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Comptex pp ver 19 by leonard nason


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Comptex pp ver 19 by leonard nason

  1. 1. The Leader in WasteDecomposition TechnologyCLEANER Innovative Solutions
  2. 2. The food establishmentindustry and the problems associated with handling Food
  3. 3. Basically all food establishments use the same overall processes whenhandling food.More importantly, they incur the same basic problems while handling it aswell; such asa) rubbish removal, b) organic waste removal, c) recycling products, paper, cardboard, metals, plastics, etc. and the NEWEST ones areOils and Greases d) pesticide problems, e) grease trap maintenance, f) drainline cleaning problems.Although we don’t consider our residential kitchen as a food establishment, ittoo has the identical problems. And 50% of all residences in the UnitedStates are still on septic systems which create their own problems.Additionally, they too have grease problems, drain line clogs, insect pestsand rodents; also include raccoons, birds, squirrels, etc. which create otherproblems as well, i.e. fleas, ticks and lice.All of these also create diseases as well. With the largest contributor beingmosquitoes, flees and flies.Comptex is creating Solutions !
  4. 4. What are food establishments ? Generally any commercial food handling area that is governed-by and is required to have a permit from the local health department, which regulates and enforces the standards of sanitation set forth by the state government. * Restaurants * Diners * Bakeries * Cafeterias * Cafes * Coffee Houses * * Ice Cream Parlors * Taverns * Bars * Pubs * Buffets * Smorgasbords * *Bistros * Butchers * Fish Markets * Delicatessens * Confectioners * * Pizzerias * Convenience Stores * Supermarkets * Hospital Kitchens * * Hotel Kitchens * Nursing Home Kitchens * School Kitchens * * Day Care Center Kitchens * Cruise Ships * * and ALL Commercial Manufacturing Food Establishment that make, process, packages or prepares items such asCookies, Breads, Pastries, Candy, Snacks, Condiments, Meats, Dairies, Fisheries, Produces, Bottlers, Packaged, Canned, Bagged, Boxed, Dry, Wet, Power ed, De-hydrated, Vacuum, and loose, etc. ANY TYPE OF FOOD OR PROCESSING of IT ! The list is virtually endless…
  5. 5. When food establishments considerthat they are effectively paying twice for the food they serve - once for purchasing it and then again when paying to have it taken away as garbage waste. Reducing food waste in landfillsbecomes a necessity for helping our planet for future generations, while saving MONEY.
  6. 6. Conservation: Using our limited natural resources wisely… Recycling:Processing USED materials into NEW products, inorder to reduce the need for fresh raw materials … Sustainability: "Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."
  7. 7. Known Problems andCOMPTEX SOLUTIONS :1) Organic Waste Disposal Lynnica Go Clean (On-site Decomposition Machine)2) Rubbish Removal (Off-site Landfill) ($$$ Hauling Costs $$$) (Elimination of organic waste hauling)3) Pesticide Applications Bug Tech (Drastic Reduction in pesticide chemical application) (Drastic Reduction in Costs $$$)4) Micro-organism Digesting Grease Traps Trapeeze (Eliminates Cleaning Service and Hauling Costs)5) Drain Line Cleaner Monitor (Automatic Drain Line Cleaning) (Eliminates plumbing emergency calls and down times)6) Septic System Digesting * Tankz *
  8. 8. STEP 1 Eliminating Food Waste Disposal The Comptex Liquefier saves money and increases the profitsNO ORGANIC WASTE HAULING COSTS
  9. 9. COMPTEX SOLUTIONSManaging organic wastehas never been easierA highly refined formula ofsafe-to-touch governmentapproved and certifiedmicro-organisms produceenzymes that aerobicallybreakdown organic wasteinto city compliant waterthat is simply dischargeddown the drain
  10. 10. How the Comptex system benefits the Food EstablishmentsVirtually eliminates food waste, significantly reducing disposal volume - significantly reducing monthly disposal costs Virtually eliminates food waste related rodent and insect infestation - added savings and cleanliness An enclosed disposal system - a cleaner disposal environment Contained food waste disposal - virtually eliminating odors Increased employee efficiency - savings in consolidation, cleanliness, and employee time expenses
  11. 11. Food Decomposition Process• Safe and Effective STEP 1 Add STEP 2 Add Organic Food Disposal Microorganisms Setup Food Waste to the digester• Digests food compartment within 24 hours• Rapid ROI STEP 3 STEP 4 Water is Discharged• Improves on-site automatically added and food water enters the drain ending the sanitation begins breaking decomposition down immediately process
  12. 12. Who Benefits From the Comptex SolutionsCommercial BusinessesBusinesses such as Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Hotels and Hospitals spend money onGarbage Hauling fees. There are many fees associated with having garbage removed from abusiness. These fees aren’t going to get cheaper. As gas prices increase and landfills fillup, businesses can expect to pay more to have garbage hauled away. Our sales representativescan help you put together a plan that makes sense and saves your company money.The EnvironmentComptex Eco Smart provides economic benefit to all businesses that produce food waste. Aswe are aware, food waste is hauled away with other garbage to landfills where it laterdecomposes. This decomposition creates methane which is a green house gas. Landfills arefilling up and opening a new landfill isn’t cheap. States are looking at various ways to cutdown on the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills. Composting is great but it doesn’tsolve another key component of Garbage hauling; The Garbage Truck.Using a Comptex Eco Smart machine means that there is less garbage to haul away. Thismeans there should be less pickup’s needed. Cutting down on the amount of trucksneeded, saves the environment and our roads.EmployeesEmployees will appreciate that the company they work for is making a difference every day.They also will appreciate how much cleaner the area around the garbage bin will be. ComptexEco Smart machines eliminate lingering odors from rotting food. They also will cut down onrodent and insect infestation. Rodents and Insects won’t have the food they are use to feedingon. The work place becomes more sanitary with a Comptex Eco Smart system.
