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Email Marketing Painpoints for Publishers from Lyris


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Based on the Folio Survey in association with Lyris, marketers of publishing, media and entertainment companies are grappling with digital messaging fundamentals that could be hampering revenue opportunities.
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Email Marketing Painpoints for Publishers from Lyris

  1. 1. Email Marketing PAIN POINTS for Publishers Industry Survey Finds Publishers are Struggling with the Fundamentals of Email Marketing What are your key email marketing pain points? % of Respondents DIAGNOSIS AND PRESCRIPTION List Building Apnea Symptoms: Publishers cite list growth as their number one pain point. As a result, list growth and improving subscriber data quality are their top priorities for the next 12 months. What are your email marketing priorities for the next 12 months? Treatment: Eȧective list growth requires implementing best practices and consistently following them. Build email sign-up opportunities throughout your website and in transactional or customer support emails. Consider using a pop-up form to collect new subscribers, and leverage loyal subscribers by including “Send to a Friend” or “Refer to a Colleague” options in out-bound messaging. Arthritic Mobile Optimization Symptoms: IInn ssppiittee ooff tthhee ffaacctt tthhaatt mmoosstt eemmaaiill iiss viewed on mobile devices, only 34 percent of survey respondents said their emails are fully mobile-optimized. While many have plans to expand their mobile design eȧorts, 16 percent of respondents are not even sure where to start. Where are you in your mobile optimization strategy? Treatment: Don’t’ take a chance on missed revenue opportunities. Track your audiences to Ȫnd out what mobile devices they’re using. Then determine the best way to mobile-optimize emails using responsive design. Thoroughly test your new mobile-responsive templates before rolling them out to your entire database. Finally, keep tracking performance to ensure all audiences stay engaged. Personalized Messaging Hives Symptoms: Nearly 40 percent of ssuurrvveeyy rreessppoonnddeennttss said they don’t analyze audience behaviors, including subscriber and browser abandonment, to create personalized messages. Personalization based on behavior was also low on the list of email marketing priorities for the nneexxtt 1122 mmoonntthhss,, wwiitthh oonnllyy 3300..77 ppeerrcceenntt of responses. Treatment: It’s vital to continuously re-engage audiences with personalized content that is relevant to each reader. Good quality data is a must: integrate email with CRM, behaviors, preference centers, and audience data management platforms to better segment, target, and customize messaging. The more data you have, the more opportunities for personalization. Engagement Strategy Deɮciency Symptoms: Nearly 79 percent of respondents said they don’t have a strategy to engage with inactive subscribers, leaving a signiȪcant revenue opportunity untapped. Do you have a strategy to engage inactive subscribers? Treatment: Re-engagement programs extend the lifetime value of every subscriber. Acknowledge those who haven’t engaged in a while and remind them of what they’ve been missing. Ask them to update their preferences to tailor the content and frequency of email messaging they receive from you. Automate re-engagement messaging to send at key points, such as three, six, nine, and 12 months. GET HELP If you suȧer from any of these symptoms, seek immediate assistance. Lyris is the trusted email marketing solution for some of the world’s largest publishers, media and entertainment companies. Contact us at 888.465.9747 to learn more, or email us at