Email Design Best Practices for engaging email marketing campaigns – Lyris


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Tips for email marketer on designing an email to engage subscribers and drive additional quality conversions.

Download the anatomy of the perfect email design

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Email Design Best Practices for engaging email marketing campaigns – Lyris

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Brief Designing Email that Engages Subscribers and Drives Conversions Download the Full Guide Distractions, smartphones, and the mobile market are changing how and when subscribers view emails. How marketers design them has to change. Email marketing online can completely miss the mark and actually deter rather than engage subscribers. There are basic elements that each email design should have in order to convey a message properly to your email audience and bring about the desired response and results for your campaigns. Each component is part of the overall influence that design has over how effectively you engage with your subscribers, as evidenced by open, click-through, and conversion rates. These elements make up the structure, the very anatomy, of email design.
  2. 2. Summary Breaking your overall email design into manageable parts helps to maintain a consistent plan for your campaigns and sets the stage for what your subscribers will come to expect from your communications. The overall elements that make up the anatomy of the perfect email design are: • Pre-Header: this text at the very top of your subject line plays a big part in helping subscribers determine if they want to open your email or not. • Header: this usually consists of your logo, navigation, social media icons, and any other relevant or useful information for subscribers and one of the first things they see when they open an email. • Primary Message: this includes the reason that you are sending an email, whether it’s selling something, promoting a new service, or encouraging someone to sign up for an event. • Secondary Message: this gives you another opportunity to add more value to your email through information on additional content or products that your subscribers might be interested in. • Call-to-Action: this simply tells your subscribers what you want them to do, whether that’s to buy your latest product, download a white paper, or sign up for an event. • Footer: this is the last section of an email, and usually contains your address, phone numbers, useful links, privacy policy, and social media icons. If done right, footers can increase click-through rates by 5 - 10 percent. As marketers struggle with this ever-changing email marketing environment, adapting to email design best practices is critical for staying a step ahead of the expectations of tech-savvy audiences. For example, with integrated marketing campaigns going more and more mobile, screens are smaller, and email messages have to not only hit the mark and look great, they have to fit within the reduced screen size and somehow be optimized for all of the different devices out there. Responsive email design provides the solution. The rewards of adapting to email design best practices are significant: optimal engagement with subscribers that brings about the desired response and revenue from your email campaigns. Download our guide, Anatomy of the Perfect Email Design, to learn more about best practices, tips, and key trends that will help you improve your metric. Download the Full Guide About Lyris Inc: Lyris (@Lyris ) is a leading global provider of digital marketing solutions that help companies engage with customers in more meaningful ways. Lyris products and services empower marketers to design, automate, and optimize datadriven interactive marketing campaigns that facilitate superior engagement, increase conversions, and deliver measurable business value. Lyris’ high-performance, secure, and flexible digital marketing platforms improve marketing efficiency by providing automated digital message delivery, robust segmentation, and real-time digital channel analytics. The Lyris solutions portfolio is comprised of both in-the-cloud and on-premises offerings – Lyris HQ and Lyris LM – combined with customer-focused services and support. More than 5,000 companies worldwide partner with Lyris to manage and execute sophisticated digital marketing campaigns across email, social, Web, and mobile channels. Learn more at Copyright © 2013 Lyris, Inc. All rights reserved.