  13. 13. Specifications: Model SizesLynnica Specifications Model L200 L350 L750 L1150Processing Capacity 200 Lbs. 350 Lbs. 750 Lbs. 1150 Lbs.Length 34” 43” 57” 67”Width/Depth 40” 34” 44” 44”Height 40” 40” 44” 46”Power Voltage 220v/3p 220v/3p 220v/3p 220v/3pWater Supply ¾” ¾” ¾” ¾”Discharge Sewer Sewer Sewer SewerPower Consumption Monthly 150Kw 200Kw 500Kw 500Kw
  14. 14. Pricing Call for a Sales AppointmentSalesmen Phone# Here
  15. 15. Lease Calculator
  16. 16. Added benefits to the business of running a busy Diner •Significantly reduces hauling costs •Food waste no longer needs to be maintained on premises •Sanitation dramatically improves •Safety and workflow conditions improve •Trash and recycling containers stay cleaner •Reduces odors and airborne bacteria •Reduces pesticide applications •Janitorial supplies dramatically reduced
  17. 17. Going CLEAN Environmental Benefits •Reduces dependency on fossil fuels •Reduces air pollution and harmful greenhouse gases •Reduces truck traffic •Preserves valuable landfill space •Effluent is returned to the ecosystem as water •Reduces potential for soil and ground water contamination
  18. 18. Organizational Benefits Significantly reduces hauling costs Food waste no longer needs to be maintained on premises Sanitation dramatically improves Safety and Workflow conditions are streamlined Trash and Recycling containers stay cleaner Reduces odors and airborne bacteria Reduces pesticide applications Janitorial supplies dramatically reduced
  19. 19. The Comptex Solutions Business Advantage•In house leasing program - significantly improve your ROI from day 1 of installation •In house Service Department - 24 hour response time guarantee - minimum downtime •Qualified Annual Service agreement - professional quarterly cleaning and microorganism fulfillment•Excellent Referral Program - our business grows through qualified referrals
  20. 20. Place your order for your system todayBegin increasing your Diners profits
  21. 21. Rotting Landfill ProblemsWhy is it bad for food waste to decompose in a landfill?Rotting food in the landfill releases methane, a green house gas which contributes to globalwarming. Methane traps 23 times as much heat in the atmosphere as the same amount ofCarbon Dioxide (CO2) and the release of methane from landfills accounts for 34 percent ofall methane emissions in the U.S., according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, just over a quarter of the food in the U.S.—about 25.9 million tons—gets thrown away and taken to the landfill every year and the U.S.spends more than $1 billion every year just to dispose of all its food waste.The best solution to solve this problem is for individuals and businesses to compost theirfood waste. Another solution to dealing with food waste is to use the decomposing organicmaterial to create Biogas, a by-product of anaerobic digestion (AD). AD is a process whereorganic matter—such as food waste—breaks down in an environment with little or nooxygen, generating a natural gas made up of 60 percent methane and 40 percent CO2.Biogas can be used to provide heat, light and fuel. According to a study by the NationalSociety for Clean Air, biogas-fueled cars could reduce CO2 emissions by 75 to 200 percentcompared to cars powered by fossil fuels.
  22. 22. Where does all the Garbage Go?Think about this the next time you throw that banana peel, plastic packaging and junk mail away:residents of New York City and its surrounding boroughs are responsible for generating 12,000tons (that’s right…tons!) of garbage each day. Picking up this mammoth daily load are 2,230collection trucks. The collected waste is then moved to transfer facilities and carted off tolandfills—located in various surrounding states—which are now nearly all at capacity. Prior tocutting back recycling services, it has been reported that New York spent almost $1 billion peryear on trash and recyclables collection.Finally, New York City is figuring out that there must be a more convenient, economicallysound, and environmentally safer way to get rid of its refuse. In a recent radio address, MayorMichael R. Bloomberg talked about the passing of his administration’s long-term plan to achievethe goal of becoming “more environmentally responsible, economically sound and equitableacross all five boroughs.”
  23. 23. Waste Management and RecyclingEnvironmental Responsibility meets Fiscal ResponsibilityRecycling is more than a buzzword for the environmental movement. Recycling - ofglass, metals, paper, plastics, water and more - now represents significant cost savings toindividuals, organizations and governments.Dont Throw It All AwayWithout a comprehensive strategy for recycling and solid waste management, organizationsspend more for waste disposal, lose significant recycling dollars, face long-term liabilityrisks and devalue property. With todays complex regulatory environment and ever-changingwaste and recycling statutes and regulations, expert advice and planning is crucial to avoiddisputes, court matters and fines.Recycling and Waste Management SolutionsA successful recycling and waste management solution balances the demands and expense ofrecycling programs with cost-effective waste removal and disposal.COMPTEX SOLUTION, LLC utilizes years of active involvement in the solid waste andrecycling industries to create innovative asset recovery programs through its Waste Audits andRecycling Programs.
  24. 24. Life Begins Again
  25. 25. Contact Leonard Nason CEO/CTO Comptex SolutionsCell 201-961-2502
  26. 26. Safely back to nature