Windows .NET IIS
  6. 6. Cost For a regular enterprise deployment, fail-over safe (2 of each with exception of SCOM), we estimate that you will need  10 servers (a 10 blade rack) - $100K  SAN - $50K  Software: SQL – 2x$25K, BTS – 2x$25K, MOSS (depends on the number of CLAs), SCOM (depends on the number of machines) = $250K ++  Maintenance/year = 20% = $50K  Microsoft Premier Support = $100K/y  Initial Cost = $500K  Cost per Year = $150K
  7. 7. xDelivery™ Team Structure M2MSys® Standard BPM Team Customer’s Liaison MS BPM Architect: Project Manager •Enterprise Architect •PMI •BPM Expert •Unified Compliance •Documentation Senior Developer(s) Senior Technical Business Analyst Senior Infrastructure •C# (webservices) •Business SME •Installation •BizTalk •Business Rules •Configuration •Sharepoint •BPM Modeling •Security •SQL •Reports •ITIL® •Testing
  8. 8. The Microsoft-BPM Future! Microsoft is trying to close the gap between the BPM and the SOA approaches and has released the Windows Workflow Foundation with .NET 3.0. WF is a programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on Windows. It consists of a WinFX namespace, an in-process workflow engine, and designers for Visual Studio 2005. Includes support for both sequential workflow and human workflow. BizTalk 2008 will be re-written to use the new WF framework.
  9. 9. Summary  The Microsoft BPM Platform is slowly taking shape and it is still suffering from a certain lack of clear direction by some of the server Teams – ASP and InfoPath are a clear example.  In its full configuration, it is difficult to configure specially when MOSS is public facing.  Microsoft arrived to BPM world via the SOA orchestration (XLANG). Their technical staff is for the most part not aware of TRUE business process oriented development.  Microsoft is investing on spreading the gospel of BPM across its user community with the BizTalk-BPM conferences.
  10. 10. Contact Us!  M2MSys® is a developer of cognitive-event-driven information platforms using best-of-breed COTS solutions.  We build the engines that will connect, process, learn and adapt in realtime to every single event in your organization.  Schedule your FREE consultation today! 404-388-6744