Library skills for EAP students


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  • Demonstrate: Copac, Union List of Serials, ILL request on catalogue
  • “If you try and access e-resources via other routes look out for a links labelled “institutional login”, “UK federation login”, “Shibboleth login” or similar”
  • Library skills for EAP students

    1. 1. UCL Library Lynne Meehan and Ruth Russell
    2. 2. How and where to search How: Example search: Healthcare funding Breakdown search Key Concept 1 Key Concept 2 Health care Fund or funds or funding Where: Library catalogues, web gateways and websites, databases
    3. 3. Library catalogue • Useful for searching for books on topics and for finding books on your reading list • QUIZ: • In which library would you find the book “Rationing in the NHS” by Bill New, and what is the shelf location? • What is the earliest issue of “ Healthcare policy” available electronically?
    4. 4. Intute A gateway to peer-reviewed academic information on the web
    5. 5. WHO Useful for information on health policy across the world Quiz: Find the factsheet “Paying for health services”
    6. 6. Current research: Step 1: Define your topic • Manufacturing potential therapies for AIDS • Key concepts • Alternative terms Health care Funding or fund or funds Healthcare Economic or economics Finance or finances or financing
    7. 7. Boolean logic for combining search terms All foods with raspberries All flavours of ice cream Raspberry ice cream raspberries OR ice cream Ice cream AND raspberries Ice cream NOT raspberries
    8. 8. Current research: Step 2: More hints and tips • Phrase search e.g. “Health care” • Nesting e.g. “Health care” and (funding or finance) • Wildcards e.g. Wom?n • Truncation e.g. Financ*
    9. 9. Current research: Step 3: Search the databases • Database of engineering journals and conference proceedings • Go to the library website • Click on Databases • Click on W • Click on Web of Science • QUIZ: • Using Web of Science find three articles on Health care funding using the tips shown in the previous slides? • Use SFX to locate the articles? • Email yourself the records for the two articles?
    10. 10. Material not held at UCL • can be used in most databases to check journal holdings at UCL and other universities • Use the drop down menu in SFX to search across library catalogues with COPAC or ULS • Links to nearby university libraries here • Books and journal articles can be requested via inter-library loan: http://
    11. 11. How to avoid plagiarism - Citing your references  Citing styles: Harvard and Vancouver  Systematic notes  Note the content students/guidelines/policies/plagia rism
    12. 12. Access to e-resources • Most electronic resources can be accessed on or off campus • The best route to these is via the library website • You will need your UCL userid to log in • For further information go to
    13. 13. WISE • Library Services’ online induction • Includes training in various resources • Go to • Click the link to WISE for beginners and log in using your UCL computing username and password • Enrol yourself on the course
    14. 14. Help!  WISE:  Ask at the Enquiry Desk Ground floor, Science Library Opposite the Issue Desk at the Main Library Tel: 020 7679 7700 Email:  Find your subject librarian listed at
    15. 15. Thank you Please fill in the evaluation form at Lynne Meehan (Room 314, Science library) Tel: 020 7679 2634 (ext 32634)