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Pumpkin Patch - Customer Success Showcase by Lyris AU & UK


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How Lyris ListManager & Lyris Professional Services helped Pumpkin Patch, AU & NZ’s leading retailer of fashionable children's wear to optimize email deliverability.
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Pumpkin Patch - Customer Success Showcase by Lyris AU & UK

  1. 1. About Pumpkin Patch Established in 1990, Pumpkin Patch has built an enviable reputation throughout New Zealand and Australia as a leading retailer of fashionable children’s wear, and is becoming increasingly recognized internationally. With more than 2,000 employees, 190 stores, and wholesale operations in 24 markets globally, the Patch brand can also be found in selected countries across Asia and the Middle East, and has stand- alone fully-branded websites in the U.K., U.S., and Ireland, as well as wholesale operations in the U.K. and U.S. Business Challenge Pumpkin Patch has traditionally utilized three main sales routes to market – its stores, mail order, and ecommerce. As the use of online channels grew in popularity with its customers, email became an important part of the overall marketing program for Pumpkin Patch, and delivering email messages successfully to its growing customer database became a top priority. When email deliverability rates began to drop, from 99% to around 85%, Pumpkin Patch turned to Lyris Professional Services for assistance. The Solution Lyris’ deliverability experts looked closely at the company’s business goals, processes, and systems to uncover practices that may have negatively impacted deliverability rates, and then developed strategies for improving them: Pumpkin Patch Applies Continuous Best Practices to Optimize Email Deliverability Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand URLs Industry Children’s clothing manufacturer/distributor Products & Services Lyris ListManager Lyris Professional Services Results Customer Success Story 98% average deliverability rate per list, up from 85% 2.2million emails sent per week Multiple IP addresses for faster throughput Action • Review business goals and expectations • Review blocking issues with ISPs • Segment the database • Implement sending best practices Objective • Understand the operating environment • Unblock company IP addresses • Create new mailstream IPs • Improve deliverability and conversion rates
  2. 2. Customer Success Story “The deliverability services provided by the Lyris Professional Services team have continually exceeded our expectations over the past 12 months. We are now able to react much faster as issues arise, allowing our email marketing campaigns to have maximum impact and reach.” - Hannah Jones Direct Campaign Administrator, Pumpkin Patch Action: Review Business Goals and Expectations The first step initiated by Lyris Professional Services was to understand the operational side of the two Pumpkin Patch marketing teams: the Marketing team and the Direct team, which was charged with managing the ecommerce side of the business. This allowed Lyris to identify those practices and processes that could be affecting email deliverability rates, and offer strategies tailored specifically to the company’s overall business objectives. Strategy #1: Work with ISPs to Unblock IP Addresses Improving deliverability rates required three steps related to blocking of email: • First, discover why blocking was occurring with customers’ ISPs (Internet Service Providers) as well as with the company’s own ISP. • Second, rectify the practices that had led to the blockings in the first place. • Third, reach out to the blocking ISPs and mitigate those blocks while also obtaining more information about what had caused them. Lyris learned that one of the main reasons for the blocking stemmed from poor list hygiene, as a result of the size and age of the database. The original database had been compiled many years previously from the mail order business and had grown significantly as a result of digital marketing efforts. The Lyris team worked closely with ISPs to get the Pumpkin Patch Internet Protocol (IP) addresses unblocked, and developed strategies and identified best practices for working with specific ISPs that were especially problematic. This work is ongoing, with the team making the necessary small adjustments to practices and processes as required, keeping deliverability rates at consistently high levels. Strategy #2: Segment the Database Because all Pumpkin Patch emails were being sent from one mailstream with an IP address that had been blocked at various times, it was necessary to strategically segment the database to avoid any future blocking issues. Lyris recommended combining the two existing IPs, one each for the Charlie&me and Pumpkin Patch brands, into the mailstream, which is a feature uniquely enabled by Lyris email marketing technology. This balanced email volume over two addresses rather than just the one and kept the volumes minimal on each IP, helping improve the company’s sender reputation. More recently, in mid-2013, Lyris combined a third IP address into the mailstream, which has further balanced volumes and built traffic.
  3. 3. Customer Success Story Ready to Get Started? Lyris’ Integrated Digital Marketing solution extends the value of email through cross-channel integration that can significantly increase revenue and conversions of all digital marketing programs, generate higher customer loyalty, and increase the lifetime value of customers. Benefits • Drive revenue through behavioral retargeting • Deliver a consistent customer experience across digital touchpoints • Achieve visibility across the entire customer lifecycle Capabilities • Proven email engine with tens of billions of messages sent • Easy content creation and management • Deliverability and reputation management • Email reporting and analytics • Mobile optimization and creative designs • Advanced segmentation • Automated testing • List management • Cross-channel campaign planning and optimization • Behavioral remarketing • Integrated Web plus email analytics • Real-time campaign revenue and conversion tracking • Embedded social features • Dynamic content • Hosted landing pages • Hierarchical subaccounts Lyris, Inc. | 6401 Hollis Street, Suite 125 | Emeryville CA 94608 USA Toll free + 1-800-768-2929 | International calls + 1-510-844-1600 | Fax + 1-510-844-1598 Customer support + 800 LYRIS CS (597-4727) or + 1-571-730-5259 January 2014 Copyright © 2014 Lyris, Inc. All rights reserved. Strategy #3: Implement Sending Best Practices In addition to segmenting the database, Lyris recommended scheduling email sends in increments so that emails to the most active subscriber segments would deploy first in order to help avoid riskier segments from being blocked later. Plus, by utilizing an IP pool (rather than a single IP address) to distribute the larger volumes of email, the company achieved higher deliverability rates. Lyris also made enhancements to the Pumpkin Patch domain name system (DNS) and a number of other infrastructure/security areas. Finally, Lyris helped educate the Pumpkin Patch team in best sender practices and key points surrounding ISPs, scheduling, and list hygiene. The Results Through the research, discovery, and implementation of processes initiated by Lyris Professional Services over the last 12 months, Pumpkin Patch is now seeing consistently high deliverability rates as well as an increase in click counts. Through a combination of Pumpkin Patch’s digital strategy and Lyris’ professional services activities, company management is crediting digital marketing for delivering the highest return-on-investment (ROI) of any marketing effort now employed by the company.