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Harvey Norman - Customer Success Showcase by Lyris AU


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How Lyris HQ & Lyris Professional Services helped Harvey Norman, a leading retailer in APAC company boost their email marketing campaigns with 3X email open rates.

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Harvey Norman - Customer Success Showcase by Lyris AU

  1. 1. About Harvey Norman Harvey Norman is one of the leading retailers in the Asia Pacific region, selling large electrical goods, small appliances, computers, furniture, and more online and in its stores. The company was founded in 1982, and now operates over 180 stores across Australia alone, along with stores in New Zealand, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland, Singapore, and Malaysia. Business Challenge Harvey Norman became a household name on the quality of its in-store customer experience and through its robust and user-friendly website, which was built to provide added value to customers wanting to buy online or browse items prior to purchasing in stores. But as the number of visitors to its website grew, Harvey Norman recognized that it needed to better understand the diverse characteristics of its customer base in order to continue to exceed their expectations. The company chose Lyris as its digital marketing partner to identify and implement strategies for extending in-store sales performance and customer loyalty across digital channels. Harvey Norman Taps into Behavioral Data to Improve Customer Engagement, Retention, and Loyalty Location Sydney, Australia URL Industry Retailer Products & Services Lyris HQ Lyris Professional Services Results Email open rates Customer Success Story 3Xindustry average
  2. 2. Customer Success Story The Solution Partnering with Lyris, Harvey Norman installed a reliable email and digital marketing platform to capture and better understand the behaviors of its online customers in order to deliver superior customer experiences and increase online conversions, and to generate more leads. In addition, Lyris Professional Services developed a full customer lifecycle messaging program for Harvey Norman, including engagement strategies for every stage of the customer buyer journey, from initial purchase or subscription through post-purchase support and re-engagement. Strategy #1: Facebook Subscription Form Lyris deployed a tab on the Harvey Norman Facebook page with a link to its subscription form, offering the company’s fans an easy and painless point of entry into its email program. Leveraging Facebook in this way enables Harvey Norman to grow its subscriber base, extend its reach for engaging subscribers with news of exclusive competitions, invitations, offers and discounts, product recommendations, and special events at local stores, and to provide access to online buying guides and catalogs. Strategy #2: Welcome Program One of the first steps in Harvey Norman’s customer lifecycle messaging program is to welcome new email subscribers. Lyris developed an automated three-stage Welcome program to encourage those subscribers to shop online and spend more on their online purchases.The first stage provides information on the benefits of being a subscriber and includes a voucher to use towards a subsequent purchase. The second stage highlights the benefits of online shopping with Harvey Norman. The third stage continues to highlight online shopping benefits and also includes customer testimonials. “We have been very impressed with Lyris’ professionalism, the rapid and seamless implementation, and the capabilities of the platform to manage the scale of our digital marketing programs.” - Dan Hosford, Head of Digital Marketing at Generic Publications, Harvey Norman’s internal advertising agency Program Facebook Subscription Welcome Series Live Email Content Magento Integration Customer Loyalty Generate Leads Increase Conversions Increase Conversions Increase Conversions Improve Customer Experience Objective Harvey Norman Welcome Programme Email
  3. 3. Customer Success Story Ready to Get Started? Lyris’ Integrated Digital Marketing solution extends the value of email through cross-channel integration that can significantly increase revenue and conversions of all digital marketing programs, generate higher customer loyalty, and increase the lifetime value of customers. Benefits • Drive revenue through behavioral retargeting • Deliver a consistent customer experience across digital touchpoints • Achieve visibility across the entire customer lifecycle Capabilities • Proven email engine with tens of billions of messages sent • Easy content creation and management • Deliverability and reputation management • Email reporting and analytics • Mobile optimization and creative designs • Advanced segmentation • Automated testing • List management • Cross-channel campaign planning and optimization • Behavioral remarketing • Integrated Web plus email analytics • Real-time campaign revenue and conversion tracking • Embedded social features • Dynamic content • Hosted landing pages • Hierarchical subaccounts Strategy #3: Live Email Content Lyris tailored Harvey Norman’s emails with live content that adapts in real time to customers’ location, device, time of open, and behavior. This gives subscribers a truly personalized and engaging email experience. For example, some emails that contain time-sensitive information – such as voucher codes that are only valid for 48 hours – include countdown timers to create a sense of urgency. Other emails apply location- targeting technology to provide a Google Maps Directions link to the store closest to a subscriber’s location at the time he or she opens the email. Strategy #4: Magento Integration Lyris integrated its digital marketing platform with Harvey Norman’s ecommerce platform, Magento, in order to leverage subscribers’ website and shopping cart behaviors and send highly relevant and engaging emails. Subscribers who start shopping carts but abandon them before completing a purchase automatically receive an email that reminds them about the contents of those carts and encourages them to easily complete the transaction. Strategy #5: Customer Loyalty Program – Hot Deals Harvey Norman’s business philosophy strongly emphasizes customer loyalty, so Lyris implemented a program to keep the company’s valued customers engaged and rewarded. The Harvey Norman website functions much like a daily deals site. Twice a week, the site is updated with new “hot deals,” and this action serves as a trigger for a new round of automated email promotions. The Lyris platform extracts the hot deals information from the website and into the emails, which are deployed to the company’s general marketing database of active email subscribers. The Results Since partnering with Lyris, Harvey Norman has achieved greater capabilities for capturing, collecting, and acting on customer data to drive meaningful engagement and deliver measurable results. The company has significantly grown its email database and now, having established a strong email and digital marketing foundation, it can look forward to continued success in improving customer retention and loyalty, generating new leads, and rapidly responding to critical conversion opportunities. Lyris, Inc. | 6401 Hollis Street, Suite 125 | Emeryville CA 94608 USA Toll free + 1-800-768-2929 | International calls + 1-510-844-1600 | Fax + 1-510-844-1598 Customer support + 800 LYRIS CS (597-4727) or + 1-571-730-5259 JUNE 2013 Copyright © 2013 Lyris, Inc. All rights reserved.