Tips for event surveys and feedback!


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This presentation will show you what you should think about when planning an event survey. We also offer you lists of different event survey tools and live event polling solutions.

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Tips for event surveys and feedback!

  1. 1. - Professional event management
  2. 2. Surveys can be used to determine expectations, do polling among an audience in real-time and find out what they thought of your event Different ways of running a survey: written, weblink,through social media, face-to-face, via telephone, email survey or through polling app Number one rule: keep the survey short and simple!  A great guideline is to have maximum of 10 questions  If the survey is longer, then categorize questions Worried about a low response rate?  Encourage attendees to answer with prizes/competitions  Give a discount code for next year for those who answered
  3. 3. CheckMarket As a bonus in this blog entry, we have an additional survey tool. CheckMarket is a tool you can try out for free and have access to all features of the tool: real-time reports, survey logic, branching, notifications- you name it, they will let you try it! With up to 25 respondents and email invitations. SurveyMonkey The free basic tool includes 10 questions and you have the possibility to get a 100 answers. You'll see answers in real-time and you will get online support. There is also a possibility to upgrade the survey tool. SurveyGizmo Survey Gizmo is an inexpensive option for a survey tool. The usage of the tool only costs 15 dollars per month for one user. You can try out the tool for free for 14 days, so check it out! Qualtrics With the Qualtrics tool you can get insight of your customers, the market you're in and also insights from your employees. To get a price for this tool you need to do a request for pricing. FluidSurveys FluidSurveys also offers a free account for basic surveys! With the free account you wil get unlimited surveys with 20 question per survey and will be able to get 150 responses per survey. QuestionPro The QuestionPro free account offers you UNLIMITED surveys and polls! The only restriction is that you can get 100 responses per survey. The basic free tool is quite extensive: extensive editable survey library, social sharing, embedding, real-time reports and data tool, and it is also optimized for web & mobile.
  4. 4. A survey before the event will help you establish certain event key elements. Pre-event questions can include the following:  Which location/city suits you best?  What dates do you prefer?  What entertainment/speaker/theme would you like?  What topics interest you the most?  Where did you hear about this event?  Let your attendees make own suggestions for entertainment and speakers!  A pre-event survey will engage your attendees already prior to the event
  5. 5. If possible try to gather feedback during event. This way the attendees will have the event experience fresh in their minds. Different ways of doing surveys during events:  Survey booths  Surveys/polling during presentations  Paper feedback (but very difficult to collate data afterwards!)  Have event personnel interview people A good way of engaging attendees is to use live event polling tools/apps during presentations. Twitter can also be used to raise questions towards speakers. Next we will present different live polling tools!
  6. 6. Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere offers a free solution which includes 40 responses. The higher response rate you want, the more the tool will cost you. There is also a possibility to a one time event option! Lintelus- Live Event Polling Besides offering live polling tools, Lintelus (former NiceMeeting) also offers other tools for events. See their options for Meeting Planners and Event Designers. Voice Polls Voice believes that the right to ask questions should belong to everyone. Voice believes that no one should be told what they believe, and that everyone should have access to the results of the research process. Read more on their website if this got you intrigued. Poll Daddy Poll Daddy offers quite an extensive polling option for free. A step further upgrade is only 200 dollars per year- all the different features are shown on the website. Polar Polar polls are unabashedly easy to use but give you powerful ways to increase engagement,audiences, and premium revenue on your sites and apps. Try it out for free! PollBob PollBob is a social community where users take + create + discover + share short opinion polls in real time and on-the-go. Our goal is to provide a fun and interactive experience and resource where users can instantly find out what people think
  7. 7. Keep general surveys in the pre-event and mid-event stages, in the post-event stage focus on feedback only. Feedback gathered after the event, should be gathered straight away. The day after the event send a ‘thank you’-message with the survey included in the message. Examples of questions: What did you want to get out of this event? (knowledge, networking etc.) Who would you want as a speaker next year? What did you learn from our event? Considering what you paid for,the event was.. ☐ great value for my money, I would come again! ☐ okay value, better speakers next time ☐ not worth it, I could attend if the price is changed ☐ none of the above (add your own answer)