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Footwear Retailer - Customer Success Showcase by Lyris


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How Lyris HQ & Lyris Strategic Consulting Services, Lyris’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) email and digital marketing solution helped a footwear retailer helped setup and optimize mobile email marketing campaigns
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Footwear Retailer - Customer Success Showcase by Lyris

  1. 1. Business Challenge Offering a large inventory of the latest styles in its 50+ stores and online, a major brands retailer wanted to augment its email program to drive revenue for its ecommerce business. Utilizing the advanced technology of Lyris HQ and specially- developed email templates from Lyris Strategic Consulting Services, the company launched a triggered cart abandonment program in 2013. And while the program ran well, open and click-through rates were disappointing. The Solution Recognizing that over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices today, the Lyris team went to work first determining the number of the retailer’s mobile users and then creating and testing cart abandonment emails optimized for mobile to see if they would improve engagement. Step #1: Determine Percentage of Mobile Email Opens Using engagement analytics, Lyris learned that 69% of the company’s emails were opened on mobile devices – making the ability to respond to the needs of this significant portion of its subscriber base especially important. Footwear Retailer Tests Mobile- Optimized Cart Abandonment Emails to Find the Perfect Fit Customer Success Story Industry Products & Services Lyris HQ Lyris Strategic Consulting Services Results Mobile-optimized emails: 5.48% increase in open rate 17.5% increase in CTR 7.8% increase in conversions over a 3-month period Mobile Webmail Desktop 69.2% 10.2% 20.6% Retail
  2. 2. Customer Success Story “Everyone knows that mobile optimization is extremely important these days, especially at a company like ours with a majority of emails being opened on mobile devices. Working with the Lyris creative team, we improved our cart abandonment email for mobile users, and are seeing the benefits of higher opens, clicks and conversions as a result.” Step #2: Optimize Cart Abandonment Emails for Mobile Users With this information at hand, Lyris developed a mobile-friendly template for the cart abandonment triggers using responsive design to ensure messages are easy to read on all screen sizes. The team also applied additional optimization techniques: • Using media queries to target screen sizes that are 500 pixels or less • Simplifying the header by removing half of the navigation links and the secondary messaging around free delivery and international shipping, so as not to distract the subscriber from the main message • Single column layout • Large calls-to-action Your Cart 1 Item Total $ Checkout Reminding you of your Items! 1 Item Total $ Checkout Reminding you of your Items!
  3. 3. Customer Success Story Ready to Get Started? Lyris’ Integrated Digital Marketing solution extends the value of email through cross-channel integration that can significantly increase revenue and conversions of all digital marketing programs, generate higher customer loyalty, and increase the lifetime value of customers. Lyris Strategic Consulting Services brings together expertise from multiple industries and companies to work with marketers to analyze, benchmark, build, and measure a results- oriented plan that leverages marketing best practices and industry thought leadership. Benefits • Drive revenue through behavioral retargeting • Deliver a consistent customer experience across digital touchpoints • Achieve visibility across the entire customer lifecycle Capabilities • Proven email engine with tens of billions of messages sent • Easy content creation and management • Deliverability and reputation management • Email reporting and analytics • Mobile optimization and creative designs • Advanced segmentation • Automated testing • List management • Cross-channel campaign planning and optimization • Behavioral remarketing • Integrated Web plus email analytics • Real-time campaign revenue and conversion tracking • Embedded social features • Dynamic content • Hosted landing pages • Hierarchical subaccounts Lyris, Inc. | 6401 Hollis Street, Suite 125 | Emeryville CA 94608 USA Toll free + 1-800-768-2929 | International calls + 1-510-844-1600 | Fax + 1-510-844-1598 Customer support + 800 LYRIS CS (597-4727) or + 1-571-730-5259 June 2014 Copyright © 2014 Lyris, Inc. All rights reserved. Step #3: Test Optimized Emails vs. Not Optimized Finally, per email marketing best practice, Lyris performed split testing with the cart abandonment emails to gauge performance using a mobile-optimized version versus a version with no mobile optimization. The Results The mobile-optimized emails were the clear winners in the test, returning a lift in open rates of 5.48% and in click-through rates of 17.5%. Based on these results, the retailer began using the mobile-friendly email template for cart abandonment triggers in January of 2014, and saw a 7.8% increase in conversion rate within a 3-month period. About Lyris, Inc. Lyris is a global provider of innovative email and digital marketing solutions that help companies reach customers at scale and create personalized value at every touch point. Lyris’ products and services empower marketers to design, automate, and optimize experiences that facilitate superior engagement, increase conversions, and deliver measurable business value. The Lyris solutions portfolio is uniquely comprised of award-winning messaging automation software, digital marketing strategy and deliverability services, and a componentized and flexible integration framework that revolutionizes the way marketers can extend digital messaging across the enterprise. More than 5,000 companies worldwide partner with Lyris to manage connected customer communications. Learn more at