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Advanstar - Customer Success Showcase by Lyris


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How Lyris HQ, Lyris’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) email and digital marketing solution helped Advanstar to:
1) Improve overall marketing for better audience management
2) Stream email deliverability and auditing process
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Advanstar - Customer Success Showcase by Lyris

  1. 1. About Advanstar Advanstar is an event and marketing services business that serves business professionals and consumers in the fashion, licensing, life sciences, and powersports industries with its portfolio of 30 publications, 54 trade shows, 100 conferences, and almost 200 electronic products and websites, as well as educational and direct marketing products and services. Advanstar operates from multiple offices in North America and Europe. Business Challenge A Lyris customer since 2009, Advanstar started with Lyris ListManager, hosting the on-premises email marketing software internally and sending high volumes of email including e-newsletters, e-magazines, and relevant marketing messages to multiple subscriber databases and through several different Internet Protocol addresses (IPs). In addition, the company used Lyris EmailAdvisor for deliverability monitoring and to assist Advanstar media managers with providing SMTP log files for verification by a third-party auditing bureau, a publishing industry standard. Then, as its business grew, so did Advanstar’s needs for more customized solutions for audience engagement, data storage, and deliverability oversight and reporting. The Solution With its email volumes quickly ramping up, Advanstar transitioned to Lyris HQ, Lyris’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) email and digital marketing solution. The company worked with Lyris implementation experts on the methodical process of moving audience files brand by brand, exporting demographics, and remapping them to Lyris HQ. Additionally, Advanstar invested in Lyris Professional Services’ Delivery View Program for help with meeting auditing bureau requirements and staying on top of deliverability, freeing media managers to focus more of their time and efforts on engagement strategies. With these capabilities in place, Advanstar positioned itself to achieve three important objectives. Publisher Advanstar Streamlines Auditing Process to Intensify Focus on Audience Engagement Strategies Headquarters Santa Monica, California URL Industry Event, Publishing, and Marketing Services Products & Services Lyris HQ Agency Edition Lyris Professional Services Lyris Delivery View Program Results Customer Success Story Greater efficiencies in auditing processes using Lyris Delivery View Increased focus on engagement strategies working with Lyris Professional Services “Working with Lyris has really helped us keep pace with the demands of our growing business. We now have the tools, expertise, and time to focus on engagement strategies that will support our continued success. On top of that, being able to build a custom interface for our auditing bureau was a huge win!” Carrie Landman Audience Development Operations Director, Advanstar
  2. 2. Customer Success Story Objective 1: Improve its overall marketing program through greater focus on audience engagement Advanstar media managers realize that using proven engagement tactics and strategies to improve engagement directly translates to increased revenue opportunities. The enterprise-scale messaging capabilities in Lyris HQ empower them to interact more effectively with their audiences using personalization and targeted messaging informed by behavior-based analytics. Objective 2: Address data storage and management needs Transitioning from an on-premises to a cloud-based solution provides Advanstar with increased storage capacity for its growing publication databases. It also enables the company to manage an important component of its storage needs – making three years of data readily accessible to its auditing bureau – in order to support its third objective. Objective 3: Gain efficiencies in validating information for auditors Business publishers are required to distribute reports on circulation figures and other metrics. Advertisers often request that these numbers be verified by a third-party auditing bureau. Accordingly, Advanstar required access to its SMTP log files for its auditor to run reports that validate delivery of its e-newsletters. SMTP log files show all conversations back and forth between servers during the email send-and-receive process and are used to uncover problems with various deliverability factors such as unknown user rates. Through the Delivery View Program, the company was able to develop a custom interface for its auditor, providing data from Lyris HQ delivery reports to validate the circulation information published in Advanstar’s Brand Statements. As importantly, Lyris Delivery View couples the industry knowledge of Lyris experts with targeted consulting and in-depth reporting that identifies deliverability problems as soon as they occur, alleviating the need for constant oversight by Advanstar media managers. Publications Sent Publication The Results Business is booming for Advanstar, which is now averaging more than 3,000,000 email sends per month through Lyris HQ on behalf of its brands. And while low deliverability rates have never been an issue for the company, investing in the Delivery View Program means that Lyris maintains and monitors deliverability rates and issues on Advanstar’s behalf, improving efficiencies, streamlining interactions with auditors, and freeing up time for media managers to focus on engagement strategies that will improve their email programs overall. For example, Advanstar meets regularly with its Lyris HQ account manager to discuss industry changes, best practices, and strategies for more sophisticated email campaigns.
  3. 3. Customer Success Story Ready to Get Started? Lyris is the trusted email marketing solution for some of the world’s largest publishers and media companies, thanks to unique capabilities that enable you to manage dozens or even hundreds of media brands efficiently and drive effective, personalized communications. Lyris solutions also make it easier to integrate email – the most critical digital channel – with your unique set of interactive content, data, applications, and workflows so that your brands and editors can consistently connect with their audiences in a personalized way. Lyris, Inc. | 6401 Hollis Street, Suite 125 | Emeryville CA 94608 USA Toll free + 1-800-768-2929 | International calls + 1-510-844-1600 | Fax + 1-510-844-1598 Customer support + 800 LYRIS CS (597-4727) or + 1-571-730-5259 September 2014 Copyright © 2014 Lyris, Inc. All rights reserved. Manage tiered access to media brand data and campaigns. Manage email marketing for all your media portfolio centrally while providing brand marketers, editors, and analysts with fine-tuned, tiered, organizational access to just the right information and application capabilities authorized for each user. Customize reporting at the publisher and media brand level. Close the loop by providing each media brand with full visibility into its marketing initiatives and performance while also retaining the ability to view results across the portfolio in order to identify the strategies that deliver best results. Optimize reach and response with advanced delivery management. Save effort and costs with integrated workflows for advanced delivery management including delivery, reputation, and blacklist monitoring, email previews across more than 30 mobile devices and email clients, and spam filter analysis – all without needing to manage multiple solutions. Deliver results quickly by connecting with content, audience data, and channels more easily. Integrate your email marketing programs with registration data, content management systems, Web analytics, and other applications more easily and quickly thanks to Lyris’ open solutions architecture based on industry standards. Deliver fast return on investment and optimize connected digital marketing programs for each of your media properties. Tailor marketing solutions by rapidly customizing capabilities for best fit. As the leader in “best-fit-for-you” digital messaging solutions, Lyris can help you adapt our solution to your unique needs; for example, to layer digital messaging capabilities into your proprietary media outlets, applications, or channels. Tap in to digital marketing expertise for best-in-class execution and results. Rely on Lyris Professional Services to define and implement programs that are aligned to your strategic priorities and deliver measurable return on marketing investment. Whatever your goal, our experts will provide all the guidance you need to achieve best-in- class, data-driven results. About Lyris, Inc. Lyris is a global provider of innovative email and digital marketing solutions that help companies reach customers at scale and create personalized value at every touch point. Lyris’ products and services empower marketers to design, automate, and optimize experiences that facilitate superior engagement, increase conversions, and deliver measurable business value. The Lyris solutions portfolio is uniquely comprised of award- winning messaging automation software, digital marketing strategy and deliverability services, and a componentized and flexible integration framework that revolutionizes the way marketers can extend digital messaging across the enterprise. More than 5,000 companies worldwide partner with Lyris to manage connected customer communications. Learn more at