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Experient - Customer Success Showcase by Lyris


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How Lyris HQ & Lyris Training helped Experient, a travel/hospitality company boost their email marketing campaigns:

1) Achieve 120% increase in open rates

2) 725% increase in CTRs

Visit to see how over 5,000 organizations worldwide use our solutions to design, automate and optimize data-driven digital marketing programs.

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Experient - Customer Success Showcase by Lyris

  1. 1. About Experient Experient, a Maritz Travel Company, leads the meetings and events industry as one of the best-known and respected brands in the world. Core services include providing meeting planning and management, event planning, site sourcing, hotel contract negotiation, registration, housing, and lead retrieval services for association, tradeshow, and government clients. Business Challenge Sending email campaigns is a vital component of Experient’s business focus, in three key areas: for boosting sales of trade show lead retrieval equipment, securing bookings of trade show affiliated hotels, and promoting trade show registrations. Not having insight into how email campaigns were performing, however, was inhibiting the company’s ability to understand why it wasn’t meeting email marketing revenue goals. Working with what they described as “antiquated systems,” Experient marketing managers realized that a new solution was needed to revamp the company’s email marketing program from the ground up – not only to increase revenue through best practice-based email campaigns, but also to improve its branding towards building a greater presence in the marketplace. The Solution To meet these challenges, Experient chose Lyris HQ as its email marketing solution to replace its previous systems. The company benefitted right from the start from both the robust capabilities of Lyris HQ for creating, delivering, and tracking the performance of email campaigns, and from the support and resources Lyris has provided along the way: Effective and user-friendly onboarding to learn the system: Lyris’ onboarding team worked diligently with Experient marketing managers to teach the various capabilities of Lyris HQ and ensure a smooth implementation. Experient Improves Email Marketing Engagement and Increases Sales Revenue Since Using Lyris Headquarters Frederick, Maryland URL Industry Travel/Hospitality Products & Services Lyris HQ Lyris Training Results Customer Success Story 120% increase in open rates 725% increase in CTRs $1M+ in annual revenue since using Lyris “Lyris is a leader in the email marketing world. Their knowledgeable staff remains on top of trends and shares that knowledge with their clients – making it easy for us to remain competitive in our marketplace. The ease of use of their system, combined with the educational opportunities they provide, keeps us on our feet and tracking ahead of revenue goals.” Anna Bowers Marketing Manager, Experient
  2. 2. Customer Success Story Email templates to facilitate campaign creation: Experient was able to easily create more robust and engaging campaigns and transition to better, best practice-based email marketing by leveraging the email templates within Lyris HQ. Lyris HQ reporting to track campaign performance: With this capability, Experient was finally able to understand all facets of how its campaigns were performing – from emails sent, opened, and clicked, to real-time campaign revenue and conversions. Marketing resources to support self-learning: Experient marketers took a hands-on approach in continuing to refine their campaigns, notably leveraging Lyris’ The Anatomy of the Perfect Email Design guide to enhance basic elements that influence opens, click-through rates (CTRs), and conversions. Advanced training to extend expertise: Recently, the company invested in Lyris Advanced Email Marketing Certification Training for its top marketing strategist, who came away with glowing remarks about how hands-on, personalized, and collaborative the experience was, led by instructors who “exuded enthusiasm” in delivering fresh and innovative ideas for fine-tuning email marketing campaigns. The Results Leveraging Lyris HQ and fully applying techniques and best practices learned through Lyris support, resources, and training, Experient continues to refine its email marketing program. The company has developed responsive email templates to better engage its mobile subscribers, and has achieved more cohesive branding across its email and Web channels. Performance metrics over the past two-to-three years complete the story: Email open rates have increased from 25% to 50% on average, CTRs have improved from 2% to 16 - 17%, and revenue from sales of its lead retrieval equipment has increased exponentially each year since using Lyris and currently exceeds $1 million annually. Example email before Lyris implementation: Example email using Lyris HQ template:
  3. 3. Customer Success Story Lyris, Inc. | 6401 Hollis Street, Suite 125 | Emeryville CA 94608 USA Toll free + 1-800-768-2929 | International calls + 1-510-844-1600 | Fax + 1-510-844-1598 Customer support + 800 LYRIS CS (597-4727) or + 1-571-730-5259 Copyright © 2015 Lyris, Inc. All rights reserved. About Lyris, Inc. With over 20 years experience, Lyris is a global leader of innovative email and digital marketing solutions that help companies reach customers at scale and create personalized value at every touch point. Lyris’ products and services empower marketers to design, automate, and optimize experiences that facilitate superior engagement, increase conversions, and deliver measurable business value. The Lyris solutions portfolio is uniquely comprised of award-winning messaging automation software, digital marketing strategy and deliverability services, and a componentized and flexible integration framework that revolutionizes the way marketers can extend digital messaging across the enterprise. More than 5,000 companies worldwide partner with Lyris to manage connected customer communications. Learn more at Ready to Get Started? Lyris’ innovative and integrated email and digital messaging automation solutions extend the value of email through cross-channel integration that can significantly increase revenue and conversions of all digital marketing programs, generate higher customer loyalty, and increase the lifetime value of customers. Lyris strategic consulting services brings together expertise from multiple industries and companies to work with marketers to analyze, benchmark, build, and measure a results-oriented plan that leverages marketing best practices and industry thought leadership. Benefits • Drive revenue through behavioral retargeting • Deliver a consistent customer experience across digital touch points • Achieve visibility across the entire customer lifecycle Capabilities • Proven email engine with tens of billions of messages sent • Easy content creation and management • Deliverability and reputation management • Email reporting and analytics • Mobile optimization and creative designs • Advanced segmentation • Automated testing • List management • Cross-channel campaign planning and optimization • Behavioral remarketing • Integrated Web plus email analytics • Real-time campaign revenue and conversion tracking • Embedded social features • Dynamic content • Hosted landing pages • Hierarchical subaccounts