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Speaking class 6. Holiday and Travel

Holiday and Travel

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Speaking class 6. Holiday and Travel

  1. 1. Speaking Class 6 Holiday and Travel
  2. 2. Warm-Up: “Brainstorming”
  3. 3. Travel Collocations
  4. 4. Speakout Podcast “Travel” 1. What do you think about travelling? Do you like it? Why/Why not? 2. What do you like about travelling? 3. What don’t you like? • people from different backgrounds • you mature a lot when you travel • experience a different culture • anticipation of being in a new place • living out of a suitcase • an adventure in itself • run out of money • miss out on something • handicapped
  5. 5. Travel Questions
  6. 6. Modern Family Vocabulary • slumber party • that's a bad sign • I just want him to fit in • get past the incident • give somebody a hint • move to the next level • I would like to make a toast • Let's get a little fresh air • give as good as one gets • Don't get me wrong • revenge • forgiveness • You're all grown up • pave the way • I knew I could count on you • promising career • raise children • live happily ever after • make a mess • get even with somebody • be furious with somebody • pull a fast one on somebody • take a nap • hold on to something • passionate • killer confidence • nutty • wisdom • errand boy
  7. 7. Modern Family Discussion 1. Where is Manny? What is Gloria worried about? How did the slumber party go? Was it a success? 2. How does the episode start? Why does it change? 3. What is “the incident” they are all talking about? 4. Why does Mitchel’s mother arrive? What does she ask Mitchel to do for her? Why him? 5. In what way does everybody treat her? Are they happy to see her? What about Jay and Gloria? Cameron? Claire? 6. What is the problem between Hailey and her parents? 7. What happens at the dinner? Why does Nana behave this way? 8. How does Dylan help in the situation? What does he say? 9. Why don’t Claire and Phil allow Hailey to go to the concert?