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Eric Dezendorf talks about how the changes to tabs in gmail is beneficial for email marketers. Visit to accelerate your digital & email marketing campaigns.

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Google Tabs Changes in Gmail Promotional Email Marketing – Lyris Blog

  1. 1. 1 Lyris Connections Blog Excerpts From Our Most Popular Posts Google Tabs Changes Promotional Email Marketing By Eric Dezendorf Gmail has rolled out its new tabbed interface for the inbox. On initial viewing, marketers might see this change as a very negative one; however, here at Lyris we believe this next chapter in email viewing will be a very positive change for marketers. Engagement and value win out This new innovation underscores the trend of engagement and value that the marketplace has seen over the last few years. Sending your users relevant and targeted messages means even more. If your users know your messages contain promotions they’re interested in on a regular basis, they will still seek them out. If they are relevant enough, users can even move your messages to their primary folder. The new change to Gmail may be adopted by the whole marketplace, so remember to continue testing and tweaking your messages to get the highest returns. Do you notice that your Gmail users tend to convert quickly? Maybe increasing your flash sales to encourage people to check the promotions tab more often might be better for your bottom line. First, remember that your subscribers have signed up for your list and want to receive your promotional emails. Now, instead of your emails getting lost among personal messages, order confirmations, and social updates, users have a space to enter to view their promotions. Instead of your message competing for attention with an email from a close friend, users now enter a different space when they are ready to be marketed to, making them more receptive to your message. Users had to set up their own labels and folders before this newest innovation. With the new Gmail it is done for them, reducing the headaches that can come with an inbox set-up, making it even more likely that someone will sign up for your list.
  2. 2. lyris.comCopyright © 2014 Lyris, Inc. All rights reserved. About Lyris Inc: Lyris (@Lyris ) is a leading global provider of digital marketing solutions that help companies engage with customers in more meaningful ways. Lyris products and services empower marketers to design, automate, and optimize data- driven interactive marketing campaigns that facilitate superior engagement, increase conversions, and deliver measurable business value. Lyris’ high-performance, secure, and flexible digital marketing platforms improve marketing efficiency by providing automated digital message delivery, robust segmentation, and real-time digital channel analytics. The Lyris solutions portfolio is comprised of both in-the-cloud and on-premises offerings – Lyris HQ and Lyris LM – combined with customer-focused services and support. More than 5,000 companies worldwide partner with Lyris to manage and execute sophisticated digital marketing campaigns across email, social, Web, and mobile channels. Learn more at Whatever ideas you may have, don’t hesitate to try them out. Obviously, these changes can be scary, but Lyris believes that with solid strategy your company can still thrive in the new Gmail world. You can check out the video Google has posted here: Keep up with the latest industry trends, developments and best practices for continuously optimizing your digital marketing campaigns. Visit Lyris Connections Blog