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Big Time Sensuality Bill


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Big Time Sensuality Bill

  1. 1. Big Time Sensuality:a burlesque tribute July 18, 2015 . Single Carrot Theater . 2600 N. Howard St
  2. 2. why Bjork: We could have filled this space describing the history of Bjork as an artist, how her music and style have influenced videography, challenged art definitions and the music industry, but that would be pleonastic. You may not like her soprano voice or her unusual ideas, but without her, Madonna may not have tried as much and Lady Gaga would have no monsters. To the performers, Bjork is a trail blazer for the weird and has been an influence to our lives in different ways. We created this show in homage to our shared inspriation. Thank you for exploring our enthusiasm.
  3. 3. 1.1 “Bella símamær” Gling Glo Twiggy Steele 1.2 “Human Behaviour” Debut Symone LaFleur 1.3 “It’s Oh So Quiet” Post 2.1 “Unravel” Homogenic Bambi Galore 1.4 “I Miss You” Telegram 2.2 “Pagon Poetry” Vespertine Aurora Wells 1.5 “Who is It” Medulla Blushing Iris 2.3 “Crystaline” Bipholoa Kiki Allure 2.4 “I’ve Seen it All” Selma Songs Bunny Vicious
  4. 4. Big Time Sensuality:a burlesque tribute We are grateful the individuals that made this possible: Video Jose Rosero Lighting Kim Mejia Jood Ali Tech Dave Shein Flyers/Marketing Tuffnerd Productions Social Media/Playbill Lynora Lawless Special thanks to: Aaron Christmas Enterprise Solutions Realized Single Carrot Theater